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Update by user Feb 05, 2016

It took a lot of back and forth between Banfield and me through the BBB and going to the actual Banfield location today and talking to the manager, but I think I've finally figured out what they did, and it was NOT honest. Banfield put my son's dog Crash under my name when my son brought him in, probably because we lived at the same address.

The plan was on my son's debit card, though. Bank of America sent my son a new debit card because of suspicious activity. When Banfield couldn't get their money from his account anymore, they used my visit on January 23, 2015 and updated my account to include Crash. The manager told me a screen pops up and allows them to check whatever dog they want and it will switch accounts.

Since Crash was listed under my name, they did this without my knowledge and said I authorized it. The only authorization I signed on January 23, 2015 was for Maggie's teeth cleaning--Banfield introduced this as evidence through our dispute at the BBB, but it says on it "Authorization to Provide Care for Maggie (my pet)". It said nothing about switching Crash to this account.

So either someone in the store, or more likely someone in corporate, made the switch themselves. They also conveniently don't keep records of updates.

Original review posted by user Dec 27, 2015

I signed my dog, Maggie, up for a Wellness Plan in January 2015. I didn't think to check my bank account until I noticed in addition to her charge of $32.95, they were taking $24.95 from June until November 2015.

Apparently, they decided to sign my son's dog up for the plan and charge my account, without telling me or asking me! But, there were also deductions, two in February, then one in March, April, and May 2015 for $42.45! I have NO idea what those charges were for! They have been stealing my money!

They owe me $361.95. This place is a joke. When I went to the hospital I have been using, they miraculously couldn't tell me anything. They must have a record of who authorized these charges, or who put them through, or even what they are for.

But NO, they passed me off to corporate. I will NOT be renewing my plans, and I will NOT take my beloved animals back to this place! Also, I took my dog for her checkup appt, but needed to discuss some issues with the vet. The front office girl told me they had an emergency, and I could just leave my dog and come back in two hours.

I asked her how long it was going to be, and she said it could be a couple hours before I could be seen. I explained to her that I need to discuss things with the doctor, and whenever I leave my dog I never get to talk to the doctor. Suddenly she had a room for me, but said it might be awhile. There is something really shady about these drop off visits.

Why do they not want you to talk to the veterinarian? I'm done with this place. This is ridiculous!

I am so pissed off that they have been stealing money from me without telling me I was being charged or signed up! This is against the law!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: They are stealing money from me!.

Monetary Loss: $362.

Preferred solution: I want a refund of the $361.95 they stole, I DO NOT want auto-renewal, and I would love to cancel the two plans I have without fees..

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: Dr randy barbe.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Very poor customer service, Exploitation of finances, Not telling me they signed me up for a plan.

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First of all, they cannot sign a pet up on a plan unless someone is there to sign. So your son must have brought the dog in and put it under your name instead of having them make him his own file.

A signature is required and it can be pulled up. They don't just go around adding pets under people's names and signing them up on plans. Someone has to be there in person or call corporate and say they want the wellness plan and they have to sign the contract.

Secondly, in the computer they can only see the last 4 digits of the card on file, what your monthly payments are and the date it comes out.

They cannot see anything beyond that, which is the reason they gave you corporates number. It's not the people working there's fault, it's how the computer system is set up.

Third, if the doctor has an emergency there is no way to know how long that emergency will take. It depends on what's wrong with the pet, how bad they are and what diagnostics/treatment is needed.

When the schedule is full they offer drop offs so your pet can still be seen that day. There's generally only 1 doctor working and about 20-30 pets a day.

Drop offs are taken out by the assistants and then looked at by the doctors in between the scheduled appointments and surgeries. There are multiple drop offs a day ranging from healthy pets who just need vaccines, to injured pets, to sick pets.

If you don't get to speak with the doctor it's probably because they are extremely busy.

Again, usually only 1 doctor with 20-30 patients with owners who also want to speak with them.

I'd advise you to bring up your concerns with the manager. I hope you get it resolved


My son had read about Banfield being a scam and canceled his plan. Since I used my checking account, and not a debit/credit card, my son couldn't have put it on mine because he didn't have my checking account information.

I have dropped off my son's dog for him before, but not corresponding to the charges put on my checking account. And he's always picked him up. They said my son never canceled his account in Dec 14, but the charges stopped coming out of his account then. I didn't see new charges on mine until Feb 15.

I brought my dog Maggie in for a teeth cleaning Jan. 15, and no one said anything to me then about updating all the dogs then. That's what corporate told me, that they updated all the dogs on my account when I updated Maggie. Thing is, I didn't update Maggie's payment then, it's always been from my checking since 11/14.

And if that's the case, then why didn't they update my dog Thor's information to come out of my checking instead of my husband's checking account? Something shady has happened, because switching Crash to my account was never discussed with me or my son, and no one has any answers as to why or how this happened. Corporate said they updated all dogs when I updated Maggie, the store says all they know is Crash is on my account.

As for drop off appts, I get that.

But mine wasn't supposed to be a drop off appt. I specifically scheduled my appt because I had issues I needed to discuss with the vet. I totally understand emergencies happen, but they either need to call and tell me or reschedule my appt.

If they can only have 1 veterinarian there at a time, then I say they need to run their business better and get two or three in. And if they are too extremely busy to take the time to talk to me about my pet, then I will take my business elsewhere, to a veterinarian who actually has the time for my dog and to listen to my concerns.


And also, they now owe me $386.90, because they fraudulently deducted another $24.95 from my account for the wellness plan for my son's dog that I never consented to or authorized. They need to go after the employee who put this through and collect the money from that person.

And go figure, the manager of that Banfield couldn't tell us what happened.

Funny how the actual location doesn't know what happened in their own office, and corporate doesn't know what goes on in their branches. It's disgusting how this Banfield Scam Hospital is run.


Sounds like they have you on an automatic EFT (electronic funds transfer) on your bank account. The only way to stop the automatic payments is to close your current bank account and reopen a new account at your same bank with a new account and routing number.

Let your bank know about the unauthorized charges and withdraws from your account.

I don't know if they get you any monies refunded or not. But its worth a try.

As long as Banfield has your checking account and routing number they will continue to take payments directly from you checking account since you basically gave them permission to do so when you signed up for the Wellness Plan and method of payment to be linked to your checking account.


Yes, I did give them permission to deduct MY dog Maggie's Wellness Plan from my checking account. But someone in the 3335 Cobb Pkwy Acworth GA location took it upon themselves to put my son's dog, Crash, on my checking account, without my knowledge or consent.

So I called my bank, and they said they would not allow any more charges to be taken out for that amount, but that I should watch my account closely, as unscrupulous places like Banfield sometimes use different names to be able to still access the account. They waived their cancel check fee since I am a long time customer (wow, Good business practice--Banfield could learn a lot from that!). I refuse to change checking accounts because of shady business practices by Banfield. I've already notified the local tv station through their Call for Action that handles scams, I've filed a complaint with the BBB, and I've contacted a few lawyers.

Banfield needs to run their business better, and learn how to treat their customers. I think a class action lawsuit needs to be filed to take this company down a notch.


They should do like Barnes and Noble does and inform me that the automatic renew is coming up. But I guess that way they can trick you into having to pay for another year.

I'm more concerned with the other money they've been taking out without my consent or knowledge. I'm ready to call a lawyer I'm so pissed off about this.


P.S. If you fail to cancel your current wellness plan 90 days prior to its date of expiration.

Banfield will automatically renew the plan and you'll be stuck owing another years worth of payments on it.

Its in the fine print on the initial contract you signed. I am sure they fail to mention this little tid bit of information when you first signed up.


I know that. But my son told them he didn't want to renew.

It stopped coming out of his debit account in Dec.14. Charges didn't start showing up on mine until Feb 15. From Feb-May in the amount of $42.45, then from June-December in the amount of $24.95.

That's another thing, why did the amount change?? This just makes no sense to me.


Call your CC issuer and let them know about the unauthorized charges. Have the them cancel the current card and issue you a new card with a different account number. Request the unauthorized charges to be reversed.