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I have two 6 month old female Weimaraner pups who went to get spayed on March 26, 2011 at the Sawgrass, Florida Banfield Hospital. The following day my babies started getting white spots all over and shedding like crazy. I assumed it was a reaction of the anesthesia from the surgery. A few days after the surgery I decided to give the Vet a call in reference to the pups hair shedding. I was told to bring them in anytime; when I arrived to the facility on April 2, 2011 @ 7:00 p.m for the doctor to check them the first thing out of the assistant mouth was I have to pay after hour fee (just a reminder the Vet closed at 8:00 p.m) I though she was playing a day after Aprils fools joke on me. My horns automatically turned on. Getting to the point my pups was checked out by the doctor she stated to me she has to administer a skin test to check them for mites. The cost is $30.00 per pup and if the test results are positive I have to pay for medications fore each pup. My pups never had any skins or any health problems what so ever until they reach this unsanitized facility. I decline the test because she should have administered the test for free due to fact they caught the *** from there infestations.

Monday, April 4, 2011 I called the Banfields complaint line to file a complaint. I was on *** hold for at least 30 minutes. A customer service rep finally answered the phone by the name of Dwayne. I submitted a claim over the phone and he stated it takes 5 business days for them to complete their investigation and someone will give me a call. "A JOKE"

If I wait around for this money hungry company to treat my pups they will look like hairless pups. I hired an attorney to analyze the situation to see if I have a case.

In the time being my pups are been treated elsewhere.

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I do think the "Killer-A-Pet" header is a bit much since neither of your dogs died at the hands of the vet.


Never heard what the final diagnosis was on the skin condition.


Are you a black ***? i'd be surprised if not since you automatically blame someone else for your problems. guess the vet was a white devil huh?


just to let you know. You won't have a case at all, as they will have on record that you declined any diagnostics and drugs.

I asked them once and they use the same drugs that humans are given in surgery. oh and almost no side effects. btw, 98% of dogs have demodex, it just depends on if they break out.

much like cold sores on humans. so next time you go trying to blame someone else maybe stop and do some research.


If they tested positive for demodex that is something passed from genetics.. it doesnt come from a un-clean hospital.

Do your research before you open your mouth you ***.

And No meds arent free, neither is a doctors time, they also have familes to get home to. ew.


Aww, I hope your puppies will be alright.


Um, if the hospital closes at 8, why in the world would they charge you a late fee at 7 PM? The DVM's are required to see patients till at least 8 PM...


Was the skin condition diagnosed? What was it, if I might ask?

Why did they charge you an after hours fee?