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This so called pet hospital is just a scam. It is run by illiterate rejects who could not get a job at a butcher shop. Ask yourself when you were asked to sign a release for the death of your pet from shots at a regular vets office.

They should never be allowed to get near any animal. All they want is your money and a signed contract to charge you outrageous prices month after month and year after year.

If your pet should die after you sign up for the "Wellness Plan" guess what you will have to keep paying for it for whatever time is left on the year term and you cannot transfer any part of it to a new pet.

I would not take a dead dog to Banfield in Nevada. If you have had a good experience I hope you never have to face their negligence. I will never go back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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banfield treated my puppy after he ate some rat poison, visits free under "wellness plan". Blood tests (not free under plan) were taken every 2 weeks, were told results were still positive for poison, keep giving him expensive antidote, vitamin K1.

Average time to get a dog back to normal blood count = one month. Three months later, 6 blood tests ($120), and my dog lost all his hair... tests reveal still abnormal blood count. Vitamins made dog sickly.

Vet says, it's just vitamins, won't hurt dog. They are out to make as much money as they can, running tests for conditions that do not exist. $$$$$ Greed.

We stopped going to banfield, are joining class action lawsuit.

Dog grew hair back.


Your point of paying for services..The plan is a series of services you pay off on a monthly basis for a year. Thats in lieu of paying for services as you get them in lump sums.

Just because your pet passes away/ gets lost/ is given away doesn't mean you get to stop paying for the services you used.

You owe the money! So go have your lawsuit, and have fun paying for a lawyer, court fees, and your wellness plan.


Lets have petty lawsuits! Thats a wonderful idea!

Um, Im sorry what points would I be trying to get on an anonymous blog site? I'm sorry if the truth hurts, but it doesn't mean you stop being honest.

READ before you sign, ASK questions before you sign, and EDUCATE yourself before you sign any contract. It's common sense.BTW Please check your own grammer/spelling before you go insulting mine.


I beleive you are a corporate individual that is trying to earn points. Fiest of all your spelling is attrocious, and if you are a Banfield employee yopu should not be writing comments as derogatory.

And yes, consumers do pay for a service and they do have a right to suit. Whether they win or not that is a different story.


Please grow up. You knew the prices when you signed the contract.

Oh and YES it's perfectly reasonable to expect people to pay for the services they used regardless if the pet passes away mid contract. You owe the money so you need to pay it. Would stop making payments on a credit card just because you lost the shoes you bought with it? Pets have vaccine reactions, and some unfortunatly die.

There is no way of knowing if they will have one of no prior reactions occured. They probably didn't want your ignorant *** to attempt to sue them for something that wasn't there fault.

They coverd there ***. That makes them pretty damned smart!