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With everything I have been please with at Banfield Pet Hospital, their Wellness plan model is lacking. If you plan on signing up for their Wellness Plan, DO NOT USE the "Add-On" of flea and tick prevention. At first look it seems great because the cost is lumped into my monthly payment and you are to receive the product in the mail, avoiding the store and trying to remember how many you have left, etc. But after 3 months of it coming late and them telling me "It's on its way" I've had enough. Maybe they don't realize how important it is that my pet stay current and on top of his flea and tick prevention. Will they be paying for the hassle I go through if my dog gets either with a lap in his monthly dose?

I called and complained each month that I was not receiving the product in time and I was told evert time that it is in the mail and they can't do anything about it. Finally, I asked that since this is an "Add-On" to my plan, and I have been completely satisfied with all other aspects of the plan that they remove the additional product and I just stick with my base plan. I was rudely told that this is not possible. Apparently, when you signed up for the plan and this product, you are held to 12 months of paying for this without the opportunity to remove it at any time. This is the complete opposite of what I was told when I signed up. The vet technician when checking me out told me of the plan and I happen to see the "Add-On" on the back of the brochure in which it says "ADD-ON" and asked if I would be able to start that and remove at any time. I was told YES at that time so I said "Great, I'll try it".

Now I am stuck paying for a product I am not receiving on time, if at all, and therefore forcing me to go to the store and by additional flea and tick prevention. I was told the only option was to cancel my plan (which is not what I want to do since I am satisfied with the service side of the plan). I enjoy the services and the Wellness Plan with the exception of this "Add-On." I feel that Banfield Wellness Plan needs to get up to date with this economy, society, and have a customer service make over.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Banfield Pet Hospital

Sjc04681, we understand your frustration and are currently unaware of this situation. Please call our Client Advocate Team so we can discuss this issue and better understand so we can help.

The number is 877-500-2288.

We can also discuss your plan options at this time. Thank you for being a loyal Banfield client and allowing us to care for your pet.