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THIS PLAN IS A SCAM. The vet office personnel tells you that the plan can be cancelled at anytime but the corporate office advises you that you are roped into a one year contract.

We called back in June of 2011 to advise them that we were changing vets and wanted to cancel the plan. They quickly told us we were under contract until October 2011 to call back and cancel then. We did a follow-up call to cancel and was told it auto renewed. WHAT???

Auto renewed without our authorization!!

They are now sending us threatening letters that if we don't pay all the arrears to bring our plan up to date they will send it to collection. We don't even use Banfield as a vet anymore...this is ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

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I will be calling to cancel my plan tomorrow because my pet is now deceased. Banfield did not help with my poor dog's end of life.

He was 15. Will let EVERYONE know how the cancellation goes as I too was under the impression that it could be cancelled at any time.


How did it go with the cancellation?


I am pissed! I called and canceled plus went online to make sure my plan for both my cats would not auto renew and they reassured me both plans would not renew that I was canceled and they have charged me 29.95 x 2 on May 13, 2020 right before renew date.

I emailed and called re: these charges and now, there charging me 21.95 x2 again on May 20, 2020 stating congratulations on your renewal?!

So 102.88 with in a few days ! I’m getting a lawyer!


I agree same with me and way over priced. Stand for animals way better


We moved and Banfield doesn't have a location around. They wont allow us to cancel our membership. Do not use this service.


They killed my dog by not dx her wth cancer then thy would cancel then sent it too collections. *** ***


Unlike what has been posted previously, if your pet dies, you can call Banfield, and cancel the plan. The corporate office will confirm the death with your Banfield vet, and the plan is a "wash": you'll pay nothing further on that plan.

I know this, because that's what happened.If you want to get out of the plan, I don't think you can; it's like a cell-phone contract.

Sure, you can cancel, but you have to pay off the balance, which can be hundreds of dollars per pet! The only reason I landed on this site, is because I'm trying to get out of a wellness plan, because our vet is being transferred to another Banfield.


"Did this and they told me oh well you still have to pay sorry for your loss "


They made us continue to pay after my dog does because she had surgery and said we would have to pay everything we saved during the year and couldn’t cancel. They actually put my dog down so they knew she was gone!


To have the most success to prevent auto-renewal, use the Banfield website to cancel your automatic annual renewal. You should be able to set up an online account using your account information on your billing statement.

It is way easier to manage your account online.

Go to: https://www.banfield.com/

Once you have logged in, go to Account and look for your Wellness Plan. Inside the Wellness Plan information box, there will be a small "Manage Plan" link in the upper right corner of that box. Click on that link and it will pop-up an info box that will allow you to cancel your auto-renewal. Don't waste your time trying to call Banfield to cancel your plans annual auto-renewal.

If you are trying to cancel your plan completely, then you will have to call them at 866-935-****. They will not let you cancel without paying out the remaining months on the plan.


Banfield is a rip off. They say they give you all these discounts on medicine and services when actually they don't.

They failed to diagnosed my dog for having lymphoma and said it was a bacterial infection in stomach. Finally referred by to a specialist and he diagnosed Lymphoma. My dog died.

What even made it worse I had to pay into the plan for another 6 months for a dead dog. Plus the Vets there were so young it looked like they may of just gotten out of Vet School.


The vet there tried to charge me $133 for amoxicillian!!! Target = $3 to fill it.

Luckily I'm savvy on rx refills.

cancelling today.


Its a terrible thing that has to stop, i know there are some good people that work there really caring about there position, but if something goes wrong, look out, it is a professional bullying situation that must be stopped.


The place I work says that too but it doesn't actually go to collections. I wanted to cancel my plan and they told me the same thing. Did they send it to collections or did you just pay?


yes they actually sent me for 83. And its on my credit report.

I could not believe it.

I cancelled and thought everything was good, no letters or calls, received notification from credit carma. ugggg so mad because I am about to purchase a house.


I just tried to cancel my plan. Unfortunately my sons ex-girlfriend signed agreement.

She is gone no way to contact her.

They still would not cancel the plan.Told me to call bank and stop payment. So wrong they do not care all they want is the money.


I took my dog into Banfield in Fort Collins,Co. He was real sick.

They conducted test and told us to come back in a few days. Well, we didn't make it back, because he died.

We asked to stop making payments, and was told we had to pay until the contract ended. I don't understand why they want to add more pain to an already painful situation..


They are as crooked as a politician. I canceled my pets and they are still billing me 4 months later.

Luckily I recorded my calls and they were caught lying when I called to complain. Even with proof against them they still are fighting the refund.


Same exact thing is happening to me! I do not recommend Banfield to any new pet owner.

They have no real concern for your pet! All they care about is their freaking money.



Such a ripoff, I put my pet on the wellness plan last August and all she got was the comprehensive checkup and blood work done. I authorized my mother to be able to pick up my pet while i am at work and they made it so that she is the primary account holder.

My pet, my credit card but yea i want someone else controlling the account, sure banfield whatever you say. The treatment for my pet according to them was over 500 and now if i want to cancel before the year is up i have to pay a balance of almost 300, for insurance i never use.

Total ripoff do yourself a favor and don't ever sign up a pet for this wellness plan, it covers nothing. Sure i can take my pet in whenever i want but when she needs anything at all I pay for it at a "discount".

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