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Banfield Pet Hospital near Barrett Pkwy Marietta GA is a dangerous place to take your pet based on my experience. I signed up for a wellness plan and followed their schedule for preventitive treatment.

What I discovered was that on every visit the staff had changed and you are dealing with completely different people. So with every visit you have to fill out the paperwork and are treated like a new customer. So it appears to be revolving door for new vets. Now on to the dangerous part.

My pet received a rabies shot on his hind leg by one of Banfields "rookie" vets that cause a scar which is still present after a year. The hair on the injection site has never grown back in and probablly never will. At this point, I should have quit taking my pet to this clinic but I found out that when I signed up I had not read the fine print, and discovered that I would be billed every month even if I tried to cancel due their incompentence. I still had 9 months to go so I stuck with them.

This was a mistake. I took my dog in for a routine vaccine and fecal exam. When I picked the dog up he had fingernail gouges on his stomach area. He was clearly grab and held violently by someone at the clinic.

That night he started to bleed from his rectum. I had to take him to another emergency clinic. To say the least I will never take my dog or any other pet to the Banfield Pet Clinic located at Barrett Pkwy Marietta GA.

The real kicker is that when I called them and told them why I was cancelling my plan they told me that they are sorry for the problem but that they will still be charging my credit card til the contract expires. My advice is DO NOT USE Banfield Pet Hospital !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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The area of hair loss that corresponds to the injection site is called a "vaccine induced alopecia." This means the vaccine caused the hair follicles to die. It is not a common occurence but can happen. Thus, it is NOT the fault of your veterinarian.