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On May 26 I took my cat of 12 yrs old for a routine exam that included a dental prophylaxis (cleaning), which was done. The cat received 2.6 ml of propofol for anhestesia. Then after the cat came from the anesthesia the Vet. gave her NSAID and Opioid. When she came out of surgery she was paddling, and she gave her Midazolam IV, 5 mlg. Since the paddling did not stop the Vet gave the cat the same medication 4 more times because she wanted the cat to stop paddling, which is a sign of life. The cat was induced into comma and after many hours without recovery I had to transport her to the Emergency Clinic because Banfield do not care for animals after 7:00 PM. The cat was admited into EC and stayed there for two days, and she died on Memorial Day.

I have nothing but regret of having taken my companion of 12 years to this place to find death.

I will do wherever it takes to tell everyone not to take their animals to this place, and take the vet license away for good.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Hello, I am so sorry for the loss of your pet. I took mine to Banfield because they were the only ones with an available appointment.

They charged me a lot for x-rays and they said to take him to the emergency room since they didn't have the equipment there. WTF? Why didn't they just tell me that in the first place so I wouldn't waste time and money with them? And then they were rude to me at the front counter when I checked out.

When I paid the bill the *** at the counter just turned and walked away without giving me my receipt. Then another nasty *** at counter was rude to me when I was crying because my cat was sick. No empathy, no compassion, no words to me. Just ignored me.

Then the other *** came out and I asked her where is my receipt and she coldly said, "I thought you were gone." My cat died right there in the carrier I was holding. I didn't know it until I drove 5 minutes onto the highway. Then I called Banfield back and was treated horribly by another stupid rude woman in the front counter. These people are only about money.


Horrible unethical people working there. They are cold, rude, and evil and I am so sick to my stomach knowing my cat died in the carrier at Banfield when they treated me so rudely, and were cold to me at the same time.


I don’t mean to sound callous about such a sad situation, but how were they supposed to know what equipment they would need until after the diagnosis they got on xrays?


I took all 4 of my dogs and 6 cats to Dr. Lovell for many years before she left Banfield, and I couldn't say enough good things about her.

I'm sorry for the loss of your pet, but Banfield has a policy that states that they tell you all the risks of your pet being out under anesthetic, especially if they're geriatric. I'm 99% Dr. Lovell did this with you, about your cat. That's the kind of doctor that she is.

You did take a risk getting your cat's teeth cleaned, and you were made aware of that.

Unfortunately, all pets pass away and we as humans try to blame whatever we can, but Banfield isn't at fault for this.

I'm sorry for your loss.


I took my pets to Dr Lovell for years! She is an amazing, dedicated, and caring doctor.

We are human, we make mistakes, and unfortunately sometimes the results of our errors have devastating results.

I am very sorry for your loss, however Dr Lovell is a brilliant, and kind woman who always addressed me by my name, and cared for my pets with the utmost care and compassion. I'm sorry you lost your friend, but these things do happen, we're not all perfect.


i am so sorry to here of the loss of your beloved cat. What I want to share with you is that this is not your fault at all.

We are not the experts and we naturally trust experts and you brought your cat to vet to make things better. You did it because you loved your cat and i hope you have peace with this. I almost lost my cat and it was traumatic for me to see my cat suffer as he with vertigo and horner's syndrome after dental/ear cleaning.

Again, I am so sorry and if we had only known we would have never taken our beloved pets to Banfield. all the best to you!


Everyone be careful about banfield hospital. I took my pet there and we waited for a whole hour before we got any service and I had already schedule for an appointment.

Then they told me that my pet needed to run a bunch of tests from blood works to urinalysis. I am currently on the wellness plan but will be canceling it soon(which I heard from many other victims of the plan that it was a long and difficult process from being hunged up or being kicked from person to person). After the tests they said my pet has a UTI(Urinary tract infection) and prescribed him medication which cost $44.93. I give him the medication and it's been 2 week and he's still not better and I will have to take him back and guess what?

Do more testing. I feel like they are juicing me for money and not really care for my pets. Today I will go in there and ask to cancel. A victim of this scam that I know of told me that you can either pay for the full year to cancel the contract or the services you received.

Which ever is less, she did that and they continued to charge her credit card even after the cancellation and full payments of the services. If that happens to me I will go to court.

Banfield Pet Hospital

My name is Lisa, and I am the Online Community Manager for Banfield. We are extremely sorry about the loss of your cat, and we empathize with you during this difficult time. After receiving your feedback, I have passed your information along to our Client Advocate Team, and we are working on getting a response to you. If you have additional concerns or would like to connect to the Client Advocate Team directly, please call their toll-free number, 877-500-2288. Again, we are sorry for your loss.

Most sincerely,


Banfield Online Community Manager


I don't understand why midazolam was used post-operatively. It's usually used pre-operatively to calm the pet and provide a smooth transition to anesthesia.

Midazolam is a benzodiazepine, and it's not even routinely used as a premed. Any doctors out there who can explain the actions of this doctor?


I am sorry for your loss, I have lost several beloved pets and it's always hard. Your baby is chasing mice all over the place right now so take joy in the fact that she is free!


Thank you. I am appalled for this malpractice.


Omg that's horrible! I'm no doctor, but I've never seen that much midazolam given.

I haven't seen a cat paddle, but dogs do it all the time when they come out of anesthesia because they are disoriented.

We leave them alone and they sober up eventually. I'm so sorry for your loss.