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I usually buy Frontline from Banfield located at most Pet Smart stores. They were out the size I needed for my dogs.

Was talked into buying "Fisrt Shield" told it was just as good as Frontline. NOT!!! My one dog has allergies to the flea bites and the rest of the other animals ( 1 dog and 3 cats) are still scratching the **** out of themselves. My dog's rear end, legs, some of her feet ar eBALD, and I cannot control her endless scratching w/ benadryl or omega, Vit E oils.

I went down to Banfields to get my money back and was told "All sales final"/ "When did you start using this?" (8/05)"You have to give it a few months to work" (?) I have been using Frontline you didn't have it - sold me this/"It's not the fleas that are doing it, but there is an overpopulation of fleas this year" (HUH?) So I'm out $107.60.

NICE Don't go to Pet Smart OR Banfield Vet Clinics EVER!!!!!!!

Thanks for letting me share

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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First off, this medication DOES NOT go into the blood stream. It wicks its way across the hair.Because of this, if your pet does have a reaction, you can easily wash the product from their skin using Dawn dish soap and they will be fine. Within 6 hours, the medication will cause the fleas to begin to go into "convulsions". Many times, if the pet is severely infested with fleas, this will cause them to react as the fleas convulse.

One comment stated that the medication contains permethrin, which is toxic to cats. The cat version DOES NOT contain oermethrin, only the dog version. If you have both cats and dogs, you need to separate them for several hours to prevent the cat from licking up any product placed on to your dog. Once the product is dry, your cat is then safe.

I am a registered vet tech and have seen this product used many times, I have only seen a few reactions from this product. I have seen more reactions from other products, especially cheap OTC products.

I hate to hear of ANY reaction on a pet though. Two of my cats had a terrible reaction to Advantage, but it happens. Every animal is different.

Also, First Shield is NOT owned by Banfield, and Banfield and PetSmart are also separate companies.


I bought First Shield & applied it to 3 German Shepherds & 2 cats on Nov 20th. Fleas were only gone for about 2 weeks + my cats drooled terribly for a full day after application.

I had to wait the while 30 days before I could put anymore on our oldest female Shepherd, who was scratching until she was bleeding from allergic reactions to the flea bites. Within 7 days of her re-application, fleas were back. Honestly, I'm not sure they were gone at all.

I called the Banfield in Medford, OR, where I've been buying flea treatments and other products for 20 years, to see if they would help me with figuring out what to do.

First, the receptionist argued with me. Then she put me in hold for ten minutes, then sounded surprised I was still there. The next thing was she hung up on me trying to put me on hold. Of course I called back and requested she have the vet call me.

After 2 hours with no call and no surprise, I called again and was informed that since Banfield is a corporation and not a real vet clinic (her words, not mine!), they don't have to honor the product guarantee. By this point I was furious!

I told her as I'm telling you now, I will NEVER spend another dime at any Banfield Vet Hospital again! They lied about this being their own product, about how it works, about how well it works, and also about buying Advantage from PetsMart (they said it was an inferior product and not to waste my money there).


I never had a problem in the past with any products that I purchased from Banfield before, but I would never buy First Shield again. It made my dog (11 pd shitzu-bichon mix) act like she was crazy.

SHe couldn't sit still, was running around and chasing her own tale and in the middle of the night began yelping out. She had to be bathed tree times and still kept a twitch in her back leg for an additional day. It took almost three days for her to be able to sleep for more then 10 minutes. My husband and I were up all night.

This product should be banned. Yes, it killed the fleas, but I do not know which I prefer. I was very afraid for out little dog. It is too strong of product.

I should have done more research, but I thought a clinic in a well known company such as PetSmart would know what they were talking about. Bottom line DO NO USE FIRST SHIELD


I was at PetSmart yesterday to buy flea application for my 3 dogs and 3 cats. The Advantix and maybe Frontline repels fleas - supposedly before they ***.

They're free to go lay LOTS more eggs. The First Shield has a growth regulator.

When a flea bites, any eggs laid won't grow to adult flea - they can't *** or lay more eggs. The growth regulator is really the only way to stop having more fleas.


I have been using Banfield for 13 yrs (used to be Vetsmart, then Banfield). I have nothing but great things to say about them.

I love the vets at my current Banfield location and they have taken care of all of my dogs with great care. Every vet is different just as every dog is different.

If you have had issues with vets or products, that doesn't mean everyone will. I highly recommend Banfield!


Nope... I don't agree.

We bought a 8 week old lab and made the mistake of buying the puppy plan from banfield as well. We thought it seemed like a good deal. Wow how wrong we were. They started our lab on first sheild as well.

Not knowing much she started having issues. At the time and not knowing any better we took her to banfield and they prescribed her meds to treat her diareha. Things got better and then a about a month later same thing. Unfortuantely we did not connect it to the first sheild treatments.

After about the 3rd month I asked if it could be a reaction to the first sheild. I was told no. So we proceeded to go thru multiple food changes per vet recommendation because they were telling us she had a senestive stomach. Ultimately they ended up putting her on prescrition food that cost $72 for 17lbs.

The issue continued until or lab finally was so sick we had tp take her to the emergency vet beacuse she had the dry heaves and litterly liquid *** that was dripping out of her rectum. They gave her fluids and receommedned if she is not doing better in the am to take her back to our vet. Again I asked about first sheild and finally this vet told me it was absolutly possilble for her to be allergic to first sheild since it is a pesticide. They way to confirm that would be to treat her again next month and if she is allergic she would have a reation within a week.

I was shocked thay even suggested we try again. I didn't think she was going to make it through the last time. My point is why did it take so may trips to banfield asking at leat 3 different vets and costng over 2000.00 and that is with the puppy plan to figure this out. We stopped treating our dog with first sheild put her back on regular food, changed vets and our lab is doing great.

Another thing I would like to add about the puppy plan is ear examines are included in the plan but I was charged for an extended ear examine.

What is an extended ear examine anyways? Just a way to charge you.


I have been using Banfield Pet clinics for nearly 10 years. I have always been satisfied with the care my pets (dogs) recieve.

I don't feel the plan is overpriced at all in fact I save so much I recommend them to all my friends! I have also used the First Shield and loved it! The fleas went away with only one application and stayed gone all summer, however, we did not have grass.

We have moved and now have grass, we will get Fiest Shield again and probably use several applications this year. I have never encountered a pushy vet and love the option of dropping off my pets and picking them up later.





It works it takes about 2 months to fully work though. This item goes into the animals blood stream so it takes some time to fully kill a flea. What it does is any flea that bites it dies, and then the eggs hatch and do the same thing *** your pet and die. It sucks that they didn't mention this to you, but yes after about 2 months use there will be no more fleas in your house or apartment. I've been using it forever now, but i did miss one month due to my pet sitter not putting it on my cats when i was gone to visit family. The fleas came back, and it took a month for them to all die again.

They really should have told you this :( i would have went to another vet to get frontline *** that 1800petmeds place is amazing too :)


I have the Wellness Plan at Banfield for our 3yr old Collie. They first recommended Comfortis and he ended up with a seizure.

Not sure if it was the Comfortis but I was not taking that chance again so we went with First Shield Trio. It has seemed to work great, haven't seen a flea in a year. He hasn't had any reactions to the First Shield.

I have ran out but will be going to get more. :)


I use First Shield for my cats and it worked ever since the 2nd application. They are indoor cats but we live near a wooded area so fleas travel.

I used to work in pest control and have a vet tech as a very close friend and neighbor. I can tell you that 1)No product is 100% 2)Some animals (like people) will be more sensitive than others when it comes to environment, ie: I have never had it burn my fingers but an earlier poster did. Also, one of my cats has a secondary reaction to the flea bites causing him to have scabs and itch more and is now loosing a bit of fur in those areas. My other cat is NOT having that allergy.

Many neighbors (including vet tech) have had cats with a similar allergy so it is not uncommon. 3)Fleas can be brought in your home by animals but also by YOU without even knowing it. You can find instructions online by searching the web. If you vacuum or sweep a couple of times a day (disposing dirt & debris outside immediately) this will agitate the flea eggs into hatching early (not all will hatch).

Then treat home with bomb or fogger (you dont need a major company) just be SURE to get one with an IGR (insect growth regulator) that can inhibit the flea from entering it's next instar (life cycle) and can last up to 200 days. Keep your pets treated! Once you see a flea problem, there is already a cycle to break and that CAN take up to 90 days to break and THEN you problem will BEGIN to go away. Fleas can be VERY difficult.

People often think that since they dont see the fleas or the animal itching, that they dont have them. If your animal has EVER had them, if your door EVER could have fleas in your home.

They can be managed, just stay educated. Hope this helps you!!!


we've been using Banfield for almost 5 years now and we love them. We've used them in NJ, PA, and VA and never had ANY problems.

I don't know what everyone is complaining about.

Some vets will suck, that's a given. You just need to find out about your local vet before you take your pet!


:( I have never had a problem with the firstshield, but with Banfield itself. They overcharge for absolutely everything (even with the puppy plan) and the doctor I used to see tried his hardest to guilt me into putting my dog under for two very very minor "surgeries".

The first of which, a hip x-ray for my not even year old aussie mix. He told me I was being an irresponsible owner for not taking advantage of the free x-ray and failed to mention until I read all the fine print that my dog would be put under anesthesia for this, NO THANKS. And when a wart appeared on my dogs paw pad the same doctor went straight to a $500 removal where my dog would be put under again.

I went to another vet and all I was charged for was the vet visit and the wart is gone. DO NOT GO TO BANFIELD IF YOU CAN HELP IT.


:) I started takeing my cat to banfield in november and was recomended first shield since then we have been using it and have had no problems at all it is a great product and would recomend it to anyone!


Banfield sold me First Shield for puppies and it solved the problem right away. I think some dogs are more allergic than others so you just have to try an alternative flea medicine . ;)


Wow! My 10 month old dachshund has been going to banfield vet since he was 9 weeks old.

First shield has been his first and only monthly flea protection. I'm shocked to hear that you all have had such bad experiences with because he never not once had a reaction or any problems with it. It seems though that most of you had been using frontline first before switching to first shield.

Any way this might be a reaction to one another? I hope your pets all recover well, I just thought I'd throw in my experience to see if it would help.


So my dog started itching a week ago and I started getting bites on me so I figured it was fleas. Went to banfield and they recommended first shield and as aforementioned I had not heard of this product.

I went with it because I only wanted toget two applicatiCations for my two dogs and petsmart only sold front line in packs of 4. So thus I went with first shield . I really can't speak of it's effectiveness because it's only been less than 24 hour HOWEVER i gave my schnauzer the med at 11am and at 8pm she threw up SO I have a feeling it's connected!!!

I will be taking her back to the vet tomorrow.... So my feelings mixed and next months application will be front line.


:upset is this a good product or not?


:) First Shield seems to work for our dog! She missed a month, and went to my mother in law's, whose dogs seem to have fleas, and got fleas from them! When we put the first shield on her again, it seemed to help almost right away!


This *** took the nail polish off my finger nails and burned the *** out of my cuticles. No way in *** I'm putting this toxic *** on my animals :(