Crowley, Louisiana

I signed up for the 1 year "Puppy Plan", because that seemed like a good deal, to cover shots, etc. I clearly stated that I DID NOT want it to go past that.

They "automatically" renewed it after my dog turned 1 and kept charging my account. We have been paying alot of money for treatments and visits for my dog and have not noticed any discount (I am getting the statement to verify). Now I can't even cancel without paying $104 because I have "supposedly" gotten that much of a discount when I have already paid an additional $150 in monthly deductions. I find it hard to believe that I have received $254 in discounts in 5 months.

The vet is in on the scam with them because I called them too...and told them having an "automatic renewal" is underhanded and dishonest and only done for that reason!

I want to do business with an honest vet, not someone who is underhanded and dishonest, so my dog and 2 cats will start going to a different, honest vet instead! I will be sure and warn anyone and everyone I know not to go there!


Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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A similar situation happened to me. My dog was a birthday gift from an ex-fiance.

As part of the gift, he purchased the "wellness plan" and allowed it to automatically debit from his account. Since the dog was my gift, he put the plan in MY name. Now, years later, the fiance and I have parted ways, apparently he stopped payment on the auto deductions, and now Banfield refuses to see my pet. It is heartbreaking because Banfield is the only vet that had ever seen her when we moved several times to several different states.

I recently learned that this "charged-off account" is reflected on my CREDIT REPORT!!! Such a shame.

I have always been pleased with Banfield's care, and I go to Petsmart exclusively for bathing and grooming, but I have been forced to take my dog elsewhere for vet care. :(


My local Banfield receptionist is quite kind; she gave me the same number to cancel, but the area code is 888, not 866. Try it out (I didn't call yet, but will in the morning).


Re: Banfield..I cannot reach anyone at this phone number 1-866-649-2716..I want to discuss the plan I pay for each month..!!!!!!! -- And I do not want to leave my email address here..!!!!!


Read the contract, s t u p i d! Your fault you signed something you didn't read, otherwise you would have seen the part about "automatic renewal." It's not dishonest when it is clearly stated in the contract.


the number given is a general mailbox number, no live person, " please enter the number for the person you wish to speak to" " for the operator press zero" "the ext you are calling is not a valid ext"..yada yada yada....


Thank you for your feedback, we apologize if one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way. Based on this information we are unable to identify your account.

Please call our Wellness Plan Team so we can gather more information and address your concerns. The number is 866-649-2716, thank you.