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My apologies as I meant to say PetSmart not Petco.

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They made no mention on needing proof of rabies vaccination when I made my appointment for my 9 year old beagle suffering from allergies. Being 45 minutes away from home it was too far to run home to get and the ASPCA that gave him his vaccine was already closed.

My only option was to pay for and subject my dog to an unecessary vaccine or reschedule for days later while my dog suffered. The Vet wouldn't even come into the room. The nurse claimed it was a safety issue. I pointed out that the vaccination would do nothing to protect anybody or any animal at this point.

She retorted that it was their policy. So why isn't the policy to have proof of vaccination before setting an appointment? Yeah you got it! If they did that they wouldn't be able to make all that money on those rabies vaccines.

I was truly disgusted by the experience. I know Petco just houses them in their store.

It makes no difference. They represent Petco and I will not likely be visiting either ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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*** relax.


You should have taken any and all of the dogs medical records with you when you went to see a new vet. The dog should also have had a current rabies tag attached on its collar.

If it did the vet may have been able to confirm the dog was in fact current on its vaccination just by looking at the expiration date on the tag.

In either case. Always keep a file of all medical records for your pet and in the event you need to take your pet to see a different or new vet, make and take copies of your pets shot records, medical history, write down any prescription medication your pet may currently be taking and take all this information with you.


lol would it not make more sense....as an owner (responsible owner that is) to bring what ever paperwork you had on your pet to the visit to provide the staff and DVM in this case with most information on your dog (considering at this point it would appear you were a new client and your current vet practice was closed probably because you decided to wait till the weekend when most if not all other clinics are closed other than banfield, to bring your dog in for the allergies he was suffering from....probably for days if not weeks...?!?!?!) come on people...it common sense? lol really? help us help you provide the best possible outcome for your dog....


It's just a no brainer, you bring all your pet's vaccine history to a new hospital your first time there. And it's policy at every veterinary hospital. People like you *** me off,


Considering that the Rabies vaccine is required by law in every state, taking those records with you so that the facility could have access to them should have been a no-brainer on your part. Even a present and current rabies tag is not viable evidence as they can be accessed without actual vaccination.

It's your fault you didn't take your pet's medical history with you to a new veterinary facility (would you go to a new human doctor and not take yours?), not theirs for complying with the law in the absence of this required information. Quit yer ***'!


*** of an owner. Why would anyone ever think it's ok to go to a brand new vet without proof of a legally required vaccine???

Just dumb. Should they tell you to bring the pet in on a leash as well in case you don't have enough sense to realize that either????


I'm not sure how I found this as I was searching for something completely unrelated, but this popped up in my Google results and I just...I couldn't resist.

It is not just a Banfield policy.

Any Veterinarian that values their license and the ability to practice medicine is required by law to vaccinate any dog or cat that comes to their hospital without proof of rabies. The ONLY reason they are allowed to pass on this requirement is if the rabies vaccination itself could be detrimental to the pets health (i.e. a deathly allergic reaction, or the pet is so severely sick that vaccinating just isn't an option). Otherwise, they are risking their license by letting you out of their sight without giving that rabies vaccination.

If you were a veterinarian, would you risk losing your ability to practice medicine by believing every single owner that claimed to have had their dog vaccinated?

People lie. Just because you know your dog was vaccinated, doesn't mean the doctor is willing to risk their license to appease you.

Also, why would you leave home without his vaccination history at all? You were visiting a brand new hospital and a doctor you had not seen before.

Logic would dictate bringing medical records so the doctor isn't going in blind on an old dog with a history of allergies.

Had you used just a bit of common sense you would not have made it into that mess.

I use the word "mess" lightly because you are clearly misinformed if you think that being "forced" to get a rabies vaccination nets a hospital any significant amount of money.

Your time spent in that hospital likely racked up a higher electric bill than what you spent for your "unnecessary" vaccine. Sincerely, Anyone who has had to deal with people like you in any kind of customer service position.


For anyone bringing your pet into a new Vet: If your bring your pet to any new hospital for any reason you need to be a responsible pet owner and bring your pets records with you. The staff can't go off of your word, they need your pets complete or most recent history.


if you had to make the appointment for a few days later why would you not just bring the rabies vaccination paperwork then? part of your story is not making any sense.

Nobody FORCED you to get the rabies vaccine. you could have said no and left the facility. Also in most states the rabies vaccination is required by LAW. If your dog were to *** someone or another animal and you couldn't produce the rabies paperwork instantly, they would take your dog away and quarantine him/her and the end result could be sad for your pet because of YOUR IRRESPONSIBILITY.

before you get a pet you should really know the laws of your state and know what you are talking about. because it sounds like you're a very ignorant pet owner.


They aren't in Petco, Durr... petsmart.

And their vaccines are only 20$ bring your records next time and think ahead for your pets sake.

I wouldn't want some random dog who is sick possibly biting me either and giving me rabies. If it bit any of them they would have the right to kill your pet and send its head off to the lab for testing at any given time.


The vaccine will not hurt your pet, but you are absolutely correct that they should have told you to bring proof of Rabies over the phone!!!


Thank you Lily! Anonymous, please think about it for just a moment.

I love your sensational attempt to circumvent the point. Its just silly. The vaccine wouldn't instantly prevent the transfer of rabies if the dog were infected. So, even with the vaccine the results would be the same if my dog had bitten someone now wouldn't it.

Banfield is responsible for managing ALL of its Hospitals. Maybe they just got lucky with a few caring individuals at the one you use. I really couldn't say.

I certainly won't be finding out for myself. Of course, I will certainly be contacting them directly in the hopes my input may further protect people who use their services like yourself.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi Viper69 - Thank you for taking the time to let us know, and we apologize that you were not satisfied with your experience.

At Banfield, we strive to provide exceptional customer service to our very valued customers such as yourself. When we don't hit the mark, we truly appreciate your honest opinion about your experience with us. Could you please call our Client Advocate Team, toll-free, at 877-500-2288 or by email at internet.inquiries@banfield.net to help us better understand what happened and how we can improve overall service? We look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

While Banfield and PetSmart do partner to deliver high quality veterinary care, goods and services, they are separately owned and operated. I am also passing this information along to PetSmart to make sure they are aware of your feedback.

Most sincerely,


Banfield Online Community Manager


It is absolutely IS the responsibility of the office to state those types of policies they deem necessary for first time clients. Ridiculous to state otherwise Anonymous.

Bad business, plain and simple. Viper69 got taken. The dog is now double dosed on a vaccine, how safe is that? "truly love the pets" Yeah right.

Sounds to me that sweet beagle's allergies are indeed being taken care of in a proper manner by a competent vet with an efficient staff who will make the dog's health a top priority. And that would not be any Banfield "Hospital!"


Just as someone who works at an animal clinic, you can never "over vaccinate" your dog :)


Dear Viper69-I'm very sorry you had a bad experience at Banfield. I can assure you, we do not make our money by giving unnecessary vaccines.

It is not our responsibilty to tell every client to bring proof of their pet's rabies vaccince just as it is not our responsibilty to tell every client to bring their dog in on a leash instead of allowing him or her to run loose because it's dangerous. It is most definitely a safety issue, but there is more to it. I'm sorry that the reasoning was not explained to you better. Any pet, no matter how gentle and sweet, may *** if frightened, uncomfortable or in pain.

If this occurs, we are required by law to contact Animal Control and your pet would automatically be quarantined. If there is any suspicion of the pet having rabies and proof of a current rabies vaccination is not presented when this occurs, the state will euthanize the pet so that it may be tested for rabies. The only way to test for the rabies virus is for a lab to test the brain post-mortem. We work in an animal hospital because we truly love the pets.

We do not want to ever see this happen. We never want to see someone's pet quarantined, adding undue stress to the pet and the owner(s)and we most certainly never want someone's beloved pet suffer the worst case scenario. I hope this helps you better understand why the nurse was so insistent on having your pet vaccinated that day. Again, it should have been explained to you better and I apologize that it wasn't.

I hope your complaint led to additional training at that particular location to avoid this problem in the future. I have been with Banfield for a number of years and work with extremely competent, caring people. I hope your experience doesn't cause you to harbor resentent toward all Banfield Hospitals.

I also hope your sweet Beagle's allergiy issues are now being treated and that he feels better very soon. Good luck and take care.