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I foolishly signed up for the "Care(Ha) Plan" for my puppy. I had an issue during the two visits I cancelled the 1 yr plan that I had paid for in full. I was in the plan for 13 days.

The previously poster is correct. They make it sound like the fees for shots, meds, etc are discounted. They charge more money than a local vet and the care is substandard. Corporate does not know the meaning of refund, courtesy or customer relatiions.

To make it breif - I was going to board my puppy at PetSmart and told the vet the day I wished to board him. I specifically asked there was enough recommended time between the bordetella vaccine they would be giving him and the boarding time. She said yes -

Several days after he had been boarded he became sick with coughing, sniffling, having trouble swallowing and sneezing - I also suspected an UTI. I brought him back to Banfield. They did a quick exam and urinalyis but said I'd have to wait until the next day for results however they tried to sell me the meds right there (money). I said i'd wait for the results.

the next day a receptionist called saying to pick up meds because pup had a uti - no vet called to explain a thing.

I gave him the meds as prescribed but 2 days later he was sicker so I thought it best not to go back to Banfield even though I had paid for this "plan" - plan to take your MONEY

The local vet did a thorough exam and said he had an upper respiratory most likely from kenneling and the urinalysis was still positive. He now had a fever of 104. He gave him a medication that would more effectively treat both illnesses. He also administered an injection of antibiotic so that the puppy could feel better by that eve - he did and is now fine.

I have gotten the run-around from corporate and Commack. No refund in sight

If you love your pet don't take him to Banfield

Monetary Loss: $332.

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As I mentioned I contacted corporate three different days and got transferred, transferred, put on hold, transferred and no one had a copy of the original bill and no one would make an adjustment


Dr. Ari called me. He was the only fair, reasonable, knowledgeable, professional and understanding person in the entire organization. I hope he opens his own practice.

Your response to contact the 877 number that you list here is a poor effort to make it seem to the public that you may wish to help but you dont.

Again, thank you Dr. Ari

Banfield P

Hi Graciex214 - We apologize that you were not happy with your experience at our hospital. I know that you have already contacted our corporate office, but if you have any concerns that have not yet been addressed, please contact our Client Advocate Team by calling our toll-free number 877-500-2288 or emailing cat(at)banfield(dot)com.

Most sincerely,


Banfield Online Community Manager

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