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I recently brought my puppy to banfield and signed up for the puppy program. I was never told any details about the plan other than what was in the brochure.

I ended up not keeping the puppy and went back to un enroll and get my $139 sign up fee back. I was told to call corporate. Corporate told me I couldn't have my sign up fee back and on top of it I was going to be charged another $111 for the full retail price of the services because I had missed the cut off by 3 days!!!!!!

I left a message for a supervisor who never called me back!!

Nothing was explained to me before I gave them my ATM information and I didn't receive the packet of information explaining these rules until after I had actually signed up and given them my banking information. I don't mind paying for the services that were used but to keep the sign up fee and then charge me full retail after keeping the sign up fee is totally wrong.

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You obviously did not do your research about owning a dog or about the plan. If you were call the Banfield company about the plan or google the pros and cons of the plan then you would have known:

1)1 year contract with monthly payments

2)If you end up giving away or losing your animal then you would still have to pay monthly for the plan.

3)If you have questions, ask them. If they do not answer you then do not sign the contract.

Honestly, the only thing you should be mad about was your poor decisions. If you did any research before buying the puppy, then you would have know dogs can be expensive. Honestly, $250 is nothing. Possibly two visits at the local vet office (not Banfield. If you are already struggling to take care of your family then do not get a puppy or a dog.


Your comment has nothing to do with how they deal with animals. It has to do with how YOU were treated by cooperate and you were treated fairly.

You signed a contract! I have two dogs that go to Banfield and I have been very happy with their services. When I adopted my one dog, they really helped me get her healthy because she had been so neglected by her previous owner. They ARE NOT in it for the money.

You signed a legal binding contract, and you faulted on it. That means you still need to honor the contract.

They do not have to work with you. Your issue is with cooperate, not the vets.


Maybe you should read things before you sign them. Not very intelligent on your part so maybe you shouldnt complain about something that is ultimately your fault.


You think it's wrong to have to pay for services you received for your pet? Should the doctor at Banfield give away free services just because you gave away your puppy?

That seems pretty unfair...they'd go out of business if they did that!

Not sure what the complaint is about the sign up fee...I enrolled my pet in a puppy plan and had to sign a contract that stated I knew the enrollment fee was non-refundable after 3-4 days (don't remember which) of enrollment. If you gave them your banking info, signed a contract, AND missed the deadline to recoup the enrollment fee, well, who's fault is that other than yours?


It doesn't suprise me they are still charging you!! They are in it for the money not the animals unlike their commercial says.

They are a scam and I wouldn't recomend them to anyone. They were not willing to work with me at all.

I was even crying on the phone because I don't have a lot of money and $111 dollars is grocery money for my family and she just kept saying " how do you want to pay for this mam, all in one payment or 4 months of $25 ? They are heartless and greedy!!


we bought the puppy plan too and a few months into the plan we gave the puppy away. we still had to pay the full bill of 38.95 a month for one year plus the 49.00 to join fee also.

its a shame to loose out on the rest of the time services but they said that the services that we already got far out weigh the difference. we had to pay too.

sucks, but knew it. the new owner of the puppy couldnt even take advantage of the months we had left over because it was out of state.


Sure didn't want to hear that cancelling required you to call their corp office. I signed my schnauzer up last year as she needed to be spayed & have a hernia repaired.

I thought after the year was up the membership would terminate unless I signed papers to re-enroll. I was wrong. 3 months after my yr membership expired & they are still charging me. Corp office is on the West Coast so now I've got to remember to call during their business hours instead of just calling my local store.

That's a bummer. Thanks for sharing.