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My little yorkie pup died yesterday becasue of shock distemper shot. They performed deworming, her parvo shots, and the diphenhydramine injectable. We took her to Banfield Hazel Dell location in Vancouver, WA.

When we had purchase her from a breeder in Yakima, WA. She was a playful puppy at 9 weeks old @ ,8 oz. She was eating and drinking well. The following day after getting her, we took her to Bannfield 11/06/10 to get her checked, they reccommended us getting her puppy shots and dewormed, so we did as advise, but informed them prior that she has already been dewormed and had her 1st shot on 10/27/10, but from what the "profession" advise that it was going to be ok, so we took it. She came home fine for about 30 min, and collapse. She was so weak, paralyzed, and had vomit and diahrrea. I knew she was dehydrated from this so I kept forcing water to her and tried feeding her.

I called the vets there and she said it was totally normal for puppy to have this reaction. I waited another day, my little one was not getting any better and first thing in the morning took her to the vet at Bannfield again. They simply did not know what was wrong with her. I left her there for the rest of the day where they put some support for her and told us she has low blood sugar. When they closed at 7, I picked her up and she was still so weak, but the vet there told us she was going to survive, and she was doing very well. She had said that her chaces of surviving were high. She them reccommended taking her to the emergency vet.

We then took her to the emergency vet, there the vet took sample of her blood an ran all other tests just like the vet at Banfield did. He told us that her blood sugar was very low her chances were not very high even if we get a blood tranfusion, that's when I did not want to see my baby suffer any longer. I cried for hours and still am.

My hospital bills for my baby is sky rise, and she is not even here with me because Banfield kept giving me hope that there was still life in her. I am mad the fact that the vets at Bannfield knew she probably couldn't make it but gave us so much hope so we can go back there and the emergency vet so my baby suffer and they can make their money!(BAN FAIL)I am fill with regrets I took her to Bannfield. They have injected way too many vaccination in such a little one. Vets should know better how much a newly, small baby can take.

We called this morning 11/09/10 to cancel the puppy membership and informed them that our little angel is no longer here with us.

In memories of Dora 9/7/10-11/08/10 R.I.P.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Banfield Pet Hospital

We did hear that a doctor was able to contact your boyfriend, who brought your puppy in, to discuss this issue and the steps that were taken. Again, we all want to send our sympathies for the loss of your Pet.


I feel for you! I hate Banfield They *** near killed my pomerian puppy!

When I picked him up they handed hime to me in a soaking wet ice cold towel.When they handed me the bill I told them to go to *** and I never did pay that bill!

I had to take my puppy to another vet right away{I did not even go home first!!} In The end the second vet I took him to was very good,but it cost me almost a thousand dollars to save him from Banfield's care. To Khousie I'm so sorry about your baby I know how painful it is to loose a pet.May God Bless You and ease your pain


re: I'msorry

8 weeks old is a perfectly legitimate time to give a puppy a distemper/parvo vaccine.

Mild lethargy, including not wanting to eat or drink, is a perfectly common reaction to any vaccine, given by any veterinarian. Even pain at the injection site can occur. This pain and/or lethargy can last 12-24 hours. Any longer, or combinged with vomiting/diarrhea, facial swelling, hives, collapse, etc is a sign of a much more serious reaction and your pet should see a veterinarian immediately. It sounds as the vet even talked about this with you. I'm not sure I see where the problem is arising. If you were concerned about your pet's reaction, it is your responsibility to bring it to your vet's attention.

The wellness plans are an oppertunity for you to plan out your pet's preventative care for the year and to more easily budget for it. Sign up or not, the staff was trying to make sure you understood your options.


I just got my new little one on Friday 12/11/10 and took her to BAN FAIL on 12/12/10..........She is 8 weeks old and said that it was ok to get her parvo/distemper shot now....I ask because I always heard that they need to be at least 12 weeks old, but they said it was fine......HOWEVER, during the exam when the tech was with her all she was talking about was the wellness plans!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS???????????

I am there for the well being of my new puupy and want to talk about other things.......I would ask a question and she would say ' the plan would cover that'!!!! OMG OMG.....really???? So the doc came in and gave her the shot and off she went, after telling me that she will be ok getting it now and to watch for signs.....Yesterday she was fine and then half way through the day she is now not eating, drinking, and just laying around!!!! I willl NEVER NEVER NEVER take any of my dogs there agian and to any other one!!!!

I hope they read these post and understand that these are our loved ones and you are a HORRIBLE company for only thinking about making money!!!

They told me that this is a normal reaction to the shot HOWEVER I am now taking her to another vet!!! BAN FAILED should be shut down and never allowed to treat animals!


How truly unfortunate that Banfield didn't warn you or make you aware of the possibilities of adverse reactions to vaccinations. Given that it was your baby's first visit to the doctor, they should have told you what to watch out for (i.e. vomiting and diarrhea). I am appalled that they told you this was "normal". A small amount of lethargy and not feeling well is normal. Vomiting and diarrhea to this degree is NOT.

I have always liked Banfield and actually used to work for them, but I cannot deny that their corporate hivemind is absolutely no replacement for the one-on-one care you find at a small hometown vet. If your Banfield's staff had been better trained or taught to show more compassion, they may have realized that they couldn't just shrug off little Dora's situation.

So sorry for your loss, and I off my condolences.