Cardiff By The Sea, California
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I am writing to express my strong concern and deep disappointment with your deteriorating quality of service. I have been a long time customer and have noticed progressively substandard service and turnover of incompetent doctors.

My most recent experience today ended up with rude and obnoxious doctor who kept talking over me in defense of her poorly trained receptionist who misled me that Bella (my dog) was due for comprehensive exam today based upon which I decided to have her anal glands expressed. Irrespective of the fact that this service is out of pocket cost, I was misled and made my decision to have the service provided now vs. in 2 months when her comprehensive exam was due. Rather than getting the proper apologies I got lectured that I would have paid either way.

On the top of that I had asked the doctor to report to me prior to Bella dental cleaning the status and size of her lump in order for me to make a decision whether or not to remove it now or wait. In stead I did not get a call from her and had the conversation after the fact. Obviously she is a person who is incompetent and doesn't care about my pet. At the end, she informed me that I can pick up my pet in 3 hours after she has gone through the procedure because in her words it was unsafe to release her earlier!

Now, I have gone and had this procedure done in the past and no one has ever delayed the release of my pet by 3 hours! She is being highly disrespectful, spiteful and dis-concerned about my pet wellbeing.

I am prepared to take every possible action afforded to me by legal means to disband this individual from practicing vet healthcare! I am simply outraged!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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