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I took both of my dogs to Banfield in Massilon,OH to get there teeth cleaned. When we 1st got there, a girl that worked there stuck her face rite in my 1 dog's face!! My dog did not like that @ all & snapped @ her.

We were taken to a room & Dr. Edwards walked in. I suggested that she do 1 of my dogs 1st & she snapped back “Hey! U don't boss me around! Ur the 1 with the dangerous dog, u shouldn't even have her! My nurse almost got bit cuz ur too cheap to spend $7 on a muzzle. I don't even like that dog here!”

I said “she shouldn't have put her face in my dogs face! Ur getting smart with me!” That is the 2nd time I have been there that that same woman yelled @ me. It is rude & completely unprofessional!!! I stopped going to the Banfield in North Canton,OH cuz I had allot of problems with the Vet there also (she refused to fill my dogs RX for heart guard).

When I went to pick up my dogs they charged me an additional $72 to double sedate my dog! They never called & Ok'ed it with me or nothing. They had no real reason to even do it other than my dog snapped @ that girl for putting her face rite in my dogs face. My dog still aint the same! She's peeing everywhere!

I regret the day I ever got involved with Banfield. They have caused me nothing but stress the last 6 months. When my dogs plan ends next yr, i'm going somewhere else!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $72.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You shouldn't have even taken a questionable dog through pet smart to get to the bandfield without a muzzle! That could have been an innocent child's face instead and you wouldve been in more trouble.

Train your dog, take proper measures and next time tell the staff right away your dog is questionable. Plain and simple.

Dr. Edwards is a great vet and had right to be upset with you and angry.


Maybe train your dog! Regardless where the girl's face was the dog should of never went after her.

Don't blame the victim in this situation. And perhaps the doctor was defending her fellow coworker.


I have been bringing my dog to Banfield in Massillon Ohio since he was 7 weeks old and I have never once had any problems with Dr Edwards she is one of the best veterinarians out there she loves her work and she loves the animals that she takes care of as the other lady said your dog should be trained not to *** anybody what happens if a child goes into your dog's face is she going to *** the child to dr. Edward here is not the ignorant one you are


First off, it is the parents responsibility to teach their kids not to stick their face in dog's faces! You should never let your child run up to some unknown dog!

Shows how low our expectations of children's behavior are! Secondly, if Banfield, was not a cheap *** company and actually hired professional staff that understood animal behavior, and how to handle fractious pet's this would not be an issue. Working with animals the pet nurse or whatever they are calling those inexperienced staff should be able to interpret if the dog is frightened or upset.

Shoving your face in a dog's is stupidly at it's best, and that *** girl would have deserves to be bitten. Maybe instead of over booking, hiring inexperienced teenagers barely out of high school, hire people with some ANIMAL EXPERIENCE.