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Update by user Aug 17, 2012

Banfield did finally contact my wife and fully refund all our money. I don\'t plan on doing business with Banfield in the near future.

Update by user Apr 12, 2012

Banfield posted this to my comments: Please send your post and contact information to and we will have someone reach out to you, thank you.

I contacted them via email and they still haven\'t responded. I really not happy with them at all!!

Original review posted by user Apr 09, 2012

We own two dogs, both under the wellness plan. Last July I cancelled this wellness plan, come to find out Bainfield has been charging me for the last 8 months.

My wife calls to get a refund, they state she's not on the account with the dog that we need the refund with, she's only on the other account and I would have to contact them. I call the 888 number and get transferred three time until I can speak with someone. I speak with Banfield and they state that they will only refund one month out of the eight. I ask for a supervisors number and they state that supervisors do not take live calls and I can only leave a voice mail.

I haven't received that call yet. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH BAINFIELD EVER AGAIN!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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I am totally disgusted with the service at Banfield in Mechanicsburg, PA!! I have been turned away TWICE in the past 2 1/2 to 3 months.

The first time my poor Yorkie had an eye that was pasted shut and oozing yellow pus! They wouldn't see him for a few DAYS!!! This last time was on September 11, 2016. I stopped in without my dog to ask if I could bring him over as he had two open sores right above his tail and I wasn't sure what to put on them.

I was told she just gave away the last appointment of the day. I actually pleaded with her to have the vet look at the would only take 5 minutes!! She said I can give you an appointment on September 28th?? Are you kidding me?!?

They could be infected by then!!! I guess Banfield doesn't have the same level of caring they once did. I am on the Wellness Plan, too, to top it off! I emailed Banfield for someone to contact me and, as of today (9/20/2016) no one has had the courtesy to get back to me!

Needless to say I will be contacting corporate and cancelling the plan. I have taken him to a 'qualified, experienced' vet!! The poor thing is on three medicines and a special shampoo!

An infection WAS starting as I suspected!! Bottom line...DO NOT GO TO BANFIELD!!!!!


I too have had the same issue with banifield Plan, I had been charged for 7 months of a plan that I never use. I called to have it cancelled and a representative( Judy) from my first impression didn't really care to help.

I asked to talk to a manager then which she put me on hold and I never got to speak with one and when she returned to the line was only willing to reimburse me for one month.

I have been a member for years only taking my animals here. I work in the customer industry, I was extremely unsatisfied with the way this was handled


I had to have my kitty, Holly Bear, put to sleep last Saturday, and need to cancel the wellness plan. Please contact me @, or call me directly @ (714) 812-4492.

Thank you for your help.

Patti Palmer


I contacted them through e-mail several weeks ago to get info on cancelling our program and received a confirmation to THAT e-mail with the promise of contact within 2 business days. STILL waiting to hear from them!!


This plan SUCKS!! I have a degree as a Veterinary Technician YES I went to school for it unlike the techs they have working at their clinics..

My dog is on a wellness plan from her previous owner..

I took her to get her spayed today (which is included in the plan) she also had 4 baby teeth pulled that's IT!! I had to pay 380.00 of which 252.00 was for pulling the 4 teeth!! A total rip off!!

I use to charge 20 per tooth at the clinic I worked at.. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IT MONEY!!

STAY AWAY!! I am going to tell everyone I know with an animal to stay as far away from there as they can!!


Believe or not, we're (wife & I) are still trying to resolve this issue with Banfield Pet Hospital. I will update more when I hear something.


I too am extremely upset with the level of care I have recieved with Banfield. A few months ago i took my two mini dogs into the clinic to have their nails and anal glands done.

I noticed that the tech placed a "choke type" lead on the dogs and practically drug them to the back room. My dogs coughed for days afterwards. When I returned a month later to have the same process done, I forbid them from using those leashes and they could use the ones I had attached. It was explained to me it was against policy but they would use their leashes and just carry them.

I asked why they could not carry them with my leash and they said that sometimes they have to "control" (I hear choke) the dogs to make them behave. I immediately asked for my records and informed the office manager I would not be back and to cancel my wellness plan. She handed me my papers and did not even aplogize as I left to find a new vet. I then called Banfield corporate to file a complaint to which they decided to stop payment.

It has been several months ago now and I am getting calls from Banfield collections.

I have a call back to them today. If it is not resolved, I will be filling every message board with a review, writting several letters to animal lovers across the state, and doing everything I can to make sure the public knows of the abuse that occurs at this clinic.

Banfield P

Thank you for providing this feedback and for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately we can only speak to account owners, based on the information you provided we cannot identify your account and have someone reach out to you. Please send your post and contact information to and we will have someone reach out to you, thank you.

@Banfield P

I called to have my cats policy cancelled, and waited on the phone for at least 30 mins. Only to be told I couldn't do so because I didn't open his account?

I read several of your customers complaints, and now im worried that you will continue to take money from my account without my permission.

No class, and disrespect to your customers.


My mom had to have her Yorkie put down Saturday and I have been calling ever since trying to cancel her wellness plan. They are on west coast time and never answer.

You will be told an extremely long wait time if you want to stay on the line and good luck getting on the cancellation site. If I can't get satisfaction I will just contact the bank and tell them to deny the transaction.

They can do whatever they want after that. but she will not pay for a pet that is no longer living.

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