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Banfield Vet Hospital has seen my dogs before for regular visits, however I called the Vet on Thursday night the 14th of March to see if they could take me in and see my 5 year old Chi that seemed to be impacted. He had not gone to the bathroom for two days at that point and I was very concerned that he could die.

The Vet's office promised that would call me back within a hour and they did not so I called again and they assured me they would call before they closed and see what they could do. They never called back until the next day and apologized about not calling. I asked to bring in my pet to be looked at because he was in pain and getting worse with a discharge from his anus.

I was at work and sent my 80 year old mother to the Vet's with my dog because I could not let him suffer any longer.

The Vet's office called me to tell me that they would have to do X-rays to see what the problem was before they could treat him. I completely agreed with that however they would not even X-ray the dog until I agreed to a $443.00 bill that included blood work and multiple other charges. I asked if we could do the X-ray first and then decide after that how to proceed and they said I could either do what they suggest or take the dog somewhere else to be treated. I asked if they had a payment plan and they said no and again suggested that I take the dog somewhere else if I did not agree to the prescribed treatment.

End result they forced my Mother to pay half the bill before they would even look at the dog and then they left the dog in pain for three hours doing blood work before they even took an X-ray. The X-ray was finally done and the impaction was located and taken out, but in the mean time they did further tests and the final bill for removing the impaction was $644.09.

To top all of this off when I complained that I felt like I was held hostage in this process they said these were only recommendations not necessary treatments. This is the worse case of trying to take advantage of pet owners and in these economic times it is difficult enough and pet owners will do almost anything to help their pets, but please stop these people from taking advantage of the situations.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Funny, I work at another small animal practice that is NOT Banfield and I have to call the owners before running up a bill and get permission BEFORE the treatment is done. And, they do NOT offer payment plans for people that have not been long term clients.

WHY? Because people DO NOT pay the bills. They just switch to another vet and give bogus addresses and disconnected phone numbers. Human doctors do not have to worry about this when the health insurance covers the bill.

Veterinarians do not have this luxury.

Just because people want to get paid for their services does not make them evil. You people seem to think that vets can live on nothing.


I find it funny that the majority of the people commenting on these stories are so oblivious to these peoples stories. HHmmmm betting most of them get their pay checks from Banfield.

I am so glad I got on here to research animal coverage because the bad stories I have read out weigh the good on not just this site but many many many others as well. I have a very new outlook on the price privledges I get from being a military spouse and having my dogs shots done on base. Banfield i'm sure has a few good locations and vets but from the sounds of it looks like they pick up bums off the street to treat animals. I will never use their services and warn anyone I know with animals about them.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the stories I have been able to read. I am very sorry about all the people with horrifying stories and lost loved pets.


And, vets don't take an oath to serve and protect our animals for free people. It costs money.


If my dog went 24 hours without a bowel movement, I'd be on the phone with my vet. 2 days is too long and the dog could bloat or go septic.

As far as the money is concerned, welcome to owning a pet. The bloodwork and other procedures are necessary to reach a diagnosis fast. Think about it.

If they'd x-rayed and not found the blockage, then he'd have to have bloodwork...then they'd have to wait for results. Doing it all at once is the only way to reach a diagnosis FAST.


you shouldn't have waited till thursday NIGHT to do it anyways, and especially not after him not going to the bathroom for 2 should have been earlier. & most places are busy & if it was that serious you should have just taken him in anyways.


Yes your right. They are all about the money, not the dogs health.

These people should be put out to pasture. Where is the oath they took to serve and protect our animals?