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Very simple - my wife and I were never explained anything or shown anything in writing regarding the automatic renewal when we signed for our dog to be treated.

After only one routine check up with our dog, we have been given a bill for $1,224.57 after we asked to cancel the program. Again, for one routine check up for our dog.

When I explained to the young girl in their customer service we didn't see or sign anything pertaining to an automatic renewal, we were then sent a copy of the "contract." Interesting to note is that their copy of the contract contains an entire page that we never received nor signed. The first page, which has our signature, says at the bottom "Additional Terms and Conditions on Next Page." Again, at the time of our visit, we never were given this page. Had I seen this page, I would have never signed anything, as this was not a service we would have been interested in. Also, I find it odd that their copy is a "stapled" copy with the terms and conditions attached, yet our copy has no stapled second page outlining the terms and conditions of the Wellness Plan.

In fact, our copy doesn't even have any stapled holes, which clearly proves to me that we were never shown nor explained a Terms and Conditions part of the Contract. Again, when I called their customer service they said if I don't pay $1,224.57 in full, it will be going to collections and reported on my and my wife's credit report (their customer service seemed well scripted in saying this, which leads me to believe I am not the first person who has been scammed this way).

When I told her I would be filing a complaint with the State Banking and Insurance Commission for deceptive practices, she actually laughed at me, yes LAUGHED AT ME, and said that they are not an insurance company and that "you can complain all you want, but in the end, you will pay us what you owe us." Fortunately, our attorney has advised us where to make our complaints and what our next steps will be.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Maybe you should read what you sign.


Maybe you should re read what I wrote. Hope Banfield isn't paying you to proofread.