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After being a "wellness plan" customer for three years I decided to cancel. Now they say I owe them money they did not earn.

They are abusive rude and threaten with credit reporting. They have terrible customer service. Every time I called they would have a 30 minute wait because of all the people that want to cancel and get out of this scam. BEWARE pet owners do not fall for this scam.

Please walk away when you see Banfield or they will try to lure you into this expensive scam that they promote. I wish I would have checked them out before I signed up because there are lots of people like me that were abused by this veterinary service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Yes i know they are a sacam i had it and wether i used it or not i had to pay and even if i didnt have my dog any more i still had to pay. They dnt cover thir medication and the giv u med tht ur dog dnt even need or tht u could get somewhere els for cheap and thy try to scam you by telling you only lies, if you take your dog for a check up.

like i took my femail dog to banfield because i sow two lil bumps by where where stomach is and i didnt kw it was cuz she was in heat.. well the nice nurse told me bt u kw what the doctor told me ? TAHT MY DOG HAVEd CANCER!!!! GRRR tht she had to have blood taken, do xray, and all this other EXPENSIVE *** things tht my dog DIDNOT NEED.

the vet told me if i didnt do all tht she was going to die . they are a joke. every time i took her they tied to sell me all this things and tryed to do all this test just for a regular check up. they are rediculouse and hella expensive just go to your local vet or search for low cost vactines and vets.

besides they all do the samething.. be ware pet owners!


don't worry about collection agencies. they are a joke. move on with life...

Banfield Pet Hospital

Toby2222, We appreciate you feedback and are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your experience with Banfield. Please keep in mind that, once you cancel your plan we only have clients finish paying for services that have already been provided.

I hope this makes sense, if not please call 1-866-277-7387 to get more information.

As always, your local Banfield can answer these questions as well however keep in mind they are busy assisting in-store clients as well as incoming calls and there may be a longer wait. Thank you again for your feedback.