Lehigh Acres, Florida
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Plan #125527009240 Cancel!!!!!!!! I keep trying to cancel without success.

I have been trying for the past month and was assured it was done. Why is it that your website is so difficult to access????? I am VERY unhappy also about having to submit at least 100 words. What is that all about.

Are you people serious?? Do you really want to *** off so many customers??

I can rant for 100 words but I'm sure you won't like what I have to say. It is disgraceful what you represent as 'helpful' to your customers!!!!!!

Now I'm just writing words to make it to 100.

Not sure if I'm there yet so I will just write and write and write and write. Hmmmm I think I've got it.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Billing after canceling.

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Reply to Rollo.

Banfield doesn't just cancel a Wellness policy. In reading other complaints posted by individuals requesting a Wellness policy cancellation.

The Wellness plan policy will automatically be renewed for another year if one fails to contact Banfield corporate offices 30 days prior to their current Wellness plan expiring. Once the automatic renewal Wellness plan goes into effect, Banfield demands payment be made whether you use the renewal plan or not. Banfield will automatically start billing monthly payments to a credit card, debit card on file, your bank account (if they have the account information via EFT) It just depends what form of payment method and financial information Banfield has access to on file.

Banfield will in fact turn your account over to a collection agency if you fail to make payments.

Most people are unaware, have not been told, or failed to read the fine print stated in the Wellness Plan contract when they initially sign up. The Wellness Plan contract is set up to and will automatically be renewed at the end of every 12 months.

Banfields Wellness Plan policy terms and conditions are NOT like other types of insurance, Health care contracts that just expire or get cancelled automatically due to non payment.


Amazing how a Banfield front desk person can sign you up and take your money for enrollment in Banfield's Wellness Plan and enter all the information into their computer system.

However, the same individual or someone at the front desk doesn't have the ability to get back into the same computer system contact the corporate office and get the plan canceled per your request.


The computer system is set up to where the employees in the hospital cannot set plans to not renew and cannot cancel them after 4 days if sign up. Not the employee's fault.

Also, employee's cannot call corporate and cancel people's plans.

It is a legal contract, meaning the only person who can cancel is the person who's name is on the contract.

Don't blame the employees for doing their job.


Simple. Just don't pay the bill and they will cancel it for you. I assume you didn't do something silly like sign up for auto payments or auto renewal or put it on a credit or debit card.


"Just don't pay the bill and they will cancel it for you". Uhm no.

More like don't pay the bill and you get sent to collections.

The wellness plans are a 1yr agreement. You sign a 1yr contract. You have two options for paying.

Either pay the full year up front or put a debit/credit card on file for automatic monthly payments.

The contract specifically states that if you cancel before the year is up for whatever reason, you pay the remainder of the months you owe or the services you've already used (at cost without the plan discount, whichever is cheaper.

It is NOT insurance.

It's a WELLNESS plan.

They are NOT charging for services that they haven't used.

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