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banfield sucks people say they become vets for the love and care of animals thats bs its money i have the "optimum wellness plan" that i have paid monthly for over a year but when my dogs knee slipped out of place they told me they could not do anything for her not even set her knee for less then 500.00 my wife and i are both disabled and sometimes my dog is the only way me or my wife know if i am going to have a seziure my dog has not eaten or drank in 48hrs and if something happens to her i have the awesome money over pet care vets to thank at banfield!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I commented below a few days ago, but I have to add something.

Veterinarians and Veterinary staff do not go into this field to get rich. Most veterinarians are not rich by any means, especially vets who own their own clinics.

When Vets graduate from school, they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. It takes them probably at least 10yrs to pay it off. It is harder to get into vet school than it is to get into human medical school, and veterinarians get paid MUCH less than an MD.

Veterinary Staff members from the receptionists to the techs, are most definitely not rich. In fact, it's he opposite as we are severely underpaid.

Most of us can't even afford to live on our own, in an apartment, let alone a house. That includes veterinary technicians who went through schooling and are licensed/registered. Those who went through schooling to be licensed, have 30k in debt. They are required to go through schooling just like nurses in the human medical field, but they are required to know about multiple different species, radiology, anesthesia etc.

They do just as much, if not a little more than human nurses do, but they are paid much, much less than human nurses.

So no, Vets & vet staff don't go into this field for the money. They go into this field because caring for animals is their passion. Of course there are bad vets out there, just like there are bad human doctors out there. But a majority of them truly care about not only your pet, but you as well.

Vets cannot treat for free. If they treated every pet for free who's owner couldn't afford it, they wouldn't be able to stay in business. Yes, people forget that Vets are humans and vet offices are a business as well. They have to pay for multiple types if expensive equipment (ultrasound, xray, anesthesia cart, etc), maintenance on said equipment, medications, injectable medication, electricity bill etc & they also have their staff to pay.

Staff who have their own families, pets and bills to pay.

Most clinics don't do payment plans, because when they used to allow them, people still didn't pay. That's not fair as they deserve to be paid for services that they performed


I get that this is upsetting, obviously no-one wants to see their pet in pain, however you are misplacing the blame. A pet is their owners financial responsibility.

Just because Vets care for animals does not mean they can give away services. They also have a business to run and must cover the costs of their salary, their nurses salary, their receptionists salary, the rent or mortgage of the building, all utilities, the up front cost of all drugs they keep in stock, and the costs of buying & maintaining expensive equipment such as x-ray machines, bloodwork machines & surgical/anesthesia machines. If this stuff is not paid for then they will not stay open vert long.

Also, you should be aware that the Vets that work for Banfield have no individual choice over the prices that the corporation sets.

None! It is all set by their upper management and if they give things away or discount them they can be fired for 'stealing' from the company. It is all tracked by their computer system s& medical records, which are routinely reviewed for 'loss prevention' purposes so they cannot make exceptions.

Also a WELLNESS (the clue is in the name) plan is not insurance.

It does not cover emergencies or illnesses. Only WELLNESS items like vaccines, office exams, and if you get one of the upper level plans it can also include a dental cleaning/one set of bloodwork per year. You do get a small discount on other services but something like a knee repair can be expensive.

I would recommend that instead of feeling sorry for yourself and deflecting your poor financial situation onto the vets that you look for a useful solution, such as asking a friend or family member to help out, applying for CareCredit, or going for a second opinion at another Vets to see what they think/if they ca work out a payment plan (this is a long shot as very few vets offer payment plans anymore because so many people lie & don't come back to pay).

Good luck.


The wellness plan is not insurance.

They cannot just "set the knee".

Pets cost money.

You, as the owner, are responsible for the vet bill. Yes, sometimes the bill is high. What I do is put $20 from each paycheck into a savings account for my pets. It adds up fast.

So if that's an option, you can do something like that.

I can tell you for a fact that it doesn't matter how low or high the vet bill is at Banfield, the doctors & staff don't see that money. They do not get commission. The staff is hourly and the vets are salaried.

I used to work there.

Most vets do not take payment plans.

Try applying for care credit either at Banfield or carecredit.com If you get approved, and the bill is over $200 you have the option to pay it off over 6,12 or 18mo no interest.