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I take an afternoon off of work to get to my 3pm appointment at Banfield for my dog. This will insure I am not stuck in traffic on the way home.

When I get there and tell them I have a 3pm appointment, I am ignored after signing in for an hour. After an hour I ask the receptionist, who is busy eating candy and talking on her cell phone what exactly is going on. I'm told there have been many emergencies and it might take an hour or so more.

At 5.00pm I'm told it might take another hour. Besides being livid, I'm at this point resigned to stay and wait. I've already wasted an afternoon. Traffic is picking up, so I might as well wait for the vet.

It was 6.30pm before I get to see the vet. The total time spent with me and my pet was perhaps 10 minutes.

The eight or so times I took my pet to Banfield, I never once was seen within an hour and a half of the appointment time.

In general, I found the staff to be both indifferent and self-absorbed, the vets indifferent and arrogant.

The only exception was when I first brought my dog there. That time the vet was like a used car salesman, getting me to sign up on the Wellness plan, using phrases like "I just couldn't let you leave without signing you up for the Plan.".

I suppose it's good business for Banfield to have customers waiting in a giant PetSmart for over 2 hours...all the *** they'll buy. The customer's only alternatives are to go home (which for me wasn't possible) or take the dog for walk in the strip mall parking lot. Fun!

I was really aggravating waiting there with all the little bratty kids poking at my poor dog, wanting to pet her. I sometimes wish she'd bitten them. There was even a ham-fisted PetSmart worker that kept wanting to pick up my dog.

I canceled my Wellness plan, which cost me over $100 to get out of the contract, but I think it's money well spent so long as I never have to go to the Wal Mart of the vet world.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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IM a registered vet tech. You would think that they would apprechiate having me work there for a lowered pay.

They dont and they treat me like ***. The expect me to train the girls they hire who have no experience at all and thats not my job. WHen a girl gets mad at me cause im not a teacher......

and shes doing something wrong I get written up.

Banfield is like a sweatshop. They do not care about your pets only there money.


One huge problem with Banfield is that they schedule appointments in so-called "clusters." You may think you have a 3 PM appointment, but 9 other people do as well and there may be only one doctor on staff. So your "appointment" is really just bs.

They double-book all appointment clusters at the Banfield I currently work at (SADDD) because so many clients are no shows.

Once I find a new job, I will never, ever be back at a Banfield. Also, the turnover rate is so high you rarely have experienced techs working.


I work for a banfield in CA and I have heard horror stories about other hospitals in the chain as well as about non-banfield hospitals. The point is that waiting in a reception lobby b/c the vet is taking care of emergencies is not a horror story. Misdiagnosis...abuse...neglect... these are what constitute horror.

All I know is that we often have emergencies at my hospital--animals hit by cars, animals having ingested toxins or poison, animals with allergic reactions, animals with *** wounds and the reality is that these pets are critical and need urgent attention. Sometimes it isn't even that dramatic. Sometimes it is an appointment that was scheduled for diarrhea and we come to find out that the pet hasn't eaten for days, is severely dehydrated, needs fluids, hospitalization, medications, and other services that require the doctor to spend more time with that client explaining procedures, costs, and lab results. I think all pet owners should have a little more understanding for the fact that emergencies take extra attention and realize how thankful they would be to find that extra attention extended to them and their pet if they were the ones in need.

Do not think that I am advocating for the indifference of receptionists, or for the frustration caused by not informing waiting clients in the lobby of what is holding up their appointment; and I can only speak for my hospital in saying that we all are extremely dedicated. We stay late, get there early, have regular meetings on how to make things more efficent, often discount the cost of appointments with extended waiting times, and try our best to keep our clients informed about hold ups in the schedule. I just think, rather than ranting and raving about how you were inconvienenced it would be hoove you to think about the fact that if your pet needed attention right now how glad you would feel knowing that the doctor and staff put their attention where it was most needed.

The reality is that if you feel that your hospital is not staffed by competant and caring people then you need to find a new hospital. However, to make the generalization that we have you wait to get you to spend money at petsmart, which incidentally is an entirely different company altogther, or that we coerce you into wellness plans for our benefit is silly. I pitch wellness plans because they make sense, not because I care about the tiny pittance of money that gets added to my meager paycheck. I have both my cats on them. They are not insurance. They are not cover-all set ups. They take care of the basic "preventative" care diagnostics that each and every pet should be getting on a regular basis to assess their general health.

My hospital is not like Walmart and I am not a salesman.


Well, if you didn't like it the first time, dont go back. Wal Mart is a multi billion dollar corporation, because no matter how *** they are you can't beat their prices.

Obviously, something got you to stay, despite the abhorring attitude of the staff and hectic schedule, YOU stayed. No one is to blame but yourself...


In regards to the petsmart groomer..You are so right about Banfield needing to work in front of a glass window. I knew someone that tried working for them.

They threw pets that wouldn\'t mind. Also they have on the job training nurses poking needles into your pets numerous times trying to find a vein.

The pets suffer and we only see the fake smiles from the staff. :cry :eek


U are so right about the car salesman pitch! I know someone that works for one of the clinics and they say that customers get scammed on those plans every day.

Plus they are the lowest paying clinic but charge the most. Another typical corporate world.


Because your vet had an emergency and couldn't see you right away? Have you never waited in your own Dr.'s office?

Have you never had an emergency? Are you a retard?


Call the main number that should not happen