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My Maltese developed a cancerous tumor 19 days after receiving Zoetis Defensor 3. Banfield is refusing to take accountability stating I need to prove the rabies shot caused the tumor , by Ct guided biopsy.

Problem is the biopsy will only identify the type, aggressive nature and staging, per the onocologist. But due to its quick growth at the injection site, he assumed the rabies vaccine was the cause. I also found out after watching my dog get her shots, the vet falsified her documentation to cover herself. She herself did not administer the rabies shot , the technician did right in front of me.

No having 22 yrs of critical nursing experience, I think I am diligent enough to know who gave and where it was given on my dog. Ct will cost 1500, biopsy another 500. Banfield is aware of this risk with this vaccine, but consider it minimal. Profit first.

I also found out that Banfield was required to report this adverse reaction to both the corporate office and the manufacturer. Oh they report, everything but the rabies shot given and suspected as the cause. I am disgusted at this company. I feel it needs to be held accountable for the drugs it administers to our pets, especially when informed consent is not obtained.

I have owned my dogs now 12 yrs. the one that has the tumor is 9yrs. Never have I or any of my friends ever been informed of this risk, nor have we ever been offered a preservative free vaccine.

This place needs to be shut down. The vet in question needs to have her license reviewed

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Cancer from rabies vaccine.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Not taking responsibility for drugs utilized.

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I would hope that having 22 years of nursing experience you would be educated enough to understand the very standard risks that any vaccine can have???

Also, what type of tumor was it exactly?

If you say you haven't even had the biopsy done yet then how did you make the diagnosis of cancer because as a nurse, as you should know, you CANNOT make a diagnosis of cancer without examining a tissue sample??? Are you just guessing? If there is a swelling at the vaccine site it could be a simple soft tissue reaction, abscess or granuloma, which are easily managed & nothing to panic about.

Sarcomas are a recognized vaccine related cancer in cats, but in dogs it is actually very rare to get cancer due to vaccines, and especially as fast as only 19 days later.

Something in this is not adding up.........................


Banfield is 'refusing to take accountability' because they did not make the vaccine. This should be taken up with the manufacturer.


Someone would get a sever bloody *** beating right in the middle of the floor at high noon right in the store if they *** up my dog.


Banfield didn't make the vaccine, they only dispensed it. In any vaccine, human or other there is always a risk.

That's why in human vaccines the drug manufacturers cannot be held liable per your friendly government.

There is no way you can prove the vaccine was the cause nor is there anything you can really do now that it happened. But, don't blame Banfield