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I dropped my pet off at Banfield at 9am with the knowledge that she was a drop off and the pet owners with an appt would have priority visit with the Vet. I called at 2pm to inquiry of the status of my baby and the representative expressed that the dr.

had not seen her in the five (5) hours she had been there. The rep of Banfield who answered the phone was unsympathetic to the fact I questioned the five hour my pet had been there and not seen yet. My phone call prompted the vet to look at her around 3pm. Although, the dr.

called me after 3pm to only say "yes I agree with the emergency dr. (Took my pet to the emergency on 12.24) for eye removal." We also briefly discussed pain meds. I realize that it was busy time however, the dr. did not have a 3 min personal conversation with me to discuss in person his finding or recommendation nor the break down in cost of the 1300.00 surgery estimate I was given.

I believe due to the severity of the surgery (recomended left eye removal) I should have been afforded at least a personal 3 min in person communication. I have been a loyal customer of Banfield for several years and this is a first time experiencing this nonchalent attitude from a vet which represents Banfield. A "technician" did come and provide me pain meds for my dog however no instructions no follow up discussion no scheduling of the appt. NOTHING.

The only question she did ask me if I had a conversation with the vet? Although I understand that Dr. Baines may perform surgery frequently, I am dissapointed in the customer service I received and will not be utilizing Banfield service for this surgery as I do not trust the quality care my dog would recieve. I will speak about the service I recieved to others friends and family whom I know who consider their dog, cat etc.

a family member and seek service through Banfield. Banfield customer service is weak and their new Veterinarian leaves you with unanswered questions and feeling unsupported in a time of stress.

Very dissapointed with the quality of service I have recieved on this visit and will seek other alternative for the current urgent care of my family. I will also highly consider seeking new pet care for my dogs until the quality of veterinarian has been improved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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In almost all vet clinics, this is the order pets are seen 1. Life or death emergencies 2.

Surgeries 3. Non deadly emergencies 4. Injuries/sick pets 5. Healthy rooms 6.

Healthy non emergent drop offs in the order they arrive. It sounds like from your post your pet was last on the list, which means, yes, there is a wait.

If you don't want to wait, schedule an in room appointment. And anytime you want to speak to a doctor (human or animal) in person, just ASK, rather than complaining after they didnt automatically know a phone call wasnt enough or you had more questions.


OBVIOUSLY, I began this informative submission of my experience with the Bansfield process with the full understanding of drop off procedure. I am fully aware and understand what "drop off" incomposes.

So Mr./Ms. Anonymous if you can not add any positivity, supportive or empathetic response please hold your tongue. You did mention that one of the reasons for immediate service would be "Surgeries 3. Non deadly emergencies 4.

Injuries/sick pets." As I mentioned my dog did have a serious non deadly emergency, since the vet said the pets eye has to be removed. The next appt for your edification was not for two weeks. This was an emergency hence this is the ONLY reason why I committed to a drop off. Secondly, since this is an emergency (remommended eye removal) I should NOT have to ASK to see or speak to the Vet.

The Vet should have the compassion and empathy to WANT to visit and speak with the owner of the pet with this traumatic and sudden change of life for the pet and the owner.

I have every right to complain because it is my money that I pay monthly for insuring my dogs gets quality service and if I am not recieving the service I pay for I will be vocal about the subpar inadequate servive. I will also let others know of my experience with Bansfield to help other with making the best choice of service for their pets as I would appreciate someone doing for me.

@Response to Anonymous

Unfortunately, this sounds like a case of classic miscommunication. Unless an eye is proptosed or poking out from injury, or has something crazy like a melting corneal ulcer, it is not an emergency.

And, just for complaints sake, the company name is Banfield, not Bansfield.

I hope you find a clinic you feel comfortable doing the surgery, so your little doggy can get to feeling better. You might be better off with a private practice, they are typically slower so may be able to give you the better communication you are looking for


Work for Banfield eh?


So if you go to a Doctor and the only reply you get is "oh yeah you need surgery.. See you then." on the phone. You would be ok with that?

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