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I purchased the puppy basic care plan back in May. Most recently, my puppy was neutered and was sent home with Clavamox 250mg pack (14 tablets) and 6 Rimadyl 25mg Chewable Tablets. Because my dog got extreme diarrhea, I decided to do some research on the above medications and to my surprise, every sight in which these medications was sold were for such a lower price. So this made me think further to how much I have been spending out on this puppy basic plan and to my surprise, I feel very much cheated and do regret purchasing this plan.


Puppy Basic Care Membership Fee $139.95 (2 weeks later a coupon came in the mail that would have saved me 50% on this fee.

1st Month Fee $27.95

GlenHaven C1/O Otic 8 oz. $20.74 ($23.04 reg.)

Total = $189.64


First Shield Trio (2.5-20 lbs Single Dose) $13.46 ($14.95 reg)

WormShield – Canine Small 0-25lbs Tab $8.96 (9.95 reg)

Total = $23.23

2nd Month Fee $27.95


First Shield Trio (2.5-20 lbs Single Dose) $13.46 ($14.95 reg)

WormShield – Canine Small 0-25lbs Tab $8.96 (9.95 reg)

Total = $23.23

3rd Month Fee $27.95


Clavamox 250mg pack (14 tabletsand discounted $45.28 ($50.31 reg)

6 Rimadyl 25mg Chewable Tablet $18.65 ($20.72 reg)

Total =$63.93

Total Spent So Far = $355.93

Add on the projected Monthly Fee for the 1 year = $251.55 + $353.93 = $607.48

If I continued to get the Flea/Tick & Heartworm Med = $209.07 + $607.48 = $816.55

The above price is still higher than the expenses spent out for several friends of mines who prior purchased pups and visited a local vet for all their services.

3 Quotes for Clavamox 250 mg tab (14)

National pet pharmacy $24.36 (free shipping)

"¢PetFood Direct $24.36 (free shipping)

"¢PetScriptions $20.86 ($5.99 shipping & handeling)

So how did I get a discount by paying $45.28?

3 Quotes for 6 Rimadyl 25mg Chewable Tablet

"¢National pet pharmacy $6.24 (No tax + Shipping: $4.99)

"¢PetFood Direct $6.24 (No tax + Shipping: $7.25)

"¢PetScriptions $6.24 (No tax + Shipping: $5.99)

Again, how did I get a discount by paying $18.65?

As far as WormShield and First Shield Trio almost no one has ever heard of these despite those who used Banfield vets, so I am assuming this must be owned or manufactured by Banfield or you all must receive some type of profit or kick-back by prescribing it. I do plan on switching my puppy to Advantage Multi which will not only serve the purpose of the above but will run me about $152 over 12 months which is roughly about $13/month as opposed to the $23/month in which I am currently paying. This will save me roughly $120/year.

Being a first time pet owner, I really do feel cheated. Of all the friends I talked with, none of them were prescribed antibiotics or pain killers after their neuters. In addition, they all went home with collar cones (I had to purchase one separately to keep my pup from licking). Furthermore, I could have saved tons by getting prescriptions for all of the above rather than being expensed by Banfield.

I absolutely love my puppy and will do anything for him, however we are in tough financial times and I am troubled that Banfield finds the need to profit at the expense of me loving and wanting the best for my puppy.

Wish me luck, as I will be going back to the Banfield to try to return the Clavamox as I cannot locate any manufacture or distributor that charges $50 for 14 tabs of this medication.

Very sadden….

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $63.

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I agree with most of what you said but did you know banfield price matches?


I thank goodness for Banfield. With multiple pets and a job layoff, I wouldn't have been able to afford vet care without them.

My former vet was charging me at least $300.00 per pet for basic treatment. Any issues the dog was having was an additional $300.00. The Banfield in Smyrna, Georgia are very through in their examinations. They neutered one of my dogs and sent us home with pain meds.

The dog had a speedy recovery with absolutely no problems.

I have only good things to say about Banfield. The doctors and the staff have always been great.


Over priced on meds!!! After the exam, I was given the bag of meds ( changed flea brand, Worm Shied and Capstar)....When I got home I expected the 6 pack of Capstar.

I had 1-tab.

Looking the bill over...I was charged $17.42 for that pill. Meanwhile in the Petsmart store of Which Banfield is in, a 6pk costs about $38....Talk about markup!!!


I wouldn't use banfield Animal hospital the vets aren't any good they have a long line of killing pets


Worm Shield and First Shield Trio are manufactured by Schuyler, LLC in Portland OR. The medicines you show prices for have to be prescribed by a licensed veterinarian, and there's your catching point especially if they are going to be prescribed at the time of treatment.

I don't know about kick backs or anything like that, but my vet is capable of giving me a fairly close quantity that is needed so I'm not paying for three months of a drug that's only necessary for a few days. (Of course he sells more as needed.) As for the antibiotics, DogRescuer has it right on the nose. For example I recently adopted a 7 year old beagle/chi mix whose first surgery not only included a spay, but also 4 mammary gland tumors removals as well as a deformed dew claw amputation. She received no antibiotics, just pain meds, as she exhibited no symptoms indicating they were necessary.

Her second surgery for two more tumor removals, same, no antibiotics. Think very, very hard on whether you want to continue at Banfield.

Shop around for a more reputable and caring vet, someone you feel more confident with so you feel you're being fairly treated and your dog is getting exemplary care. Never buy a "plan" from anyone.


In some 500 dogs saved by my rescue less than 1% have needed antibiotics after simple surgeries. Antibiotics given for no reason are as harmful to our pets as they are to humans.

Pain meds are another story, we purchase generic rymidyl (carprofin) or a pain patch depending on the surgery.

Rarely do any of our dogs need more than two days of pain meds and most need no pain meds after the first day after the surgery. Each is different and some need meds for a few days but this is the exception not the rule. How do I know they are not in pain? Dogs in pain don't run around like normal dogs when they are in pain.

We struggle to keep most dogs calm and controlled for a few days after a spay/neuter. Banfield is praying on people with little or no experence in animal care. It's like *** dog food says right on the bag it's good so it must be right?

Medicne charges for the above mentioned meds, even the most expensive vets do not cost more than the above listed prices. Research things people the boogie man is waiting to take advantage of people that trust too easily.


Mr. Annoyed...first of all you totally missed the point and perhaps you should learn to read for understanding before you post silly things on other folk’s complaints.

It's not the fact that I was prescribed these items, it’s the fact they are being administered far above the market retail price for their medications. That is in addition to the monthly fee I pay and the suppose “discount” that I received on these medications. Even I was sick and needed meds, I would go to a pharmacy and get either a generic or the cheapest available medicine for why wouldn’t that be the option for my dog. That was the point…it is a rip off.

Banfield, yes you should definitely look into your pricing on the medications you are administering.

My dog recently tested positive for Giardia and again, the medicine that was being prescribed at your facility was well over the retail market price. I had to basically fight to get a prescription and when everything was said and done, I bought two medications (1) Metronidazole (Flagyl) and (2) Panacur for less than $15. These two things would have cost me around $60 from Banfield.

My dog is doing great and healthy and was able to get his meds within a 24 hour period. Just not sure what discount Banfield is offering if I pay monthly and have to get medicine that is overpriced.


Would you want to be sent home after a surgery and not get any pain medication or antibiotic? ABSOLUTELY not.

Banfield Pet Hospital

We value your feedback, and we understand how this could be a frustrating experience for you. We are reviewing our pricing structure and will take your feedback into account.

As for your request to return medication, we cannot accept already prescribed medication. Once medication leaves a veterinary or human hospital, clinic or facility it cannot be returned and prescribed to another pet or person. These measures are in place for safety reasons, to assure that potentially altered or tainted medications, or those that have not been stored properly, are not prescribed to other patients.

On medication receipts and/or prescription bottles, it states that medications cannot be returned for a refund. Please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 if you would like to further discuss your concerns.