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March 21st we took our daughter's one year old Bishon to be spade. We have been on a well-ness plan that was sold to us for that very reason, yet the charge was $153.02 more.

Mia, our previuosly heathy dog was in terrible discomfort for the first two days following the procedure and the pain medication was gone. I returned to get more and of course it was another charge. The tech there said Mia had a long surgery because they "Lost", one of the ovaries and it must have move back up inside on her, and she might have to go through the operation again. Mia seemed much better yesterday, March 26th, five days out, then burst open during the night, spilling her intestines and other organs.

I push them back inside her and rushed her to Banfield at 7:00 am. No Doctor of course but the tech called an emergency clinic several miles in traffic away. They took one look at her and said you will have to put her down. The Euthanasia was another $75.

So now it is 3:00 pm March 27th and my eight year daughter will be hurrying home to find out about her dog. Banfield sucks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Horrible!! So sorry for your loss.

These banfield monsters need to be stopped. There are so many complaints against their negligent "care".


Banfield in Deptford, NJ killed my Pomeranian, Missy. Read her sad story at

My heart goes out to all who lost a pet due to Banfields negligence!

Mine died Nov. 25, 2014


No offense, actually, every offense intended. You sound like a complete ***.

The dog had a enlarged heart yet you wanted to constantly bring it to the vet to get it checked out even though you KNEW it stressed her out? Dont blame the vet. They didn't kill your dog by giving it "too much oxygen". And it is completely possible to bring a dog back with cpr.

You're nitwit daughter who just so happens to be life guard certified is certainly not certified to judge such a thing. Banfields not the best vet. But you are one of those people who drive me nuts. Did you ever stop to think "well maybe if I didn't rush her to the hospital every time she breathes.

She won't be so stressed"? If she called down SO easily just being pet by you WHY ADD THE STRESS ON JUST TO GET HER CHECKED OUT?

Oh yeah. Cus its freakin free.


Eff off u loser no compassion for nothing just like these wanna be vets!how's her daughter a loser, Cuz u said goes eff off, u must be an employer at Banfield! Have a pleasant day, like you made hers, again eff off!


This is absolutely atrocious. I very sorry for loss.

And further more you should not of had to pay to put her down. What a piece of *** vet and vet clinic.


That is NOT the same dog. The one in the first picture is brown with dirt and matted as if it had been neglected for a LONG time. What a disgusting lie.


How is this Banfield's fault? It looks like she chewed out her stitches because she wasn't wearing an e-collar.


Last dog I had fixed ... sent home without an e-collar.

Supposedly, many vets feel its not necessary. The night I brought her home, I ended up at an university emergency vet to the tune of 2,000.

She ripped her stitches out. Vet took no responsibility, but still doesn't release with e-collars.


I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but I agree with @Tammyc. You can't really say that they killed your dog, at least not reasonably.

I know losing a pet is horrible grief, as I myself have lost several pets in my lifetime, but unforeseen complications in surgery happen. If surgery was 100% safe all the time then there wouldn't be disclosures or release forms being signed. This isn't the first time I've heard of an ovary being "lost" during surgery; it happens with *** too. That's a fairly common possibility, Banfield or no, which, again, is why release forms have to be signed.

Surgery isn't paint by numbers or we would all be surgeons. Despite having an ovary get "lost" during surgery, they did get her through the surgery and get her closed up at the end. Since her intestines didn't burst out until five days later and in the middle of the night like that, she probably chewed her own stitches open, like many dogs do after their surgeries because they itch terribly as they heal.

I had to stitch my pup back up because he wouldn't leave his stitches alone. Next time, always use an e-collar that you KNOW they cannot pull off.


Many vets are now recommending against e-collars. My own dog ripped her stitches out after I was told the collar wasn't necessary.


Not that the company cares, but it is owned by Mars Corporation..yeah, the makers of M&Ms, Uncle Ben's Rice and other products we use every single day. Check out their corporate site.

The company could care less...we need to have a FB page for all of this. :(


I am so sorry to hear about this. This is completely unexcuseable.

I too have had 2 very bad experiences with Banfield in Lake mary, Florida.

I WILL NEVER VISIT THEM AGAIN!Please follow up on every angle to seek refunds and JUSTICE! We should not have to put up with Banfield incompetence!


I'm sorry for your loss but how is what happened Banfield's fault? Unfortunately sometimes things happen.

Banfield Pet Hospital

SelasDad911, first of all we want to say how sorry we are for your family's loss. We appreciate your feedback and would like the opportunity to speak with you directly so we can gather more information. Please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288, thank you.


Why is the dead dog brown when the other one is white?



That is terrible to hear. I am so very sorry for your troubles and for your little girl. She should NOT have to go through this at such a young age.

Banfield is a terrible practice. And you know what? They are going to force you to continue paying for that Wellness plan. That's what happened to me.

Please don't stop at this...Send letters and emails to the CEO at Banfield

(John Payne, Corporate Headquarters

Banfield Pet Hospital

8000 NE Tillamook

PO Box 13998

Portland, OR 97213-0998


Also file complaint online with the Federal Trade Commission, Your state's Attorney General Office of Consumer Affairs, The American Association of Veterinary State Boards as well as the CEO of PetSmart, to let him know you will not shop there if Banfield continues they way they have.

The bottom line is they care more about money and how many patients they see per day that they OFTEN make mistakes that end up costing an animal their life, and that's INEXCUSABLE.

Against such a big corporation like Banfield, (the largest vet chain in the country...) we who have been hurt by Banfield need to come together and be active in bringing them down. It's disgusting this place is still in operation.

I'm not giving up!!!!


I wont give up either on getting justice for my poor dog, Missy that Banfield in Deptford, NJ killed. I will support any petition, cause or fundraiser to take action against Banfield. Email me if I can help in your fight for justice at

Visit my website at

I will NEVER give up or stop fighting for justice for Missy!


this is so inexcusable we`er not talking about a bad job being done on the brakes to a car.These are living, breathing, and FEELING members of your family. God put these pets in our hands to take care of,and they depend on us to do that.

Watch for signs on how your pet acts, they can`t voice it and tell you that this person has hurt them but their reactions can. These butchers need to be stopped .