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I have so much to say about this place. Not a family orientated place to work (you might be scheduled till 5, but since they are so understaffed, and if they get behind...

you WILL have to stay). Very understaffed, all the time. Pay is not good for all the *** you put up with. Typically very nice customers, but sadly you are expected to sell the wellness plan and rip them off.

How dumb is it to do an ear swab on a pet who does not have even dirty ears! It is a waste of the owners time, waste of the technicians time, and waste of the owners money. Only concern is money, and they have *** equipment to work with. Also, they put you though all of their training, because it is supposed to be standard, and then when you get to working they say "ohh, no, we do it this way not that way"...

okay, so why did you make me take that training *** then?

Again, worst place ever. The end.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Kait - you only do an ear swab if there is a REASON to - like if there is a lot of discharge, they look inflamed, or the dog is scratching at them. You don't just go around doing ear swabs on any animal that comes in if there is no indication!

The ear swab tells you what kind of ear infection it is, and how best to treat it. I used to work for Banfield, and it was so silly doing ear swabs on dogs with perfectly clean ears just because the plan included it. It was a waste of our time.

Also - the plan includes 2 tonometry readings (measures eye pressure), which is ridiculous. I've never heard of any clinic doing biannual tonometry on healthy animals.


I think some of this is pretty dumb...I can get what you're saying about having to sell the wellness plan, because it may seem like they're all in for the money. But I have a puppy that does the wellness plan, and I LOVE that they check his ears everytime.

He is a schnauzer, and they can have serious ear issues.

"How dumb is it to do an ear swab on a pet who does not have even dirty ears!" How would you know that they're ok until you did the test? Just because you had a bad experience there doesn't mean that ALL of banfield is bad.


I tottaly agree with you. I have worked for banfield for over six years, and after having my son they were the worst people ever.

I hated working for banfield before having my son and had so many prbpoblems. For any clients go anywhere but here, for anyone looking to work for any banfield look somewhere else.


I love working there.. Considering the info you just gave did you only work there for a day?

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi Justme333 - I understand your frustration, and I am truly sorry that your experience at our hospital was unsatisfactory. After reading your feedback, we would like to speak with you directly to get more information.

Though you are no longer a current associate, we encourage you to also address your concerns directly through Banfield’s People & Organization team (P&O). While we appreciate your feedback, we are limited in what we can do to address these concerns when submitted online. Banfield has an exceptional support system for our hospital associates, and in order to address concerns, we need feedback in a format that can be escalated appropriately.

Again, we encourage you to contact the Associate Relations line at 503-922-5153. Most sincerely, Lisa Banfield Online Community Manager