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Being a Banfield customer for our dog, I called about my cats and them having worms. I have (2) stray rescue cats that don't know what a car or vet is.

So, I called Banfield to see if I can drop off samples and was told NO, they have to be seen at like $89.00 Each. OK, well can someone help me get them inside the store if I have trouble, I was told NO, I can do it myself. So, I called a local vet down the street. They took the samples and gave me medicine no problem!

They set up a follow up 2 weeks later and offered me help getting the cats into the office, Banfield was no help at all. So, I took my cats to the other Vet, leaving the dog on the "Wellness Plan". A few months later, she had a slight limp after playing to hard. We took her in, they gave her anti-inflamitory (NOT COVERED) of course.

Then after 2 weeks wanted to x-ray if it wasn't better. Set up appt for 5pm 2 weeks later at a cost of $219.00 and additional $96.00 if the Vet cant read the x-ray AND an extra cost for sedation which had to be done (all with our supposed DISCOUNT!!!!). So, now the total cost is $339.00 and that's with my complaining and them waiving the $96.00 if it was necessary! I called the cats vet who quoted me $139.00 for the X-Ray, and dont sedate them unless absolutely necessary, what a DRASTIC DIFFERENCE!

I took out dog for a second opinion at $50.00 and another script for $17.00 (more pills less money than Banfield!?!?!?!?) They actually checked all her joints, said no X-ray was needed, just a little more rest and 3 days later she was just fine! So, I canceled appointment and Wellness plan with Banfield, they are a rip-off!!! And, of course are fighting with me to cancel the plan. Needless, to say, I am not paying them another red cent and I would like to see about getting involved in a Lawsuit against them.

As I search around it seems there are so many of the same stories.

I think we should all be reimbursed. Banfield is a Rip-off Scam that does NOT care about the welfare of pets!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Banfield is a rip off for sure i have my dog on a special wellness plans for 53$ a month which includes 3 xrays so my pregnant dog went and got 1 x ray at 20 days i came back had to do drop off there was no appts available when i came back i was told she needed 3 additional xrays to be sure of pregnancy which she was as shown in the first xray so i was billed for the extras which i only asked for one and explained to them 3 xrays are covered in my plan they said sure but within a 12 month period so me being excited for the litter i paid and left but went to cancel my dogs plan because i didnt appreciate the way i was scammed out of my money when clearly u could see puppies in the first xray not being a vetinerian but was told im committed by a 12 month agreement and that my dog used services from 6 months before which was never paid for a balance of 340$ which 6 months ago my dog went in for her 2 yr check up which was suppose to be free so my account was charged 53$ for the remaining 4 months without any services rendered they are scam artist not vets


Banfield is a rip off indeed, they have a fake charity, how about helping poor people when their pet gets ill.


First off the whole entire not helping you with bringing the cats in is dumb. But your "wellness" plan is care for a healthy pet.

You signed a contract that states everything they are telling you now, you get vaccines, exams, deworming, and blood work. So yea if your pet gets hurt it's not covered and signing that plan you agreed to it. Yea they are overpriced but those techs you were yelling at don't make the prices its not their fault they are so expensive call corporate deal with them not the people who are trying to go about their day with people yelling at them. The reason you can't cancel your plan is because you probably owe money for services like vaccines from the wellness plan.

Let me just ask you this question, the other vet checked the joints and said ok no xray needed ok cool, but what if he was wrong?

it happens, so be happy they did an xray less chance of missing something right. Good luck with your lawsuit.


THANK YOU!!! i have been signed up for wellness plans for years for 3 of my cats.

they have literally saved me THOUSANDS. only CERTAIN things are covered with the plan. not everything. however you get discounts on anything that is not covered.

i have two cats who have stomatitis. which means they needed cleanings *before i did an FME on one of them* which means, they have to be sedated. a dental cleaning its self is $249. an office visit alone is $40.

which with the plan you get an unlimited amount... vaccines.... which is about $60??? blood work is about $140...

ALL OF THESE come with a wellness plan and you pay roughly $25 a month *im going based off of my cats of course* for 12 months... id say those are pretty great savings! had my cat in the other day. should have cost me $300..

i didnt pay a dime.. thats pretty great in my book!

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