Saltville, Virginia

I worked for Banfield about 5 yrs ago, and the vet I worked under at my clinic was a great doctor and really cared for her patients, I had worked with her before at private clinics when she first graduated vet school, and if I still lived in TN, I'd use her as my vet as long as it was at a private clinic. However, I've seen her nearly cry because of the protocol and rules of Banfield and the charter owner that prevented her from treating an animal as they should be.

I've even had to remove animals off vital treatment and watch them slowly die while working there, because of protocol and the clinic owner.

They aren't allowed to keep pets overnight there, no matter what the circumstances, and after the owner had already paid the outrageous charges from Banfield, the only option they have is to take him/her home and hope the pet lives for the next 12-36 hrs then bring him/her back during office hours, or take them to 1 of the 3 emergency clinics that are open from 7am-7pm and all day Sundays. I was also told that if a client doesn't look as if they can offord Banfield prices to "scare them off", by insisting they take the wellness plan, and "pad" the cost when giving them a printed quote, and if that didn't work to make them wait it out. They only wanted "rich" customers, and would make sure to *** the "riff-raff" out by making you wait forever to be seen.

The charter owner/vet is a complete sleezebag, biggot, and ***, and after the incident I experienced with him that I am going to tell you about, I talked to other vets I know and his own peers have no use for him, his ethics, or his work. He had come the 100 Oaks clinic to do some shadowing and impliment his new protocol, and lucky me I was the opening front desk/tech on schedule that morning, and none else would be there for another hour or so. I'd only met the guy briefly once before and it was just a brief intoduction and hello, but you know that feeling some people cause where there are sirens and red flags going off in your head the very first time you encounter them and your skin crawls? Yeah, well, that's what I got from him, and when I mentioned it to the employees from my clinic they informed that if at all possible to never be alone with him.

I love my work, and its not even a job to me. I live to go to work and I'm always excited to see my patients and their owners, but when I realized he was the vet on duty and I was the only tech I got sick to the stomach and vomited, and seriously considered walking out. I wish I had now, but I actually avoided him pretty well for about 45 min and a client came in to have their pets glucose and urine checked. So I had to hold the pet to get blood and urine samples.

I only spoke when spoken to and tried to just focus on my patient. He decides to get chatty and make small talk, and I'd halfass reply hoping he *** Suddenly he starts into a monolouge about how a womens place is in the home and the bed not to work. I was just standing there mute and shocked, but what really got me was when he started in about his wife. He proceeded to tell me how she liked to have oral sex performed on her with explicit details, what favorite sex positions, and asking what I thought about it.

I was M-O-R-T-F-I-E-D, disgusted, and really sick by then,and should have left, but I stayed because I needed the job. The final straw was when he ran his hand up the inside of my thigh and grabbed my ***, when I bent over cleaning a cage before my shift ended. When I left I went to my second job, I pulled my GM into his office and told him what had happened. He flipped to say the least and told me to contact MARS Employee relations and a lawyer, and I did.

A lawyer could only advise me, because I had to sign an arbitration agreement when I was hired. When I contacted MARS I was told that this wasn't the first time he'd had complaints made by female employees made to them, but unless I could provide witnesses, evidence, or convience one of the girls that had been harassed to "testify" against him there was nothing to be done. If it bothered me so much to quit and get another job, or shut up, keep my job, and avoid being around him alone. None of the girls that I talked to that had experienced his behavior wanted to pursue legal action, they'd left the company because of him, and had no desire to revisit the experience.

I did quit the next time I worked, after told the vet I actually worked for normally what had happened and why I was leaving with no notice. She understood, and bless her heart she just kept apologizing for what had happened.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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