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My dog had pink eye. I was treating her at home with a natural remedy and it was clearing up.

However it started getting bad again so I called to see if I could get her in to get some antibiotic ointment. I called Thursday morning and was told I couldn't get in until Monday! That is not acceptable! They called around to other clinics to see if I could get in and the only clinic that had an opening is a 30 minute drive.

I asked why they don't keep open appointments for urgent issues and they said they can't and it is usually 5 days out to get an appointment. I will be finding a new vet when our pet plan expires.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You should have made an appt for your dog to be seen when it first started VS self diagnosing and self treating at home. Did you know that eyes are extremely sensitive?

Using the wrong medication can cause your pet to become blind.

Obviously you didn't think it was urgent since you self treated it at home, for god knows how long, before finally deciding to seek vet care. But all of a sudden you want your pet seen right then because it's "urgent". They had a fully booked schedule from people who made appts for their pets.

You also don't know if they had any true emergencies come in.

I'm sorry, but if it was THAT urgent then you should have gone to an emergency hospital if the banfield was fully booked.


What may have been a better idea, was to make an appointment as soon as you first noticed your dog was having a problem with its eye. Sometimes DIY home medical treatments for a pet don't work as well as taking your pet to be professionally diagnosed and treated by a vet.


Banfield is not an urgent care facility. You may have been better off just showing up with your dog (as a walk in) at Banfield and hope they could get you in to see a vet.

Your other option would be to find any local vet or an emergency vet clinic in your area and take you dog in. If you feel the eye infection is that bad all of a sudden these are two other options for you to consider.

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