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Inquired about a vet being able to clip my Parakeet's beak as it had become to long. They stated that they could do that. Upon bringing in my Parakeet (6 years of age) I also asked about clipping his wings. The attendant then asked if I wanted them to clip his talons as it was needed.

I said okay.

They charged me $12.41 for clipping one wing and another $12.41 for the other one, total of $24.82. In all the bill was $46.08.

Upon leaving my Parakeet seem to get upset and began screeching. He calmed down some in the car and then started up again. I drove with my left hand while trying to calm down the bird in the cage to my home. He seemed to be

having some kind of attack, jerking and heart pounding terribly.

I carefully watched the bird, tried to give him drops of water and even kept in my spare room with me all night. Unfortunately, he passed on at 9:15 am. If the vet didn't really know what they were doing, they shoulc have never attempted to do it. My Parakeet was healthy and happy when brought in for a routine clipping of wings, talons and they did say they could do the beak. When I called them to inform them of what happened, they stated they would tell the Vet. No one ever called to say sorry. The Vet had little concern for the pet at all as the attendant stated to me. She said the bird would be okay. Well, let me tell you, I love all animals and after this episode with them, I wouldn't take another animal to them for anything, not even in an emergency. I care to much about animals. They seemed not to care at all.

Their STATEMENT of Treating Your Pet Like Family is a crock. Sorry for the length, I am pissed. I lost a very healthy and loving bird.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Birds are notoriously easily stressed. Lots of Vet clinics won't even work with them because of the liability of them dying from being handled.

Even if the handler did everything perfectly the bird could still die. It's a risk you should be aware of as a bird owner.


I know this is an old thread, but I just had the same problem with one of my parakeets. She had a known liver disease issue that was causing her beak to overgrow.

I had to make regular visits to our vet over the past 4 years, every 6 weeks like clockwork, to get it trimmed. This last visit was unfortunate. I was in the waiting room when I was eventually informed she passed, right after the trimming procedure. She was almost 8, so I understand that she was approaching the end of her life anyhow, given her condition.

I'm sure they treated her properly, but I'm also left wondering ... I wasn't there, so I will never know for certain exactly what happened.

That is the part that makes it the most difficult. I will not use that same vet again in the future - I will never be comfortable bringing my other birds there, unfortunately.


unfortunately its not uncommon for birds to get so stressed that they pass away. most likely your vet did nothing wrong.

actually, i'm sure your vet did nothing wrong. i guess you'd like to blame someone, but the truth is you placed your bird in a very stressful situation which i'm sure it wasn't used to. how often does it leave the house, how often does it have people handle it other than you, how often do you trim its nails, beak or wings.

not the vets fault, not yours either. just too much stress for an animal that doesn't deal well with stress.


Parakeets are very fragile. I've trimmed lots of wings and I myself have seen the die because they got so stressed out over it that their heart just stopped.

With my parakeets, I stopped trimming their wings and my conure as well, they get too stressed out, it's not worth the effort. It may have been that your parakeet got stressed out.