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Dear Banfield,

I worked there briefly in your WPR department and I have a few questions:

1: If you are a company dedicated to the quality of your services why do your supervisors refuse to speak with concerned customers? I have worked in (reputable) call centers for many years, and yours is the only one where it was a policy for supervisors to NOT get directly on the phone to handle escalated calls. Is it because you KNOW you are scamming people? That's the only reason that seems to make sense to me….

2: How is it ethical at all that if a Wellness Plan is cancelled for non payment and the value of the services used is LESS than the total cost of the WP that client is still sent to collections for the total cost of the Wellness Plan PLUS collection fees if they are applicable in the client's state? And don't give me some mumbo jumbo about how if "no or little services are used" the plan cancels at $0, this was true for plans where maybe $15 dollars in services had been used but if they used any more than this they were most likely going to IC Systems.

3: Sometimes the auto bill pay stops for NO REASON!!! In your own systems the reason given why a payment was not drafted would literally be blank! this was true at least 25% of the time. It is laughable to believe that your senior management is unaware of this. Either you are letting this happen because it is more profitable for you to do so or you are completely incompetent: which is it?

SOME INFO FOR THE CONSUMERS: A hefty portion of corporate Banfield's profits are from these Wellness Plans. I worked in the collections department with approximately 30 other people. Our collections goals were on average $32,000/individually. This makes nearly one million dollars a month that just our small team collected in revenue for this company. I am not joking when I tell you that these people are ALL ABOUT MONEY. I truly mean it when I say that Banfield is the most greedy and unprofessional enviroment that I have ever worked in. It goes far beyond your everyday ugliness of general business (everyone needs to make a buck to live, right? Business in any company is hardly pretty in all it's practices all the time). Banfield, however, really doesn't have much of any type of saving grace in it's mission at it's corporate level.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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We have been with Bandfield for three years, and they try to tale you for every penny you have. Our Dog had passed, and we didn't even use the plan that year, They still charged us.

Our other dog has an ear infection, and the Doctor said we needed, a laundry list of medications. Come ON! 400Plus dollars of things they wanted to do, and perscriptions tolaling 150.00. They are such a scam.

I believe they will over med any dog for profit. I asked for a perscription I could get at Walmart, and they looked at me like I had a third eye.

Please do research before using them. They will take you for every penny you have.