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I was never told if you leave Banfield and you use their Pet Insurance Plan that you owe for one year! I stop going and now with penalty and interest I owe lots of money for nothing.

They are the worse at the Banfield Accounts Receivable and they have cost me lots of money for nothing. Do not take your pets to Banfield just because of their billing! I talked to the Billing Department and they are not customer oriented and are one sided, for them. They never explained to us about the billing process or what happens if you quit when I got the plan.

They took no responsibility for their actions. During this difficult time for me I have to borrow money to pay a bill for something I never used.

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Reality check

I think what Terry was trying to say (badly) is that despite consumers calling it "insurance" it is not and is carefully outlined as such in all the paperwork. It is a contract whereby certain preventative health items (vaccines, fecals, heartworm tests etc) are "prepaid".

The client can choose to pay in one lump sum for the year, or can spread out the payments over the course of the year.

Therefore, if you sign up for the plan, you've prebought a year's worth of items and owe as agreed. If you chose to stop going and didn't take advantage of the items that were included in your plan, that was only to the detriment of your pets and your pocketbook.


This is for Terry: You obviously work for the company because your just as incensative. People like you that take advantage of others deserve the worst in life.

Karma is universal and you and Banfield will get what you deserve for treating people and thier loved pets like ***. A little FYI for you Terry: You and the staff at Banfield should only go into this field if you have customer skills and like working with animals and people.

We are the ones that keep your company running and without our dollars your Banfield is NOTHING. So You and Banfield need to WAKE UP!



I also had a pet plan for my cat. I was told very specifically the terms and conditions. Guess what, they also provided an overview in writing of covered services. My guess is that you went in to get a procedure, Spay/neutor/shots with the plan and planned on cancelling. Ultimately it is the consumers responsibilty to understand terms and ask questions when signing on the dotted line. I can't have sympathy for you on this one.

Psst... And once the contract ended,after my cat was one year old, they said it was unlikey I would even need to use the plan for health concerns after year one. In effect they were discouraging me from continuing based on their previous experience and saved me money. They cared about me and my pet and saved me some dollars in the process.


Hey Terry:

If you cancel your Health Insurance Plan you do not have to pay for the rest of the year. You do not know what is going on. ;)



You sure never call anyone an *** or any name. May I say that you need a good mental health plan.


What you purchased was not an insurance plan and it is NEVER advertised as such.

It is a health plan that you sign up for 12 months. It is explained to you, it is on your CONTRACT that you signed.

Don't blame Banfield if you

#1) Don't know how to read

#2) You make a habit out of just signing things without reading them

#3) You do read things but you never ask any questions about what you are signing

#4) You are too *** to understand what you are signing or being told

#5) You got a lot of services and then you want out thinking you were getting something for free

#6) You are just an ***

#7) You ARE ALL of the above

You signed a legal contract, they are entitled to their monthly contract fees.


(Terry has spoken-the truth as usual)