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I payed for the Puppy Basic Care plan through Banfield several months ago of around $166 because I had just gotten a new puppy and knew he needed to have his shots and deworming. I was informed when I actually brought my puppy in for his checkup and vaccines for the first time that he needed an injection and that they wanted to take a sample of his fecal and that he needed vitamins but that none of that was covered on the plan.

They ended up charging me an additional $75 for the extra things that supposedly he needed. Every month being charged $26 for the plan. Then I took him in to be neutered when he was 6 months old, thinking everything was covered. Nope.

When I dropped him off I was told that it would be possible an additional cost for an injection and micro chipping but with the injection that they wouldn't know until he actually had the procedure. So I agreed to $50 for the micro chip and possible injection. When I went to pick him up after his procedure I was told that I was being sent home with pain medicine and antibiotics and that the plan didn't cover that. So I was charged an additional $80 for an injection, and medicine for after his procedure.

You would think that after all the money that I have spent at this place that they could provide the cone to go around his neck, but Nope.

That's extra. I am very disgusted at this place with there hidden costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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The Banfield I go to gives us the option for these additional items. They offer nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal glands every time.

Yes they are making extra money but they are not a grooming so you don't have to do it. Just say no!

They will price match stuff too. At least mine does


Bottom line, read the details of the plan. It tells specifically what they do and don't cover.

If you assume without fact checking then you are setting yourself up additional costs. This isn't insurance, this is a program that provides immunizations and possibly spay/neuter (with the plus plan). They are a business like everything else and are expected to make money. I have two dogs on wellness plans, have had to pay for prescriptions (-10% discount) and still feel these are valuable for what they are.

Am agreed with the auto renewal comments above if you don't wish to keep your dog on the program, plan early. After the first year, there isn't as much bang for the buck. Do some research and find out what a regular vet charges for annual boosters and decide for yourself. Oh, and recommendations are just that, not a requirement.

They recommended a special prescription food, I did my research and found a less expensive alternative for half the cost. Cleared up the problem, no issue.

Flea and tick treatments can be had online for less money. Quality food (NO table scraps), fresh water, and exercise go a long way toward keeping your dog healthy.


Banfield is a craphole


we have also expersienced the add on 500.00 to remove a broken was explaned that it was like oral surgery,the dog was getting her teeth cleaned at the time,on the banfield wellness plan.the banfield hospitals , do have a monthly quota to make. Go figure. :x


yeah had kinda the same thing happen--every time i took my dog in they always found something he needed but wasn't covered under the plan--or if it was i only got a 10% discount on the meds--BUT beware of their auto renew on your plan--read your contract carefully about how to cancel it--they bill a month in advance so if you wait untill the month the plan expires then it's to late they got you for another year--if you want to cancel, start the process at least 4 months in advance and make follow up calls every month to make sure they have it on file--just a little advice from someone who's been there with them.