Pinellas Park, Florida

They always manage to find billable items in spite of "the Wellness Plan."

I will be kind and state that what Banfield stands for is "the business of medicine is business."

Their charges are usurous, their staffs are inexperienced and if you see the same faces for more than 2 visits, you are lucky.

In questioning any of their charges, practices, etc., you are met with a wall of defensiveness. It is their opinion that you don't have the right to question either of the above. It leads to a shrill response from the doctor himself that is completely off the topic.

In one instance when I asked why they markup their drugs at over 300% and/or repackage known drugs so that you cannot compare their prices, the shrill response I got from the doctor himself was:

"How do you expect me to keep my doors open if you buy your drugs somewhere else?"

On another ocassion I simply asked how much a future surgery might cost and the reply was:

"I didn't go to vet school to argue price." The insinuation was that I didn't have the right to question their pricing, and if I didn't like it, go somewhere else.

By the way, the plan covered nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Banfield Pet Hospital

@R.I.P Beatrice Gertrude,

We are very sorry for the loss of your dog, and we would like to help you resolve any issues with your Wellness Plan. Please give our Wellness Plan Relations Team a call at 888-649-2716.


11-4-2010 we rescuded a chiuahuia that was throw 2 the side of the freeway..Took her home,made a appointment to Banifield and was seen. On jan 21,2011 the dog ran out of the yard and got hit by a car.

I scraped her up from the cement took her to the pound,where the took her little body and euthinized and cremated her..This was for free. Then banfield called and told me it was time to get her spayed,and I told them of death and they said no worries. The nurse emily that told me the wellness program could be stopped at anytime. Just stop paying,you were never commited to this plan.

Liar-Emily of woodhaven,michigan..I am now in collections for a dead dog,almost$500.00 for 1 visit,,yeah right.

I was raped by Banfield,they disgust me,i rescue a dog and gave her life back but then these rapists of a veternary screws you for every penny..So I called free legal aid in michigan and they said as long as I make a payment of $5.00 a month they cant do much of any thing. This corporation is a MAFIA,they will take your last dime..This is not over,you will see me in the news because I will exploit them,very soon..Still Grieving

Banfield Pet Hospital

Our Optimimum Wellness Plans, unlike insurance, are packages of preventative services Pets need throughout the year. We hope you understand that you will only be paying for veterinary services your Pet has already received.

For cancellation options please call us at 1-866-649-2716.

For those of you who have had a negative experience at one of our locations, please give us a call at 1-877-500-2288. We want to discuss your specific situation, and your feedback will certainly help us improve.


The Banfield Plan is nothing but a scam. I was never informed that it was a one year contract and was told I could cancel the plan anytime I wanted.

Their fees have been scandalous and they are constantly selling meds at an inflated cost. In the past year I have spent over $1.300.00 on my Lhasa for an ear and eye infection. I have been so unhappy with Banfield that I attempted to cancel my plan but was told it was not possible and that I was committed for the entire year to continue paying at a cost of $29.95 per month. I have been unemployed and explained my plight to the Banfield representative over the phone but was told there was nothing she could do.

I wrote an e-mail to someone at Banfield and never rec'd a reply. Their e-mail address was .

Be forewarned, this animal "DISCOUNT" plan (which is what they claim it is) will not save you any monies. Their charges are ridiculous and believe me when I say that it is not a plan that you can cancel, even if your pet dies.


I've had the Banfield "Wellness Plan" for 9 years and haven't had any problems. The first vet I had I wasn't too fond of, but the one I have now, I absolutely LOVE.

You don't have to agree to have any services that you have to pay for. For example, every time I took my dog in (which is every 6 months), they wanted to express his anal glands and they charge for that. I had him groomed and they had already taken care of that so I told them I didn't want it done. You sign a paper when you drop you pet off saying what you'll agree to pay - change it to zero and tell them you just want what the plan covers.

It is for wellness check-ups only and if your pet happens to get sick in between, the office visit is free and you get a discount on services.

If you are having difficulties - try another Banfield. Switching isn't easy but it is possible.


All I have to say is BBB rating of "F". That sums it up for me!!!!!


The plan was explained to me properly but it's used as a marketing tool from day 1. First buy their overpriced flea protection.

Then they get you in the office and claim the tests show false information. After that they try to get you on an overpriced treatment program and mark their medication up 200%-500%.

This company has a poor reputation and if you love your pet go to an independent vet. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET TO BANFIELD.


I worked for Banfield briefly as a collections rep at the corporate office in Portland, Oregon. The post by Daniel is perfectly indicative of the Corporate atmosphere as well.

The Wellness Plans are made for one reason only, TO MAKE THE COMPANY MONEY! All day long I talked to people who were told by the hospital that the plan could be canceled at any time. I Know for a fact that the corporate office is aware of this misinformation and deliberately does not advise there hospitals to correct this. The actual production cost of the services provided by the wellness plans is often less than $100, but the “Retail Value” of the services can be in excess of $1000.00.

I understand that a company obviously needs to make money, but the markup on these services is outrageous on top of the unethical lack of information given to the clients by the hospital staff (generally speaking) about their options for canceling the wellness plan. In addition to this the billing for the company is all “paperless”. You have to give a credit card to be automatically billed every month. If something happens and the payments aren’t automatically processed for several months the wellness plan is canceled to collections.

At this point, even if the “Retail Value” of the services used is LESS than the cost of the plan they are going to send you to IC Systems (a collection agency) for the whole year’s cost of the wellness plan plus collection fees, if said fees are allowed in your state. This means that if you took your pet in to the hospital all you had done were 2 shots and some kind of fecal exam, and later on the payments are defaulted on (sometimes the “automatic billing system” randomly just stopped taking payments for, SERIOUSLY, no reason!) you are going to be sent to collections for up to $400.00. Granted, it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to make sure their bills are being paid, but how easy could it be to miss that 21.95 wasn’t deducted from your account? SOMETIMES the clients will be mailed a letter saying the payments are not being made and SOMETIMES a phone call is generated in the system, but by no means does this happen with every client.

I would say it happens maybe 30% of the time. I know, this is all I did all day long for two months while in the Wellness Plan collections department. I have never in my life worked for a company where all day long I had to listed to people threatening legal action.

I really believe that it can’t be legal that they cancel the wellness plans to collections for more then the retail value of the services that were used, and I also think this is in direct contradiction with what the actual contracts say. This is one of the *** jobs with the *** company I’ve ever had in my life.


In reply to "DoesAny1ReadNeMore?" YOU are obviouisly one of the peoples pockets getting lined with the money youre scamming out of others ! I could care less whether its pet insurance or a wellness plan ....

When you sign up for this so called plan, you are told that you can cancel at any time. Excuse me for beleiving what Im told by Banfield employee's .... certainly my mistake for beleiving anything they say ! Its a scam, not to mention their charges are outrageous for services and UNEFFENBELIEVABLE what they charge for medications !!!

SCAM SCAM SCAM The only reason anyone continues to sign up for it is because they are lied to about it. The more I look, the more Im seeing 100's of people VERY dissatisfied with it.

So enjoy your lined pockets while you can ... eventually all scams come to an end.


@DoesAny1ReadNEMore: I just had my wife come home after signing up for this "Wellness Plan" and yes, I read. I read carefully. I discovered that there is no "discount" at all: you are in a 1-year contract, during which you are paying them a membership fee for "discounted" services, the termination of which is impossible until you pay back the entire amount of your "discount."

This contract automatically renews itself annually, unless you specifically cancel it beforehand. However, when you try, you will be told that you cannot cancel without paying what, by then, would be thousands of dollars in "discounts to services rendered." That is, if you took your pets in as often as they encourage you.

The cheapest thing for you to do, once you've called and discovered, is to go ahead and let them keep you on the plan for another year, or two or three, until your balance is paid off, and take pains not to bring your animal in and incur any more "discounts" you'll eventually have to pay off.

I'm calling a lawyer, because I'm sure there's a solid class action lawsuit brewing here.


The Wellness Plan is very well laid out. Did you read it?

Guess not. It is for PREVENTATIVE CARE! And besides, anything it doesn't cover you get at least 5% off with the minimum plan. It covers PREVENTATIVE things like routine shots, dental cleanings, office visits, and many other things depending on your plan.

It isn't pet insurance at all. Pet insurance covers things like care after being injured. The Wellness Plan takes care of keeping your healthy pet HEALTHY!

Also, we (employees) don't even get any discount on flea/tick prevention because Banfield sells all flea/tick prevention at the same price they buy it at. Lastly, the Wellness Plan must be doing well, it's been alive and healthy for over 20 years now with the majority of patients returning year after year.


In regards to the prices of drugs or other items (flea prevention, heartworm prevention) Banfield will price match any price you find in the market. Some places were you get cheap medications, you should be careful where these medications are coming from. Sometimes going cheap will make you spend more at the long end.