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On June 2,2013 my partner and myself had taken one of our cats in thinking he had a Urinary Tract Infection when in actuality but after Dr. Laura ran some tests including a urinalysis and an internal organ function test she let us know that the cat had a bladder infection and would need an injection of antibiotics at a cost of $60 for the injection alone,I said it would be fine after she said he would be much better within a 24 hour period.My partner and I were both in the room at ALL TIMES but never witnessed an injection ever given so you guess is as good as my guess as to whether he actually received one or not. She also prescribed a can food that was suppose to break down crystals and said he would be back to normal soon......It has now been 19 days and he is scheduled for a followup on the 23 of June but when we called this morning to let them know that the cat was now worse than before we were told that we would need to bring him in and that another test would need to be done at a cost of $500,not sure why as she diagnosed him with a bladder infection and she is the one with a degree....At this point I have reached out for a low income clinic that is attempting to locate some place that will cover all treatments NOW NEEDED because the cat is now squatting all over the house trying to urinate and has blood in his urine that is visible to the eye......The injection that she gave the cat also has many many many bad reviews up to and including the death of many animals and it is called CONVENIA and all info I pulled up on this injectable antibiotic states that it should be given 2 times but also states one injection is equal to 14 day supply of oral meds....I am on a limited income and DO NOT have money to waste in order to have to bring animal back so they can get more money with no responsible or positive treatment given...........WILL NEVER USE THIS PLACE AGAIN and if you are smart neither will you for the sake of the animal and your wallet after it has been emptied.......Now I guess since they took the money and will not see the animal again unless another large amount is paid than I will just be waiting for my cat to die as I attempt to treat the animal with other items for urinary problems......VERY SAD THEY SEEK MONEY ABOVE HELPING YOUR ANIMAL.........

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $241.

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You two need to get off your high horse. Life happens, the economy sucks, people get sick, people loose their jobs...

If you two are vet techs then you get your vet care for free! So stop bad mouthing people that struggle with treating their pets. My advice is find affordable vet care near your home. I have a house full of pets because I worked in the animal industry, and love animals.

I no longer work for medical reasons, and my husband is the sole support. We had a reasonable vet that retired, and I finally found a reasonably priced one.

I also use Golden State Humane Society, Vaccination clinics, some shelters offer low cost vet care. Investigate and be prepared next time.


Vet techs do NOT get free care. We only get an employee discount, and the best I've ever gotten has been 25%.

Vet techs are notoriously underpaid, so it's not as though we have all this extra money to take care of our pets. The key is to have a separate savings for them and to take personal responsibility.


That is such BS. I used to get free vet care when I worked in that industry as do many of my coworkers that still do!

Common ailments, vet techs can diagnosis themselves if they have proper training. How hard is it to administer antibiotics for kennel cough, or figure out your animal has URI, mange, or a host of typical diseases animals get. I am not a vet tech and I can diagnosis and administer medication, vaccinations, myself. You show no sympathy for anyone on limited income but I am supposed to pity you?

I can guarantee I worked harder than you ever did. I worked at a shelter with at least a hundred animals coming in, cleaned two cat rooms, vaccinated and helped treat sick animal, intake, and the vets perform 40 surgeries daily. The vet techs are way busier than you have ever been in a private office. So why you are making people feel badly that they cannot afford Banfield's outrageous prices.

You would feel differently if you were the one holding down all the unwanted animals hasn't they die, that only sin is have no home. They end up in a barrel, burned up and used for dog food. So get the *** off your high horse and find compassion in where your heart should be. Even if someone is on a limited income at least that animal has a home and is loved!

Most states have discount clinics, and you should have a list available for people that cannot afford yours. I hope there is a special place in *** for people like you.

That preys on people's live for their animals. It is morally sucking and disgusting!


I'm sorry, I didn't realize you didn't know how to read. All I said was vet techs do not get free services.

You are very lucky if your clinic gave you free antibiotics. Who paid for those? That's very generous of your bosses. I have worked at many vet clinics, and not one just gave away services or medications free to their employees.

I've worked for a low income clinic, an extremely expensive high end clinic, a chain hospital, a horse clinic, a university clinic, AND a shelter. Not one has given away free services. I have been in this industry s long time. In terms of your statement that you guarantee that you have worked harder than I ever have, well I find that hard to believe.

I have had two jobs at once, working over 60 hours a week, on top of being a full time student. I had 15 hour days with no breaks, and many stretches when I went over a month without a day off. I am a hard working individual who made very little money hourly just because being a vet tech doesn't pay very well. Yet, I had a separate savings for my animals.

At what point did I ask for pity? In fact, I did the opposite. I said that despite my limited income, I accept personal and financial responsibility for my animals without blaming others.

I don't even work for Banfield, I was merely pointing out the inaccuracies of the post before me. I suggest reading more carefully next time before you go off on an angry tirade.

Banfield P

Hi bobe - After reading your feedback, we would like to speak with you directly to gather more information. We truly appreciate your honest opinion about your experience with us. Could you please call our Client Advocate Team, toll-free, at 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com so we can help improve your experience? We look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Most sincerely,

The Banfield Team


While I sympathize that you are on a limited income, you can't expect vets to work for free. Vet hospitals have to pay their staff, rent on the buildings, medications, insurance, and for equipment that costs tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Vets DO NOT make a lot of money. Do you think it would be ok for a vet to ask the staff to work for free because someone on a limited income cannot afford care for their pet? Do you think the veterinarian, who is HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT at the end of vet school should not eat or not pay rent or make a car payment because you can't afford treatment?

You so vehemently claim that the vet "is the one with the degree" and her course of treatment made the cat worse.

It's very rude and ignorant to claim that the vet messed up somehow. What is more likely is that your cat is unresponsive to treatment for some reason, which unfortunately, requires extra testing. There are no guarantees in medicine. People always want a magic wand, but medicine is not as black and white as that.

I don't understand why you want a guarantee that things will get better just because you are on a limited income. Treatments don't always work, and it often takes time and multiple tries to get it right.


Thank you for your comment tho it is rather rude....My being on a limited income first off has nothing to do with not being able to afford to take care of my animals as my animals are very well taken care of and NO,I do not expect anyone to work for free but when a trained professional tells you things and does things then tells you that there should be improvements within 24 hours then YES,I think there should be improvements...I worked as a vet tech for several years and in the animal business for over 20 years so I do have some knowledge of treatments and the results that follow.....Upon bringing the cat home I did do research on the injection and found one horror story after another regarding this medication....I don't expect a handout because I manage to do well all by myself but I have also been put in a situation that I never asked for and the same night I brought my cat home I was the victim of a home intruder who stabbed me in the neck and left me for dead but thank god I pulled thru and that put me in ICU for 3 days with any money I had saved being spent on things to make my home safer....Nice when people comment about others without knowing the entire story.....I pay all my own bills and am more responsible than most people because I don't blow my money on *** I don't need but only use my money for bills and things that are needed with nothing spent on WANTS like so many others........I offered to make payments but Banfield does not set up accounts and that is fine.....Will never use them again and what you think of me or any other persons does not matter...And you are right,there are no guarantees in life and I just hope with your snotty attitude that you continue to have a perfect life and never have to face obstacles that may require a tad bit of compassion for others......


I don't think that Ari is the one with the snotty attitude here. A lot of your comment in the post were very snide with an element of 'oh poor me' about it.

Ari's were calm & to the point. Your personal life/back-story while sad & with unfortunate timing has nothing to do with the vet & their course of treatment. It is not the Vet's responsibility to deal with what is going on in your life. They treat your pet, end of story.

As a vet I have used Convenia for years, & yes, like with every other medication there are potential risks (i.e a possible risk of aspirin, that most of us take frequently is death. A possible risk of acetaminophen is liver failure). No medication is risk free. As a former Vet tech you should know this.

Yes, there SHOULD be an improvement, as your vet stated but does that guarantee there will be one? Obviously the answer is no. UTI's can be resistant to antibiotics, just like can happen in human medicine & if this is the case then most likely a culture & sensitivity will need to be run on the urine to see exactly which antibiotic your pet would respond to. Unfortunately veterinary care, just like human medical care is expensive due to the increasing cost of drugs, cost of equipment, cost of getting a degree etc etc.

I think it is a bit naive to state that they 'seek money above helping your animal'.

They, just like almost any other vets provide a service, but that service has to be paid for & sadly now almost no vets accept any kind of payment plans because they loose too much money when people don't come back to pay. Good luck with your hunt for a low-cost hospital willing to help, I hope your cat does get onto an effective antibiotic soon.


Ok Bobe. Let's take a couple minutes to address your comments.

1) You say "Nice when people comment about others without knowing the whole story" but then go on to say "I just hope with your snotty attitude that you continue to have a perfect life and never have to face obstacles that may require a tad bit of compassion for others." Hmm...a little hypocritical much? I Do NOT have a perfect life, and I in fact volunteer my time to help those who are less fortunate. I, too, am on a limited income. However, I never blame others when I cannot afford the things I need.

2) Convenia, is by far and large, a safe drug. You claim you did "research" online (which I assume is googling, and not looking at actual scientific, peer reviewed journals) and found "one horror story after another." What you fail to take into account is that this drug is given hundreds of thousands of times a year. Yes, there will be unexpected side effects in a RARE minority of cases, and even then these side effects could have been exacerbated by other underlying, undiagnosed conditions. You should know that if you were a vet tech, like you claimed. I have administered Convenia hundreds of times and have never once seen an adverse reaction. Does that mean it won't ever happen? No, of course not; but, I know how to balance the risks against the benefits.

3) You complain that Banfield doesn't accept payment plans. Newsflash! 90% of vet hospitals don't. You also fail to mention that Banfield accepts CareCredit, which is a credit card that provides interest free financing for up to 18 months. You can use that credit card at your vet, many dentists, and even hospitals. They will even sign you up in the store. However, a lot of people with poor credit do not qualify. Banfield also accepts another form of payment's called a credit card. If you couldn't put the charge on your credit card, that says one of 2 things: a) you have exceeded your limit, or b) you don't have a credit card. Either way, if you don't have a legitimate line of credit, how can they trust you to come back and make payments? They can't. I have worked in 4 vet hospitals, and every single time I saw someone promise to make payment plans, they NEVER came back to make such payments. Not once. You may claim that you would pay them back, but they don't know that. Vets cannot accept payment plans because they do not make an excess of money. The money that they take home every month is pathetic. And when you consider that they have student loans they will need to pay off for 20 years after graduating, it's ridiculous of you to assume such a sense of entitlement. When I graduate, should I just tell my creditors and employees, "sorry, I'll pay you next month. I don't have enough this month because I accepted too many payment plans. But I'll have the money next month, I swear!" There isn't a lot of financial cushion in veterinary medicine. Payment plans simply aren't possible. Should we accept payment plans at the risk of having our cars repossessed? Being sued by employees for not making payday? Losing our hospital because we cannot pay the bills? You act as though veterinarians are rich and have money to just lend everybody. That is simply not the case. Even if the veterinarian donated his/her time, they still have to pay the lab for the test, employees, electricity, water, gas, medical supplies, etc.

I'll close with one last point. No veterinarian in the history of veterinarians ever said, "I'll get into this field for the money." I'm in vet school right now, and it is depressing to think of the mountain of student loans I will have to repay compared to my meager salary. It will take me 20 years. Do you think it's fair to make me fall behind on paying back my loans? I KNOW the financial state of the business, yet I am going into it anyway. Why? Because I do NOT "seek money above helping animals." There are very real financial limitations that veterinarians must work within, and unfortunately, that includes denying services when they cannot be paid for. I guarantee you that saying no is a very hard thing to do, and we wish we could help everyone, but financially we can't. It's unfortunate, but if we didn't, we would go out of business and then NO animals would be help.

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