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My pet recently passed away, upon trying to cancel my re-occurring charge I was told that I would have to continue to pay until May 2017. Upon calling in I was told that I had to continue to pay until the services that I had used under their plan were paid off.

They gave me a figure that I absolutely disagree with, besides that is not what they say when you sign up. In fact, under the plan you are supposed to get 2 visits per year (I had only used one in each calendar year) along with x-rays and other services which I did not use and multiple services that were not rendered to my pet. Now upon his death, I am told that I need to continue to pay until my renewal date because of the services that I used. THAT IS INSANE, I did not receive all the services entitled in one year, not even half.

I only had 1 comprehensive exam per year, not 2, no deworming, no electrocardiogram, no dental cleaning, and no fecal testing. It was the same for the first year. Now these thieves say that I must continue to pay because I used service??? I did not get all the services outlined in the program to begin with!!!

And I can assure you, that is not how they sell the program. They never tell you that you cannot cancel, they never tell you that they weigh services rendered against what you pay. Also, I can tell you that at each of my free visits I walked out paying at least another $200.00 in services. I called in and spoke to an absolutely condescending *** named Mache who told me there is no manager to speak to, told me that they would continue to charge me, I had an absolute fit, finally I asked again to speak to someone else, he came back on and conceded on 3 payments…not nearly enough to make me satisfied.

They DO NOT say anything about this when you sign up – AT ALL, the terms are super vague and mostly focus on what you get. They never say it is a pay it forward kinda thing, in which case they have made their money off of me since I utilized only half of the free services I was entitled to each year. I was treated in a condescending way right from the get go.

They are militant jerks…I never missed a payment, didn’t use all the services and upon the death of my pet I treated this way. I am already distraught.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: cancel .

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: Hospital staff, Onsite employees.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Very displeased, False advertising of services offered, Billing after canceling, Vauge information on cancellation, Heartless way i was dealt with when my dog passed away.

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I also want to add, each location is different.

However, when I did work there I explained the contract in full to every single person.

I explained that it is not insurance, that if you cancel before the year is up for whatever reason, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe or the services you've already used.

I think the problem is, alot of people aren't explaining the contract thoroughly which they should be.

Because I explained everything, we really never had a complaint when someone needed to cancel. & the one complaint I do remember, is someone who flat out said that it was never explained to her, which I know for a FACT it was since I was the person who signed her up and I notated every conversation in the records.

I also highlighted it on the contract they signed when I gave it to them

Banfield has their share of problems. However, I do agree with the contract. The reason for the contract is because they'd have ppl sign up for a plan, use a bunch of services in the first month or two, only pay 2mo of payments.

For example Say you are on a puppy plan. That's $42/mo. You use 4 office visits, all vaccines & boosters, the spay/neuter, 3 deworming and a fecal exam in the first 4mo. Then want to cancel.

So you've used 4 office visits ($50 each visit), multiple vaccines ($20- $35 PER vaccine, 2 fecal exams $45 a piece, 3 deworming $20 each one, spay/neuter $300- $400. You've paid 4mo of payments $166 But have used over $600 worth of services, which is more than the entire year plan itself. So that's why they have the contract. Because they deserve to be paid for services that they have performed.

As I said, while Banfield does have its problems but the wellness plans do save a ton of money.

The staff members at each location though do need to go over the plan more thoroughly and make sure people understand that it's not insurance Hope you get everything figured out! & again, I'm sincerely sorry for your loss


While that might be the case, I don't see how I should even owe additional monies, considering my pet died before I could use the 2nd appointment and the did not do most of the items covered AND my free appointment was always at least $200, unfortunately in the case of my last visit, nearly $400.00. I must also note that literally days after my pets check up, I was back with a life threatening issue that should have been caught upon examination.

I applaud you for being clear, unfortunately that was not my experience and even so, I dispute what they feel I should be charged, considering what was not done and what I personally paid at my last two visits.

Banfield was cold and very rude, almost mocking when I called in. You don't need that when you have suffered a loss of your pet.


Ask them for an itemized receipt from the visits this plan year. It will show you what was done, and what it would have cost without a plan.

Compare this to the amount of the 12 monthly payments this year. Doing this will show why you owe money.


I have already done that


I am truly sorry that you were treated terribly. That's definitely not okay at all.

Give the manager a call at the location that you went to.

Set up a time where you can sit down with her.

Have her show you either the medical records of the tests/services performed or just have her print out all of your receipts that you've done since the plan started. If you've been on it for more than a year, just have her print the receipts from the date that this years contract started.

On the receipt it will show all the services performed at each visit. On the right side of the receipt it says "what you paid" & what you would have paid

The services that were included on the plan will show up at zero and the stuff you paid for it shows the price you paid.

Once you guys have all the receipts, add up the cost of the services that were performed that were included in the plan.

On the receipt next to the 0 for the things included, it will say what the cost would have been without the plan. It even says it for the services that you actually paid out of pocket for. It shows what you paid with the discount on the plan & what you would have paid without it. Like I said, when you cancel you either pay the remainder of the months you owe or the services you've already used at cost, without the plan discount, whichever is cheaper.

So if you choose to pay the services you've already used at cost, then you add up the prices of all the things included in the plan that you've used and the price of the services you paid out of pocket for, without the discount That way, you can understand why the price is the amount that it is. I'm sorry again for your loss and for the way you are treated. If it was the manager at the specific location, then ask to have them contact the field or medical director and set up a time to sit with them. I truly hope you get everything figured out.

I worked at Banfield for 6yrs. I'm not there any longer but I truly loved my 2 vets and my clients and patients. I'm still in contact with alot of my patients from there. I wish that every Banfield had the amazing doctors that I had.

Unfortunately they don't. But not every private clinic is good either. Banfield definitely has their faults. The higher ups and corporate treat their employees like ***.

If they treated their employees and doctors better, they would have less of a turnover rate. I had a lot of clients who were pissed that I wasn't there anymore. Alot complained to corporate and the manager and some even cancelled their plans (even tho they had to pay) and found a different vet. My male dvm has been there 22yrs and my female vet I worked with came a couple months after me.

She left a month after me lol We were one of the only Banfield in the area who had the same 2 doctors for over 5yrs and most of the same staff I do still like the wellness plans and they actually do practice a very high quality of medicine which is hard to find these days. I've since worked at 2 private clinics. I quit the 1st one less than a week from when I started. I walked in one day and the doctor was doing a spay with just gloves on.

No mask, no cap and no gown. That's extremely dangerous. The second one was super slow. I was used to seeing at least 20 appts a day and 3-4 surgeries.

This place saw MAYBE 3-5 people TOTAL for a day and rarely ever had surgeries. There were alot of other problems So when I see people say that Banfield isn't a "real" vet and that private clinics are better, I just have to laugh. As I said Banfield has their faults and they need to improve greatly in alot of areas, but private clinics are not all great either. & when ppl say Banfield is too expensive and they can get x services for much cheaper, again I sorta have to laugh.

There's a reason it's cheaper. In order of it to be cheaper they have to cut corners which means it's not the same procedure.


Oh and again, I am going to add something.

Since it's not insurance, it does, as you know, mean you have to pay out of pocket for things that aren't covered.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't have to pay for the services that you DID use that were covered. Again, they aren't charging for services they haven't used. If choose to pay for the services you've used that were included in the plan, it is strictly the things you've used. Not the 2nd comprehensive exam that you didn't use.

They just add up everything you've used. Even if you didn't use the second comprehensive, you've used other services. I'm sure multiple office visits which depending on where you live are $35- $50 EACH time you went in for an appt. Vaccines, bloodwork, dental cleaning (if you were on the plan that included one.

That's $300 without the plan), heartworm test, at least 1 fecal exam & 1 deworming, 1 comprehensive exam (which is $150- $200 alone) etc.

So even though you may not have used all the services, you've still used some and they deserve to be paid for services that they have done.

I know and understand you've also paid out of pocket at the time of your visits. But what you paid for are things that were not included in the plan and were discounted

Again, it's not insurance and you signed a 1yr contract. Anytime you sign a contract (phone, gym etc) and you cancel before the contract is up, you have to pay a cancellation fee.

That's basically what this is.

Sorry my comments are so long. I'm just trying to get you to understand why you have to pay and what you are paying for.


First, I am sincerely sorry for your loss.

Also, NO I do not work for Banfield. I did for 6yrs but I'm no longer there and haven't been for awhile.

If you cancel, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe, or the services that you've already used (at cost) whichever is cheaper.

It's in the contract that you signed.

The total price for the plan yearly is around $500- $600 (I'm assuming since you mentioned xrays you were on the top plan)

I'm sure you've used more than just a comprehensive exam. A comp alone is about $200 Each office visit (depending on where you live) is roughly $35- $50 for each exam.

Bloodwork is $150- $200 Vaccines are $20- $35 per vaccine Fecal exams are $45- $50 Deworming is about $20 With the 1st comprehensive exam, I'm sure they used the first set of bloodwork that is by itself, not with the dental and I'm sure they used a fecal exam and a deworming. So that visit alone would have been roughly $400 alone or more if they did vaccines Not to mention, if you've purchased things that weren't covered by the plan you get a 20% discount.

It's NOT insurance. They are NOT charging for services that you haven't used.


I had NONE of those services spare the vaccines - annual booster. I now understand how the plan works - BUT I CAN ASSURE you that it was NOT explained to me.

Secondly, they were willing to right off the bat cut three months off - only after I called and pitched a fit. So to all you people who are treating me like an *** or think I don't want to pay for services I received, YOU ARE WRONG. My plan renewed in May. I had ONE exam.

NO deworming, no blood work, no fecal exam - SO NO, there is absolutely no way I had used up a year of fees. And I am pissed that while I am dealing with the loss of my dog I have to deal with this. As I said, corporate already conceded to 3 months, after I complained and was told there is nothing I can do - they were uncaring jerks and I have NO doubt that they are ahead of the game with me. So their tactic is this, just bill until someone invests hours of their time and gathers the proof.

I would like to also note, that if Banfield was in the right, why have they NOT addressed the complaint?

That there speaks volumes, if they were in the right, they would reach out to Pissed Consumer and clear this complaint. To date, I have heard NOTHING.


As an FYI (used to work for the company) - Banfield doesn't look at any of these online boards anymore. They used to a few years ago I believe but now have policy not to comment on anything other than through their official pages/channels. They will now only deal with complaints through their official phone lines or via speaking with a manager, so unfortunately posting here & expecting them to reach out to you is a waste of time & energy.