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Update by user Mar 28, 2015

I clearly have made enemies with Banfield, Pet Meadows and others that I have posted complaints about, like my former apartment. Kevin Richards claims are RIDICULOUS that I said I would have rathered my daughter died instead of Missy, that I punched her in the stomach so she would look upset while holding Missy's dead body, that I poisoned Missy and blamed it on Banfield.

He is a 16 year old punk who harasses everyone on here and if you read comments he posted to other people by clicking on his user name, you would know this.

Banfield KILLED my dog, like they have thousands of others on here. I posted my complaint to warn others of the danger of Banfield, and it has stayed a hot topic since then because people keep posting their nasty comments. I lost my dog and am DEVASTATED at what Banfield put Missy through that day, so if they hate me and want to post nasty sh*it about me, thats fine if it makes them feel better.

I am sorry but I do NOT care how the vets or other Banfield employees feel about me posting my tragic experience all over the internet. They broke my heart forever by taking Missy from us after only owning her for 6 months. We knew she was going to die one day from her heart diease, but she could have lived another year or longer if they didnt KILL her. She was NOT in a fatal condition the day I took her in until they MADE her that way.

So I am going to keep bashing Banfield and their employees and they are going to continue to bash me, and that will keep this a HOT TOPIC forever. Its not my choice that it stayed a hot topic since everyone keeps posting their opinions, but I am glad it did remain a hot topic so I can potentially save a pets life by warning even just one owner about the dangers of Banfield! So bring it everyone with all of your nasty and RIDICULOUS comments and lets keep this a hot topic! I am fine with that and I am NOT going to stop telling the world about Missy's tragic death due to the negligence of Banfield.

I dont care what anyone on here posts about me that is nasty or all lies.

All I care about is that even JUST ONE pet's life is saved by me warning about the dangers of Banfield and so even JUST ONE pet owner will see my complaint and the thousands of other complaints about Banfield on here and realize they DONT want to take their vet to a Banfield! Your nasty comments and lies arent going to stop me from telling the world what Banfield did to my sweet Missy. Like I have said MILLIONS of times already, if it were her time to go from her heart disease, I could accept it. I have put a 14 year old Border Collie mix to sleep who had bad cancer even after I spent thousands on her surgeries.

I was at peace with that decision because she was suffering and because I knew it was her time to go. Everyone on here has chosen to believe her heart disease killed her that day and untimely it did since they stressed her to death or gave her too much oxygen or whatever they did. All I know is that I WAS THERE, NOT ANY OF YOU and I know my dog and I KNOW she was NOT in a crisis situation that day. It was NOT her time to go, she had a normal heart rate when we got to Banfield she had normal blood tests, they couldnt hear fluid in her lungs.

She was fine and didnt even NEED to go to the vet. It was just me being an overly concerned dog owner and wanting to take Missy to have her checked out, just like I did exactally 2 weeks before she was killed by them. I have her records from her regular vet at Banfield to prove that I took her in and was concerned about her heart condition and thought she was coughing too much and may be getting worse. But the vet told me she was doing good and didnt even need diuretics or steroids yet.

All I can think about is how happy Missy was that morning by spinning for treats and how happy she was to go for a ride in the car since we didnt take her too many places do to her heart condition. Yes, she threw up a little but I have a second opinion from a vet who said that could have been from me giving her medicine on an empty stomach when I normally mixed it with canned food. That day I wrapped it in a small piece of turkey. Then she was riding around in the car for 2 hours.

That could have been the cause of her throwing up and it was white foam because she didnt have food in her stomach. I frequently throw up white foam myself when I have a chronic migraine (which is the reason I receive SSI) and I dont have food to throw up so it comes out as white foam.I just keep thinking how she must not have understood WHY when she was having a fun day, why I would just hand her over to them and let them stress her to death. That is a guilt I have to live with for the rest of my life. I should NOT have to feel guilty for loving my dog so much that I wanted her heart rate checked to see if she was stressed about my carbon monoxide alarm chirping and to make sure she wasnt dehydrated, which was proven she wasnt.

I loved her with all of my heart and wanted to make sure she was ok, which she WAS until they slapped an oxygen mask on her and killed her, without my knowledge or consent. I never should have handed her to a Banfield vet tech and let them examine her without me being present, but because I loved the regular vet who saw my pets, I made the mistake to trust the other vets with her that day. Because they didnt know Missy, they didnt know it was NORMAL for her to breathe heavy due to her condition and her incredibly think long hair. Had they bothered to come out and talk to me first or examine her in front of me, I could have told them that.

Then when I asked the tech what they were doing to her, I was told they were just checking her out, which was not true. They were putting her through a stressful situation she didnt need. When they finally told me, I demanded she not be on oxygen and wanted her back. I could have calmed her down at that point, had she not have been snatched from me by Sara Garrison and put back on oxygen about a minute later, and then dead in ten minutes.

Has she really actually NEEDED oxygen, then WHY is she DEAD from it? Why didnt they examine her in front of me? Why didnt Dr Garrison give her a shot of Benadryl to calm her down when I asked her to and she told me that she COULD do that, why then when I asked Dr Karwacki to give her a shot of Benadryl to calm her down, did she tell me no, it could make her worse? SHE IS DEAD!

What is worse than dead? Why didnt Dr Garrison say it could make her worse? That all just proves they dont know what the *** they are doing! Why didnt they tell me they blew one of her veins while trying to give her a shot or IV or whatever they gave her?

Why did I have to find that out on my own weeks after she died when I reviewed her records. I dont know what blowing a vein does to a dog, so I just hope she didnt suffer any for that. I have VALID reasons to be ****ED and so I am! Banfield KILLED Missy!

They broke mine and my daughter's hearts. They made ME feel guilty for taking her there to begin with when all I was trying to do was be a good and concerned pet owner. Considering the fact that I paid almost $200 a month to have all 3 of my dogs on their top wellness plans, I felt ENTITLED to take all 3 of them in a lot for free office visits just to make sure they were all ok and WELL! Isnt that what the plan is supposed to be for, to make sure they are well?

The last I knew when I got my Paralegal Degree, it was NOT a crime to love your dogs too much or be too concerned about them or to be too sad, hurt and ****ED when a vet negligently kills them. I WONT apologize for that, and I shouldn't have to. So I DONT CARE if I look like a villian for blasting Banfield and the vets all over the internet, I feel justified and I feel its a little bit of justice for Missy! I didnt know about the dangers of Banfield and all of these sad stories posted on here until AFTER they KILLED Missy and I came on here to post a complaint and saw the thousands of other tragic sad stories about pets being harmed or killed by Banfield.

I felt the need to tell the world (and I still do) about my experience with Banfield so other pet owners would not make the same tragic mistake as I did by taking my dog to Banfield. While there may be other *** Banfield vets on here that want to bash me and defend Banfield, I have also had pet owners thank me for the warning and tell me that they wont go to a Banfield because I warned them about the dangers. That is the purpose of my website, banfieldkilledmissy.com. It's no secret that Banfield vets are performing unnecessary tests and procedures because they earn bonuses for earning more money.

That is just plain sad that they dont care about the pets at all, just how to extort them to make money for their clinic and their bonuses. So the bottom line is that I am NOT going to just hush and go away eventually.

I dont care what horrible comments or lies are posted on here about me and I welcome all of your negative comments because it keeps Missy's sad story a topic for almost 4 months now. I am sure there are other pet owners on here that will love their pets enough to listen to my advice to AVOID ALL BANFIELDS!

Update by user Mar 19, 2015

See Banfield Killed Missy on Facebook:

Banfield Killed Missy:


Regret A Vet: (Supporter of Banfield Killed Missy)


Update by user Mar 18, 2015

Again, to set the record straight, a 16 year old PUNK named Kevin Richards keeps harassing me on here, as if I havent suffered enough losing my sweet Missy by posting ridiculous things like I loved Missy more than I love my daughter, and that I wish my daughter had been the one who died, ect. Considering the fact that he is an immature child though, and a racist one (read his review he wrote about Walmart playing Michael Jackson music), I just find his posts amusing.

He goes on to make claims like I punched my daughter in the stomach when she was holding Missy so she would be crying in the picture and that someone saw me and called CPS on me, which is ridiculous, since its not called CPS in New Jersey, its called DYFS and my daughter is 21, so nobody could call them on me anyway. I find it quite amusing and needed a good laugh. I havent laughed at all since Missy died, so I thank him for the entertainment! To us adults without a 16 year old child brain, we know its ridiculous.

We also know I am NOT a former Banfield employee who poisoned Missy and wants revenge against Banfield for that. He didnt even spell Banfield right. I think if I worked for them, I would know Banfield is spelled with an a not an e. Also, the majority of the posts made by me, will have Missy's picture next to them, except the very few times I rarely sign in first, and in which case, my user name will appear in black, not blue.

That particular instance happened 2 days ago when I did not sign in first when I posted something to set the record straight that it was him and not me. I did not sign in first because I was trying to figure out how he was able to post as me, but then eventually did figure it out. Anyone can post as anyone else. All you have to do is not log in, then when it asks for a nick name, just enter that persons user name and select a location.

If it was posted like that however, the user name will appear in black. If it is DEFINITLY posted by me, it will be in a blue weloveparrots, with Missys picture next to it. Please stop reply to this child and giving him the satisfaction. Click on his user name and read some of the racist comments he has made in his comments to other postings and in his complaint to Walmart.

He harasses everyone on here, not just me.

I am done giving him the satisfaction of replying to him. I dont have time for children.

Update by user Mar 15, 2015

To set the record straight, a *** posted a bogus "confession" appearing to be posted as me. It was NOT posted as me, although it has my user name.

FYI-anyone can post as anyone else on here, so watch your accounts.

All you have to do is not log in, post a comment as annonymous, then enter the person's user name where it asks for your nickname and enter any location you wish.

I have NEVER worked for a Banfield (the *** didnt even spell Banfield right), I did not poision Missy or make anything up!

Update by user Feb 17, 2015

This same Banfield had previously diagnosed my other Pomeranian, Temari with Pancreatitis. However, I never saw any of the test results that they charged me $250 for, plus she had to have 3 different kinds of medicine and special food.

After reading up on the symptoms of the illness, I am doubting she ever had it to begin with because she never had any vomiting or diarrhea. After reading how the Mars Company pushes Banfield to perform unnecessary tests and services to make money, its very probable she never had it to begin with. She still has the loud stomach grumbling and gas and that was probably all that was ever wrong with her to start with. If this is true, it means the vet I did trust there betrayed my dogs as well.

I sure hope that isnt the case. I really want to believe that good vets do exist and that not all of them have turned into a piece of ***.

Update by user Jan 24, 2015

It brings me so much satisfaction watching all of you vets get so mad and defend each each other! As mad as you get, now you know how mad I am at the vets who KILLED my dog!

So you keep bringing it with those nasty comments and I'll keep bringing it with mine, or you SHUT THE *** UP and then maybe I will too!

Your choice! Either way, I am STILL going to keep up my website and keep promoting it.



Update by user Jan 19, 2015

Dr Garrison attended Ross University in St Kitts in the Caribbean.This school is only 3.4 years long, as opposed to 4 years in the United States. This school also did not receive full AVMA accreditation until March of 2011, which means Dr Garrison was a student there BEFORE the accreditation.

Schools in the Caribbean are also easier to be accepted into. They take anybody!

No WONDER WHY she doesnt know what the *** she is doing!

Update by user Jan 19, 2015

I have now filed a complaint at thesqueakywheel.com It automatically creates a web site out of your complaint and it is visable for a year at a time for a nominal charge. You can also add pictures.

I have added pictures of Dr Sara Garrison and Dr Amber Karwacki. They submit your site to Google and help you get views.

I have also filed my story at tvonyourside.com It submits your story to over 500 news stations to reporters looking for stories. This is well worth the small fee they charge. I highly encourage anyone who has lost a pet from Banfield's greed and negligence to share your story on these 2 sites.

I have filed my complaint/review at over 50 free sites. I am now working on filing it at paid complaint websites. I cant think of anything I would rather do with my money than spend it getting justice for Missy. I find it comforting to know that Dr Karwacki deleted all her pictures from her Facebook page after I took pictures from her page and published them all over the internet with my complaint.

It is my intention to make sure that my dogs story is connected to their names FOREVER and will follow them throughout their career, anytime someone searches their name. I think I have done a pretty good job at it so far!

Update by user Jan 19, 2015

I have now filed a complaint at thesqueekywheel.com with the pictures of the doctors and Missy. The Squeeky Wheel is a complaint site that automatically turns your complaint into a web page and its submitted to Google.

It also automatically notifies the company by email EVERY time someone views the page. So they know how many potential customers they could be losing. You must provide and email address for the company to use this feature. I think its a great site to post a complaint, especially if you want a web page but dont know how to create one.

This site is super easy to use. It has a small fee of $5 for a year or $7.95 if you want to add up to 5 pictures. I think its well worth the small fee to tell my dogs sory. I am also submitting my complaint today to tvonyourside.com.

It is a site that submits your story to over 500 news stations. Its a great way to get the media involved. If enough people submit complaints about Banfield through these sites, its a great way to expose them for killing all of these innocent pets.

If you would like to submit your Banfield Horror sory to these sites, but do not have the money, please email me at banfieldkilledmissy@gmail.com I may possibly be willing to pay the fee for you.

However, I do live on SSI myself, so please really be in need if I pay it for you. Its worth it to me to spend some money telling my sory and I will be joining Angie's List today so I can post my review of Banfield on there. I have filed complaints on over 50 free complaint websites.

I am now starting to submit my complaint to as many paid review websites/complaint sites as I can find. I hope you do the same so we can all join together and get the word out about Banfield.

Copy and paste this link to see my complaint at the Sqeeky Wheel:


Update by user Jan 06, 2015

I have just uploaded another collage of Missy's pictures. Look at the one on the bottom right hand corner.

That was Missy in my car 2 hours before they killed her.

Does that LOOK like a dog who is dying??? *** NO!

She went from that happy cute doggie to the dead dog my daughter is holding in the above picture of her crying.

Update by user Dec 24, 2014

I have now started a Facebook page. Search Banfield Killed Missy on Facebook.


Original review posted by user Nov 27, 2014

On 11/26/14, I took my Pomeranian, Missy to the Banfield in Deptford, NJ. The vet who normally sees my 3 dogs was not in (Dr Oliver).So Missy was seen by Dr Sara Garrison and Dr Amber Karwacki.

She had a significant heart murmur and enlarged heart, which was being managed with diet, exercise and medication. She began vomiting white foamy liquid, so I took her in to make sure she wasnt dehydrated. She was breathing a little heavier than normal, something that she regularly does when scared or excited. She was however, almost calmed down by the time I got to the vet. I was brushing her in the car and she was enjoying it.

Instead of the vets coming into an exam room and checking her out, the technician took her right away to the back where they placed an oxygen mask on her, without my knowledge or consent. This was unnecessary since she was breathing and able to walk on her own. She was very much alive and was not in danger of dying when they took her.

They then came to me about 20 mins later, said they had a mask on her, she couldnt breathe and they recommended putting her to sleep. I told them that was not an option. Putting the mask on her unnecessarily stressed her to the point of killing her. At one point I told them to take the mask off of her and bring me my dog. I was trying to calm her down and would have been able to, but they grabbed her and said they were putting the mask back on her.

From then on, she deteriorated rapidly. They did not help her by doing that, they KILLED her. They had NO RIGHT to take her from me. I know whats best for my dog. I could have calmed her down. Instead, they stressed her out and killed her. Now they expect me to pay for oxygen that I CLEARLY objected to. They also want me to pay for CPR, but she wouldnt have needed it if they wouldnt have taken her from me and put the mask back on her.

I want these charges REMOVED ASAP because the things they are charging me for are what killed my poor baby. I will pay for the cremation because I want her ashes back, but I should not have to pay a single cent more than that. They KILLED my dog with their negligence. They also had no sympathy or feeling for my dog at all. They were very cold hearted. I am reporting this to every agency and review site possible.

Dont take your dog here, or if you do, INSIST on Dr Jan Oliver ONLY!

Reason of review: Loss of beloved Pomeranian.

Monetary Loss: $500.

I liked: Dr jan oliver.

I didn't like: Banfield killed my dog.

  • Dr Sara Garrison
  • Dr Amber Karwacki
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I know exactly how you feel and I agree with you 100%. Banfield also let my mom's Maltese die.

They refused to see him even though they knew he was sick with a bad heart. My mom was to the point where she was going to sue Banfield. We had a preferred doctor there as well but unfortunately she left the practice. I don't blame her though.

Banfield is a horrible place to take your pet. Know wonder they have so many bad ratings.

I've also heard so many horror stories of people taking their pet to the grooming section and Banfield leaves the poor animals in cages in the back with no air just a hot fan running. I will never ever take any of my pets to Banfield again.


Banfield did not kill your dog. With a heart condition your dog would have had a enlarged heart as the comditiin worsens you can the heart grows bigger and presses on the trach which inturn causes oxygen.

Obviously giving your pet free flow oxygen would not lill them. Unfortunately pets that have chronic conditions their state of health can change very quickly. I have seen dogs in stage 1 kidney disease be in stage 4 kidney disease within a month and I have also seen statge one kidney disease almosr resolve in one month. I understand your loss I have had many pets pass away over the years.

Next time one of your pets pass away ypu can pay for a necrospy. At least that way you will have the closure ypu need without bashing someone because you think they killed your pet. Without proof of the being negligent.

Plus when you place a catheter you can cause the vein to swell up but it does not kill a dog. A pressure bandage os apply and swelling is resolved.


If you all did your research you know by now the MARS CANDY company ownes Banfield , the Groomers in Petsmart , Dogfood makers like Pedigree , Eukanuba and more , serval food companies too a6 Billion $ Industrie , there you have it , now you know why !!!! We don’t seem to have a voice if we’re not heard , the Law is playing along , all about . People are Power if we font give up , do something please !!


I’m sure they used my Dog to try out some meds for some vaccine manufacturer or anesthesia , i had a very un good feeling that morning cause my dog did the minute we set food into Petsmart , my baby girl was trying to tell me she didn’t want to go there as her previous visit didn’t go very well , they couldn’t trim her nails right , told me to take her to the groomer , she had brittle nails that’s why I took her to Banfield , then that horrible day 4-4-18 , routine dental cleaning and dew claw removal , nail trim and vaccines , Hart worm test, drop off 7:45 am , 10:30 , phonecall , she passed ... what did you say , what ???what , Nono Nono, my Neigbhor heard my screams !

What came after that seemed to be a bad dream with no ending , we miss our Kenzie , they knew how much i loved her i just wanted her to get her needs met , I paid monthly , and knew what I could afford .. they just used her cause I refused to cough up more money .. after reading many reviews that I wished I read before I signed Kenzie up for this Kill-plan I’m 100% sure she would be with us today , there also seemed no signs of sorrow in their voices or eyes , no compassion .. was all this before just to get me to sell her out ..

this is what it feels like ..

still today and after reading all the reviews , how can this be let go on this long ? Where is justice for our unconditional loving companions , that by law is only considered personal property, I’m ashamed for being this kind that calls itself human and domesticated animals so they can put a label on them like socks or underwear , yuck and people who call themselves professional Vetrenarian and supposedly be in the caring field those who use this just for personal gain and abuse and kill our pets , you when proven guilty should be treated the same way and discarded the same way , quickly put into a freezer that the prove to how this precious creature died is therefore contaminated , it takes people with out a conscience to do something in that matter and make up a quick story and write a fake report cause they’re all in this together that day at that clinic , and so life goes on , until next time when someone gets the call I gotMy Kenzie and all the pets that been used and abused by these freaks will get their day of justice .


Seriously...........the dog had congestive heart failure. He died.

That's sad but it happens. Blaming and slandering Banfield and the Doctor's themselves for your dogs death is ridiculous.

Arlington, Texas, United States #1339568

I know how you feel banfield is killing my Pomeranian chance who is only 8yrs they gave my dog kidney and liver disease with meds hr shouldn't have been on took a healthy dog 2 weeks later hes dien, banfield lies and only wants to take your money cause they know you love your pet they will not stop at any cost to get in yout pockets


i know how you feel...I took my dog there out of despiration because we had tried everythign to make her gain weight but we couldn't get her to keep anything down or gain anymore weight...She looked like we had purposly let her get like that...Banfield refused to help me just because we didnt have funds that day...I have been getting flooded with rude comments because of how skinny she was, saying im a bad pet owner, or that i should've saved up for her vet visits...people dont get it sometimes...I refuse to take my pets there ever again because they wouldnt help me at all

Arlington, Texas, United States #1229244

This complaint against these vets must have been (rightly) dismissed by the NJ Veterinary Board as almost 2 years later there is no record of a judgement against them on any of the official sites. Not surprising. I hope they sued for slander.


to Anonymous Riverside, California, United States #1234983

Right?? I feel terrible for the two vets. In fact, I feel terrible for any person at the hospital (and the cremation place) who had to deal with this person.

Multiple NOT Banfield vets & multiple people who hate Banfield have said they did nothing wrong.

She just refuses to accept that her dog died from heart failure.

to Anonymous #1387714

Clearly AN who posted october 19, 2016 -- you must be a shoddy vet or lurker employee that works where Missy was killed or work in the indu$try as the unsuspecting public rarely knows that veterinary state boards protect the most negligent of veterinarians. In fact, out of thousands of veterinary negligence cases, most will not only go without disciplinary action, the public will not even be able to see the complaints.This is because cowardly negligent veterinarians cover themselves well, amend medical records, even destroy them and love to blame the client or pet.

The only time they get shaken up is when they know they are up against a wall in a clear cut case where proof was not destroyed or high profile media cases, then they try to barter and try to silence a person from telling their story and thwart them from filing a state board complaint.Thank God for people like Missy's owner that takes action.

Regardless, everyone should file a State Board complaint against any veterinarian they feel was negligent whether it results in veterinary negligence or not. How about you just run along now and stop harassing a victim who has suffered enough.

to anonymous #1425373

One you got the date wrong I posted, secondly I clearly stated I do not work for Banfield and I am not a vet. However, yes my sister-in-law does work for Banfield.

I also stated I was extremely sorry the owner lost her pet and it's a terrible thing. From everything I've read the dog did have a heart condition though.

Now, I don't claim to know much about vet medicine so certainly I am not going to say who was right or wrong. What I will say is it is wrong to celebrate someone committing suicide as this owner did.

Newport News, Virginia, United States #1228958

Whereas I do not want to take anything away from the loss of your pet, it is in fact a horrible thing to loose a pet family member, some of your accusations are atrocious. I've read so many of your posts and would love to see your website but it looks like it's been taken down.

To write a bad review is one thing, okay I get it, you're upset and that's fine but you are attacking an entire corporation and some of the things you say are outrageous. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. To clear it up, before you attack me I do not work at Banfield and have never worked in the pet care industry. I am a public relations professional...I'd tell you where but you probably hate them too and God knows what you'd say or do.

Now, my sister in law is a vet at Banfield in Va, I am not one of her clients only because I do not love in Va so personally she has never examined one of my pets. However, I have read numerous compliments of her service and she has won several pet care awards. I am sorry you had a bad experience but you need to get a reality check. Vets do not "kill pets", yes they euthanize but you know what I mean.

It's very sad the loss of a pet and hard to deal with but you need to let Missy rest in peace and stop attacking everyone involved. If the vet who cared for Missy really did take her own life and you actually celebrated that as people have posted you are a sick person and I am sad for you.

to Anonymous #1340455

I think this pretty much says it all: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/pets/banfield.html

Duluth, Georgia, United States #1220297

You are such a *** *** I have been taking my dogs to banfield my whole life and not one problem. While she may not of died from the heart condition, but *** happens.

She could have simply had a heart attack or an undiagnosed disease. Maybe if you changed your mindset that it is banfield's fault you would realize that sometimes there isn't somebody you can blame so just shut up and think for once in your life.

Henderson, Nevada, United States #1213005

Banfield sucks and kills a lot of animals.

What kind of *** vet's office makes you sign a contract????

to PeopleLie Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1213690

You only bash them because they fired you for animal cruelty.


They killed my dog too. It was more important to close

than to let my dog wake up from sadation.

I took him home

and he died. He was on the wellness plan.

I had to pay them for killing my dog. F##k You, Banfield.




I'm so sorry for the loss of Missy.....We have 4 cats who are very much a part of the family, and I can't imagine the pain I would feel if any one of them were needlessly killed via negligence like this. There are a plethora of negative reviews about Banfield online, so I definitely would never take our pets there.

You end up saving a lot more money by finding a good local low-cost vet.

I want the same vet to always care for our pets - not have to see a different vet every time at one of these corporate vet centers.

Again, I'm so sorry this happened to you - and to all the other stories I've read where Banfield essentially caused the death of a pet through straight up negligence or incompetence or lack of care.


Missy's Family-- I just wanted you to know that I read your post out loud to my husband. He thought during parts of your post that I had written the post.

I took my dog Shordi to Banfield, in Whitehall, PA on July 29. Just for a dental cleaning. I got a phone call during the procedure stating that she needed to have a tooth removed. I agreed.

The next phone call I got was that Shordi was out of surgery, but that she was having trouble breathing. The vet (Dr. Norany Meza-Mankita) said that they also found blood on the end of the breathing tube when the removed it, but couldn't find the source. They wanted to some chest xrays, free of charge just to see if the could find anything out.

The next thing I know, I get another phone call from same vet telling me that my dog needed to be transferred to an emergency care vet. To make a long story short, somehow, the breathing tube used during the dental procedure, ripped a tear in Shordi's trachea that was 7.5cm long, right near her lung. (She was a Chihuahua---almost a 3 inch tear in the trachea of a chihuahua? How the *** can they explain that one???) I am telling you that she was perfectly healthy when I dropped her off at Banfield.

She did not survive the emergency surgery to repair the tear in her trachea. We do not blame the emergency vet clinic at all. They did the best they could with what they were given. We are devastated.

So, your story about your Missy really hit home.

I then got all my pets records from Banfield ( I have 1 other dog and 3 cats---all on Wellness plans.) Also got the surgical report from the emergency vet clinic. Talked to an attorney. Because we live in Pennsylvania--pets are considered property--we can not sue.

I called the cancellation number for the Wellness Plans. I had to tell my side of the story while they recorded it...they the tape went to the higher ups at Banfield to determine if we had to pay the balances owed on our other 4 pets!!!! Like I'm gonna keep going there after they killed my perfectly healthy sweet little Shordi.

A few days later, I got a call from a Dr. Meg Weil.

She's all apologetic. She thinks I'm actually going to keep using Banfield, after they killed my dog!!! Yeah--like that's gonna happen. She said anything they can do to help us.....like they can bring my dead dog back?

Cause that's the only thing that's gonna help. She did finally agree to have all other wellness plans cancelled and we don't even have to pay the balance on them. Isn't that nice?

Dr. Weil asked me if I had any questions---so I asked if Dr Meza had any disciplinary action against her for killing my dog.

Weils' response was that Dr. Meza feels horrible about it, no action against her. They had a pow-wow at the PetSmart later that week to discuss the case and see what they could do differently in the future to prevent this from happening again. Really?

That's it?

I feel so very guilty on alot of levels. First, I took her there. Second, I told her she'd be fine & I'd pick her up in the afternoon. If I hadn't taken her, she would still be alive.

I lied to her because she never made it home alive. Thanks for letting me vent. I am so sorry about your Missie. I tried to find your page on FB and couldn't.

I plan on telling this to anyone who will listen.

Thanks for listening. Barb & Scott VanSant

to Barb VanSant #1040870

OMG, I am so sorry for your loss! I still cry my eyes out every day over Missy.

I will NEVER stop fighting for justice for her! You can find my FB page by searching Banfield Killed Missy on FB. My website is banfieldkilledmissy.com. I need to update it, its just that it hurts too much that every time I want to, it just takes too much emotion and I just cant bring myself to do it.

You have my deepest sympathy. Nobody knows what you are going through like I do, believe me. The guilt really eats away at you. Its so unfair to my other 2 dogs because they see me sad all of the time.

But I dont take one minute with them for granted! Please report them to the PA State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners and if I can help you in any way to get justice, email me at banfieldkilledmissy@gmail.com and I will give you my phone number. I had bumper stickers made up and put on my van advertising my website and they are anti Banfield and Anti Mars stickers. (Mars Candy Company owns Banfield.) Please boycott all Mars products.

They make the most popular kinds of candy and pet foods as well as coffee, tea, rice, gum and so much more. I will be putting the entire boycott list on my website as soon as I can bring myself to do it.

Again, I am so sorry for your loss and thank you for your sympathy for Missy. I miss her so much it literally hurts!

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