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This organization is dirty, underhanded and feeds off fear and love of pets to upsell unsuspecting customers who assume that they are legitimate because they are partnered with a large national chain like Pet Smart.

My son was pressured into getting a wellness plan for his dog.

Two months later he gave the dog away because he had to move to an apartment where they did not allow pets. Shortly after that, my infant grandson died. My son was bereaved, young, vulnerable, and very, very poor. He says he contacted Banfeild and explained that they no longer had the dog and needed to cancel, but no one told him about the 1 year requirement.

They continued to draw the payments causing multiple overdraft fees. At my urging he contacted Banfield again and this time learned that he must continue to make payments for insurance on a dog they don't even own. He is locked in for 4 more months. This has been a very expensive lesson about reading the fine print and about how companies manipulate people's emotions for profit.

I have two dogs and will never go to Banfield ever again.

I will not shop at the store where they have their hospitals. I will be sharing this story with every pet owner that will listen!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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We are sorry we have left you feeling this way, and we are sorry to hear about the difficult time your family is going through. Regarding your son's Optimum Wellness Plan payments, unlike insurance, our wellness plans are preventive services pets need throughout the year, packaged together at a highly discounted price and with the convenience of a 12-month financing option.

We hope you understand that your son will only be paying for veterinary services his pet has already received. To find out more about our cancellation options, please call us at 866-649-2716 or email us at WellnessPlanRelations@banfield.net.


don't blame someone else for your sons mistake--it is in the contract that its a year contract even if the dog dies or you no longer own the pet--and if he doesn't start NOW to cancel the contract at the end of a year, they will auto renew it for another year-so you've been warned now--and they didn't twist his arm to make him sign--he had every chance to say no i don't want the wellness plan--