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My regular vet is 45 minutes away and not always available on Saturday so I took my cat Snuggles to Banfield. She was spraying very small amounts of urine but it contained blood. She had never sprayed before and was obviously telling me something was wrong in the only way she could.

I took her in and the insisted on vaccinations (for their personal protection, like a shot would protect them if she bit them 10 minutes later). Then drew blood and took a culture for urinalysis.

The vet came in and asked me if I was familiar with Renal Disease to which I responded no. So then she starts talking and reviewing the blood tests. Finally, she said something that made me realize she was talking about Kidneys. But did she ask me if I was familiar with Kidney Disease when I wasn't familiar with the term Renal? Of course not! She wanted me to feel like an ***. As she was reviewing the blood report I highlighted the lines that were of particular importance. Then she said, "Oh, do you want a copy of this?" My thought was, "of course *** what do you think I'm paying you for" but I maintained and responded with a simple yes. She then recommended that I put her on Hill's Prescription Diet. She said she would make a copy of the blood report and left me in the examining room.

Shortly afterward a tech came in and said that Snuggles was ready to go. I was shown the display (an entire wall about 3 feet wide, 18 inches deep, and 6 feet high) with the Hill's food. It was $2 a can! I cannot afford food that is that expensive! And of course they want to sell that expensive stuff. I would wager that they recommend it for every pet that comes through!

I checked out and they gave me this pack of about 20 pieces of paper and I wrongly assumed that the blood report was included. I needed this because of course I was going to contact my regular vet to review the information.

So, $350 later I have no blood test results, I'm told that they will have the results on the urine by Tuesday, and they want to sell me "prescription" food. On Monday, I'm getting ready to call my regular vet and send out the results of the blood test and it's not there! So I call Banfield and ask them to fax it to me. I get the fax and it's the same batch of pointless paperwork that has nothing to do with the blood tests! Finally, after work I go over there to get the information that I need. I kept telling them that it has blue highlighter all over it! How hard can it be to see blue highlighter?

Well, to shorten an even longer story. The regular vet says that the antibiotic should handle the problem. In the meantime I've been looking for an alternative to the RX diet and found a raw diet that I talked to the regular vet about and she said that it would be better than the RX and that the RX diets aren't any better than regular canned cat food.

My cat has been on a raw diet for about six weeks. She is definitely a carnivore! Of course all cats are but she took to the raw food as soon as it was presented and she loves it! Plus, it doesn't cost me much more than the food I was feeding her before! She is doing so much better and with the exception of the antibiotics it's all due to her regular vet and my decision to put her on a raw diet.

I will NEVER take an animal to Banfield again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Vet.

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PLEASE get another opinion about the raw diet!!!! If you cat has kidney disease her kidneys cannot properly filter things & a high protein diet (such as a raw diet) will actually make her kidneys worse - it could kill her.

i get that you are upset about costs and a poor communication, but don't allow that to make you inadvertently kill your poor cat.


Raw diet = high protein, which makes RENAL disease worse.


Many older felines can develop crystals in their bladder. A routine urine sample usually shows if crystals are present.

If no crystals show up in a routine urine test then the vet will usually do a urine culture to see if an infection is present.

In either case, kitty will most likely need medication and a change in diet.

Many low sodium foods are available in both can and dry kibble form at reasonable prices. You can also request that your regular vet contact Banfield and have ALL the blood and urine culture results faxed to his/her office as opposed to you trying to obtain the test result information yourself.


I have taken both my dogs to Banfield and they have always treated us well. We are on their pet wellness program which is very affordable and even covers dental cleaning 1 per year. I'm sure their are bad vets in some cases but I don't think this is the norm.