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Save yourself money and aggravation by not being suckered into subscribing to this plan. Their "out of plan" prices are incredibly overpriced, which makes you think you are getting a bargain to join the plan.

There are always extra charges when you bring your pet in. Forget about getting them on the phone. I just spent 30 minutes waiting for a customer service agent and gave up.

Obviously, I would never recommend this service to a friend - BEWARE - this is an annual contract and not worth a fraction of what they charge. Even if you have a sickly pet and go to the vet regularly, there will ALWAYS be extraordinarily high fees charged in addition to your monthly payment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I brought home a kitten she was a couple months old she had never been to a vet so I took her to Banfield here in Plainfield, IN. I paid for her first visit for vacinations and overall check up and also some de-worming just to be safe.

First of all I have been there for few visits since then and when the doctors go through there questioning with you over your pet they treat you like you are doing everyhing wrong, they never like the brand choice in food or flea protection and always want you buy the brands they sell that cost top dollar. I guess thats just a matter of opinion. After paying for her shots and check up I also purchased there wellness plan that covers getting my kitten spayed, cause it was important to me make sure it was done for her. It was also suppose to cover next year follow up shots, I took her in this January for check up relating to something else and they were going to go ahead and give her those shots while we there instead of needing to make another appointment, I agreed it was a good idea.

After they did some checking the said it was to soon she was not due until February, I said ok lets make the appointment and I asked the doctor and the lady who made the appointment specifically if shots and appointment is at no cost because of the wellness right??? They said "YES" I said great and set the appointment for February 24, 2012, so my husbands get our kitty together and bring her in this morning and they say oh no your not covered under that plan anymore it expired February 6th of this month...GRRRRRRRR so he brings her home and tells them no I dont want them done then I will go somewhere else, he gets home I call beck up to Banfield to ask whats going on...the lady tells me well we cant do anything about it cause its past the expiration date, thats *** they told me it was covered and the next appointment was made according to the wellness plan...funny little tricks to rip people off...I have several family members and friends I will be notifing to warn them to watch out. I didnt pay the hundreds of dollars for the wellness plan to not use it and get ripped off cause of the timeline mess up on there part.

I am done with Banfield if this problem is not resolved the lady told she would look in to it and call me back about what can be done...for some reason I'm pretty sure that call wont come. Save your money people cause they couldnt even work with me to help resolve the matter just blew me and my husband off.


and actually I just went through and looked at all of the charges and one month it was $67 for no reason at all, we hadn't even taken our dog to the vet in months. And we make our payment by alotment, so it couldn't have been a late charge or anything. I never even noticed until now because we never look at the bank account.


I said "about 60" but to be exact I just checked my bank account and it was $54 once a month. But hey, your cool!


none of the plans are $60 a month. Stop lying.


Def. a rip off, paying about 60 dollars a month when my dog prob has to go only a couple times a year.

Recently found out that the vet on our navy base is extremely less expensive, no contracts, no monthly payment, just a small price for shots when u bring them in once or twice a year. I have never been ripped off so bad in my life. I wouldn't recommend that place to ANYONE!


- to Bjnorth, your getting ripped off like the rest of us, I can guarantee your animal does not need half the stuff your paying for them to have done.

No vet costs $60 a month, I learned the hard way. :/


I saved alot of money with the plan.