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Banfield killed my 8 YO Chihuahua by overdosing her and stopping her heart. She didn't need to be sedated, they did this to hold her hind legs vertically to remove fluid from her lungs, she had a Lasix IV which is designed to removed fluid.

She was obviously in a fragile condition weight loss, irregular heartbeat. She was on oxygen, but they took that off too soon. Her heart stopped and they came out to the waiting room and asked if I wanted to revive her. I am not sure if they said that to get another $500, so I went in and they were massaging her heart and the EKG was good but it looked like it was too fast of a beat, which could have been the Lidocaine, maybe too much of that too.

I went in a 3rd time and they had her head propped facing me her eyes were solid black and non responsive, I think she may have been dead or had a stroke. They encouraged me sign a consent for euthanasia stating she wouldn't make the trip to another hospital since they closed at 6 PM She was overdosed and another vet would have seen this. If enough pet survivors sign up I will get my friend to represent us in a class action lawsuit. I am so sick of the way they treated my dog and me.

The vet in charge said you have been here awhile, also said when I asked a question, I already told you that.

Mars of Franklin, TN, makes Lil Caesar food and treats owns Banfield. I am a senior and my health has been affected by this to the point that I will need to be treated for severe depression.

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Yeah.................see this going nowhere fast & probably costing you a load. You have no case.

You clearly do not understand how any of the medicines you describe them using work (i.e Lidocaine would SLOW the heart - they most likely gave it to try & reduce the fast rate you accuse them of causing with this drug!!) & there is a VERY limited amount you could win even if the case did go your way ($1000 in CA for a personal pets loss) so you would be better spending your lawyers fees getting some grief counselling. Sadly pets, at all Vets can die. Especially ones with underlying cardiac disease like you describe your pet as having/being on medications for. Cardiac disease is almost always fatal sooner or later, no matter how heard you fight it.

You chose to purse CPR, you approved them treating your pet & ultimately you had to sign a consent form for euthanasia. You have ZERO case.


*** lady - you need to seek some mental help.


read the reviews. They kill your pets. OR you could be a lame Banfield vet techie.


This woman needs to stop. She needs to seek professional help and get passed the anger and blaming stages of loss.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi bedford_va - We are very sorry for your loss. Our hospital leadership team attempted to contact you last month, but unfortunately, the number we have on file has been disconnected.

Could you please give our Client Advocate Team a call at your convenience at 877-500-2288?

Most sincerely, The Banfield Team

@Banfield Pet Hospital

I have no proof of what you did to my dog. I should have taken her to another vet.

I believe you overdosed to cause her heart to stop. I was never told of the $500 additional cost of of reviving her. That's how you operate, you create suffering for profit. Her eyes were non responsive, she was in a coma or dead when you had me come into the exam room to talk with her and pet her on the head.

Of all the reviews I have read there are a lot of overdoses. My daughter's cat was overdosed 10 times in Charlotte. I was given hope then all of a sudden you said she would not make it to an emergency hospital. At this point I should have been told I could take her home.

You sold me euthanasia, and even tried to sell me cremation. I'll bet you got a commission from that, what goes round comes round.


I have seen you post all over the internet and I have to say I am disgusted! I understand that it was painful to lose your pet, but that is so reason to recklessly accuse the vets and vet techs of trying to kill your pet for money.

I have worked for Banfield, and while I disagree with some of their business practices (such as some of the policies regarding the Wellness Plan), I NEVER worked for a vet that would harm an animal to increase revenue.

Do you have ANY knowledge of medicine? What evidence do you have that your pet was overdosed? How do you know that the EKG looked normal?

Do you know how to interpret each peak and trough and the rate? Your pet was in heart failure and unfortunately, there is not that much that can be done when it reaches a critical point. I'm sorry that you feel they pressured you into euthanasia, but when a pet is in pain and is terminal, the kindest thing to do is to put the pet out of its misery. Do you think it would have been better for you to take your pet home, it gasping for air and a pain in its chest?

Its heart too weak to pump blood to its vital organs?

Losing a pet is hard, and I'm sorry for your loss. However, your accusations are vengeful and cruel. It's despicable for you to accuse the vet techs and vets of trying to milk you for money at the expense of your pet.

Things happen, and sometimes despite our best efforts, medicine fails us and we lose loved ones. Vets aren't magicians - they can't fix everything.

The body will eventually fail. Anger is a natural reaction, but I guarantee you that there was no malpractice here.


THEN WHY ARE SO MANY PETS DYING OF OVERDOSE OR MIS DIAGNOSIS she was sedated so she could be held up by the hind legs and shaken. YOU are defending a company that has a record number of pet deaths.

She was in heart failure because of the overdose it stopped her breathing. My daughter's cat was given 10X an overdose in Charlotte. There are too many deaths for routine vet care. These vet outlets are privately owned and they are there for profit.

No profit and vets get laid off, there were at least 5 techs in this exam room.

A tutorial for a large vet school at Virginia Tech or new hires. I assume you are one too.


No I'm not a new hire. I don't even work for Banfield. I spent years working as a veterinary technician before attending a program in Veterinary Medicine, so I have years of medical background knowledge that you obviously lack.

I will address what you don't understand:

1) You claim "so many pets" die from overdose. This is simply not true. Drugs are calculated carefully before administration. In terms of anesthesia, an anesthetic log is taken and RECORDED in the patient history. At every time point, they log the heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2, respiratory rate, and level of anesthetic gas. If your pet was truly overdosed, you would be able to provide us with the anesthetic concentration used. Since you don't report it, 1) you either have no knowledge of what an "overdose" concentration would be or 2) the pet was not overdosed at all. Answer me this one question to prove your point: What drug was she overdosed on? What dose was she given?

2) You say Banfield has a "record number of pet deaths." Where is your data to support this? Give me a number! Considering they are the largest chain, I don't doubt that they would have the highest number of pet deaths TOTAL, but I bet you their safety record is average.

3) You say your daughter's cat was given a 10x overdose. Of what? You don't mention the medication, or the dose.

4) ALL vet clinics are for-profit businesses. We don't work for free. We have bills to pay, mortgages to pay, car payments, kids, etc. If a veterinary hospital does not make a profit, it goes out of business. That is the way the world works.

Again, I hope you can find peace and stop your reckless accusations. If your pet was truly overdosed, you will provide the amount of drug/anesthesia given. If you can't do this, then you are merely speculating when you have no medical training or knowledge to do so accurately.


The head vet tech said to me " she didn't like that tube going down her throat, thanks for that mental image. Do you think they are going to tell me what drug they used?

If they talk like this do they sound compassionate? They took her off oxygen while I was standing at the exam table. How is she supposed to breathe while sedated? I don't need to prove anything to you, she was sedated enough to be held by her hind legs.

Drugs are calculated? My daughter's cat was 10 X overdosed at Banfield in Charlotte.

They couldn't read the .7 and gave the cat 7. Read all the reviews yourself.


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