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These people are so frustrating! I have been taking my dogs to this facility since November of 2005. The wellness palns have actually worked out very well for me, and I have no complaint what so ever about the plans. I read the fine print, I know what I signed for and am very clear on what is and what is not covered (btw, those of you ranting about the plans should have done a little more research and read the contract before you signed it).

Anyway....My experiences have always been pleasant with this facility until a couple of months ago.

My one dog has been ill. Three times in 4 weeks I took my pet in. I saw three different doctors and got three different diagnoses. Not very helpful at all. Ran up some crazy bills for testing (bloodwork, xrays and so on) Now, I'm all for spending the money if the tests are needed, but this was ridiculous.

One of the doctors (ethnic female) must be new, because I've never seen her before. Man was she rude! On that same visit, a nurse walked in and addressed me and my dog by the wrong names (apparently she had the wrong chart) She apologized profusely and left the room.

I sat there for another 20 minutes before anyone came back to me. This rude doctor kept interupting me while I was trying to explain what was going on with my pet. She implied that it was my fault my pet was ill and that I should have brought her in sooner (this was my third visit mind you).

The ladies at the desk have always been wonderful and very helpful. I always appreciate the specail attention that they give my pet no matter how busy they are.

So I am actually thinking about transferring my plans to the location in Southern Pines. It is a bit of a drive for me, but worth it if I can avoid the unproffesional behavior and mishaps of the medical staff at my current location.

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I recently went into Banfield in Fayetteville, NC and the vet tech and her helper were extremely rude to me and very rough with my dog. The vet techs that came were Jennifer and Heather, they both had bad attitudes and made me feel like they would have rather been somewhere else other than taking care of my dog.

Even though the doctor was very nice, I will never go back there because of the way the vet techs treated my dog and myself.

Kudos to Dr. Burks as he was the only one that made me feel like my dog mattered.

@Rude help

yes they have been rude, and make out everythig is your fault. They try to shove tests and treatments down your throught.

I will be looking for a new vet for my dog. I have spent alot of money with them and come to find out they are extremely high in the first place, and dont treat the animals or cutomers well.

@rotti lover

same experiance as u . sucks

Banfield Pet Hospital


I read about your experience here, and I'd like to put you in touch with our Client Advocate Team to discuss Zeus's care and your puppy's care. Since we cannot discuss medical treatment in a public forum like this, I want to make sure you can reach us.

The number to call is 877-500-2288. Thank you for providing your feedback, and I am glad to hear that you are happy with your new vet.


Here is another story I forgot to tell you all about. Before I got my puppy from my fiancé he had a dog and we still have him to this day.

Our dog Zeus was chasing a cat and hit his leg on a tree stump. I thought for sure he broke it. So we took him to Banfield. We paid for x-ray after x-ray, $300 later the vet told us that he had torn his knee tissue apart and that he would need to rebuild his knee.

We had two choices, pay $1500 for Banfield to rebuild him knee cap or take him to Duke and pay $3000. This is when someone told us about Sothern Oaks Animal Hospital. I took all his charts and x-rays to this doctor. This Vet told us that clearly looking at the x-ray he could see his knee was out of place, not broken or torn.

The vet also told us that you cannot see torn tissue through an x-ray and that he was fooling with us. Needless to say our dog had to have surgery to pop his knee back into place. This cost us about $400 dollars for the surgery, anesthesia, heart worm medication, and all his shots updated, plus his pain medication.



I first signed up for the plan at Benfield Fayetteville NC on Skibo Road when my fiancé got me a puppy and at first it was great. Shots and everything were covered.

But then I took her in because she was scratching her ears really bad and her ear would no longer stand straight up. The vet told me she had ear mites and she had damaged her cartilage and her ear would never stand up again, so they told me that they were not going to treat the ear mites and that they were going to treat the yeast infection the ear mites caused because that would take care of it. I came back for her check up and she still had ear mites, the yeast infection was gone, but because they took the backwards way around treating her, it cost me more in ear swabs and mind you that her ear stands up just fine after they treated the ear mites correctly. Then I took her in for her rabies shot.

While I was there I decided to ask if they had ever tested her for heart worms and they told me yes. I asked them how they did that and they said that they took blood. They gave me a date and everything for when they took blood. THEY NEVER TOOK MY DOG OUT OF MY ARMS!

So how could they have ever tested her for heart worms!

I hate going to this vet and I have transferred to a great vet in Hope Mills " Southern Oaks Animal Hospital in Hope Mills, North Carolina. They are great and treat me and my family very well.


By the looks of these comments,that all of these consumers wrote you are in alot of trouble..Now you want me to call you ,so you can save face,,71 calls for collections from you,,letters everyday to me,,I will never ever own another dog,only because my trust in vets are gone..

Banfield Pet Hospital

@Messed up my credit!,

Please give us a call regarding this issue. Our Wellness Plan Relations Team will address this for you. The number is 888-649-2716.


it is illegal to send you to collections fraudulently. Were you two married at the time?

I'm assuming no. Next question - where is YOUR signature on the boyfriends wellness plan enrollment agreement? I assume its not on it. Hence, you cannot legally be held responsible for another persons (not your husband) contract.

Sounds like you have a very strong legal case at this time. CHEERS!


I enrolled my new puppy into the Optimum Wellness plan in Jan 2009. In March of 2009, my at the time boyfriend enrolled his puppy into the plan as well, but was placed onto my account for one reason or another WITHOUT my consent. When I asked why his name was listed with mine, I received verbal assurance that it was only him being an authorized care-giver and that there were in fact two contracts and if his account had issues, there would be no adverse affect on me.

Well, a year later, his account went to collections and because of the mistake made by Banfield, I was held accountable. Despite countless efforts to get help resolving the issue both from the local Banfield and the corporate individuals, whom are more than willing to verbally admit that a mistake was made as it is BLATANTLY obvious, due to the fact that the receptionist that helped my exboyfriend no longer works there they won't provide me any form of written documentation to give to the credit bureaus to have the delinquent account removed from my report.

So, not only did they mess up my credit (which I’m still fighting to resolve a year later) but during the course of my enrollment, I ended up paying for services that were never provided i.e. nails being trimmed, glands being expressed, etc. and an actual vaccination at one point (I was given a credit for that cause I caught the mistake before I left the clinic).

Bottom line, the wait to get your animal in to see a Vet is always horrific, they over charge you for services even with the plan, they won’t help you fix a mistake that was THEIR fault in the first place, and the customer service is awful (thanks Angie). You’re better off looking at a local clinic. Granted prices may be a little higher ($30-40 difference at places I’ve checked in to) but you get seen at your actual appointment time, they don’t charge you for services that they did not perform, and if they make a mistake they own up to it and do whatever they can to help make it right, not just hide behind some corporate bull.


banfield totally misdiagnosed my dogs problem. an xray oct.

2009 showed a small mass in abdomen but two doctors had very different prognosis. They then kept prescibing the wrong meds for something my dog did not have!! She got real sick from the meds, then they decided that she just cannot take meds so they gave her none. She kept getting skinnier and I was there at banfield every other week and they just kept taking fecel tests for worms (that she did NOT have) when I finally got fed up cuz nobody would listen to me after months of going on like this cuz I expected them to know what the *** they were doing, I pulled all xrays and charts out and went to a qualified vet who told me my dog had cancer and she was in late stage 4!!!!

She also told me that the mass in the xray was treatable and could have been taken care of back then and my dog would still be alive today! These doctors at banfield killed my dog! They know absolutely nothing about how to treat an animal successfully and I am sick over their lack of skills! I took great care of my dog and she was my very best friend!!

She deserved better. Please stay away from banfield, they will never get the chance to treat another pet of mine, EVER!!!! And i will tell everyone not to go there!

My dog deserved so much more and we count on these idiots knowledge to treat our pets. My only regret is that I listened to these ***


I've found a couple dr's I like at Fayetteville Banfield (and the front desk people and techs are mostly awesome!), but the wait is always SO LONG!!! It's an hour minimum on a weeknight, even with an appointment! Their wellness plans have saved me alot of money though...


First of all, they are not doctors and they are not nurses!!! A vet tech is no comparison to a nurse.

With that said, Banfield is just another company try to make lot of money. I feel like the veterinarians there may push procedures that your pet may not necessarily need. At a local vet he/she has a reputation to build and maintain. Still haven't decided what my final though on the place is.

I still take my dogs to local vets. I call around and check prices and or get a second opinion if it is expensive to make sure I am not getting ripped off.


Ran up a couple of thousand in bills even with the Plan over several months, and they still misdiagnosed my cat. Went back later for flea problem, noticed in time they'd accidently given me Advantage for Dogs, not Cats!

That error could have proved fatal to my cat. Needless to say, we cancelled our plan and have not returned.


You mean Banfield vet's can't magically determine what's illness your pet has and give a you an answer for free?? OK, I know that sounded snide, and it sounds like you are doing all the right things to help determine what's going on, but come on, medicine isn't exact and considering your dog can't tell you how it feels it's gotta be even harder for a vet to diagnose a problem.


I used to go to that Banfield too until I moved. I think they jack up their prices to make the wellness plan look like a good deal....anyway, the wait was always way too long.

Like we would wait 2 hours, but the vet would only spend like 10 minutes, if that, with my pet.

The nursing staff never seemed to know what was going on and I can't tell you how many times I left with the wrong meds or the wrong quantity of meds. Yeah, they suck!


If you read alot of the reviews on this website, you will see it is a widespread problem. You are just very lucky your dog is alive and did not have a life-threatening illness such as mine did.

I was given so many diagnoses that were all wrong, but it was too late when I changed Drs. Please, if you care about your dog,DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOG BACK TO ANY BANFIELD.