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Banfield the Pet Hospital In carmel Indiana Charter owned Hospital Treat there employees terrible and all they want is Money and New Clients they do services not needed just to make money especially Dr Mercer.She will extact teeth not needed to be extracted. Fire employees for the hospital not making money.

They have major staff turn over and Dr Mercer will throw anyone under the bus to make her Self look better and GMP the charter owner suck they are so fake and only care about money not ther clients or Team Members.

They also do not know how to deal with emergencies and they regular clients they will send off to the ER clinic because they dont want to deal with it.

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read this about the carmel banfield clinic


I wanna know: if your kitten wasn't eating or drinking, why were you spending time sitting on the computer reading and writing complaints about Banfield instead of GETTING EMERGENCY CARE??


I know what I am talking about So I have looked at all sides And in Veterinary field for 5 years


I just took my kitten in the this same place. They got my appt time mixed up and gave my kitten 2 vaccines he didn't need (his prior shot records were given to the front desk, but the Vet never received them).

They nearly forgot his flea treatment and administered it as we were walking out the door.

Now my poor kitten is running a fever and wont drink or eat and no one is answering the phone at the hospital! Not even a recording!


What you are forgetting is that first and foremost this is a business and in order to run a business you need to make money. As with any business you need to make enough money to keep things running, buy supplies, yes making money is very important to a business.

Additionally, unless you work there and have seen cannot conclusively say that the only reason that people are getting fired is because they aren't money makers. Also, maybe the high turnover rate is due to poor wages/benefits set forth by the corporation, maybe the people realize that they don't like animals or the hours, or maybe it is that they think their boss is psycho. Point is that you can't make those statements unless you know from firsthand knowledge...and somone telling you stories is NOT firsthand knowledge.

Pricing at Banfield is set forth by their corporate offices and you are within your full rights to get a quote on the services expected prior to their can accept or decline to your hearts content. Also within your rights as a consumer you can request that they tell you everything that they plan to do BEFORE they do it. that point you can approve or decline.

Now for emergencies being refered to an emergency clinic....well duh. If you show up to your physician's office with a gun shot wound they will call and ambulance to take you to the emergency room. Same situation! They are a clinic...equiped just like your doctor's office. An emergency clinic is set up like an emergency room. If they feel that you will be BETTER served at an emergency clinic then they will refer you to one. It is not that they don't want to be bothered with your emergency is that your emergency situation requires more than they can offer and/or handle. I would think that you would be more pleased to know that they know their limits and didn't attempt to be the hero when they don't have the means of doing so.

But...all in are very much entitled to your opinion and are free to rant when disgruntled. My point is that you should look at all sides once your anger subsides.

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