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When I signed up I was able to regularly get an appointment on the the same day or the next day if my dog as sick. That is no longer the case.

Typically now it takes 2 weeks to get an appointment which is totally worthless if you have a sick dog. Instead of an appointment, they now have a "drop off service" where the sick dog gets to sit in a cage all day waiting for a vet to have a spare moment to look at him. It's absolutely cruel.

Essentially the plan has been a bait and switch. In addition, out of the 4 vets at the clinic, only 1 seems to have a clue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Optimum Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Sadly, you aren't the first person to complain about the lack of appointments. I worked there for almost 6yrs and at the end of my working there, it seemed we were overbooked everyday.

The location I worked at is now down to just 1 doctor, as they have a shortage of doctors everywhere right now, at least where I live

Even when we had 2 doctors, we only had 1 doctor working per day.

Banfield has an extremely high turnover rate. I absolutely LOVED THE two doctors I worked with. They were phenomenal and truly cared about the patients and the owners. But the higher ups don't exactly treat their employees well.

The reason they offer drop offs is because if they are fully booked and your pet is sick, they don't want your pet to have to wait to be seen. Because waiting can make a pet worse and nobody wants that. It truly isn't cruel. Tons of people crate train their pets at home.

The pets are in their crate when the people leave the house so the pet doesn't destroy the house. TONS OF pets Loveeeeee their kennel. I know alot of them who actually walk into their kennel for a nap or for bed at night without being told by their owner. Kennels are their safe place and aren't used (well aren't supposed to be) for punishment

We actually didn't have too many people who didn't like to leave their pets, because they trusted us and knew we cared for their pets like they were our own.

I was, and still am actually, very close with alot of my clients. For the people who dropped off in the morning who were really nervous, I would occasionally take them to the treatment area to show them where their pet would be. If I couldn't take them back, I definitely would send pics lol (alot of my clients became friends so they had my cell number) All pets got towel or blanket in their kennel, sometimes a bed if we had some that were donated. I actually bought some fleece blankets to leave at work for the pets.

All pets got water (unless they were there for vomiting, sedation or surgery), theres 3 different sized kennels so the pets had plenty of room. We had 2 dog runs so the large and XL dogs got a dog run. All pets were taken out to potty (as long as they weren't sick with something contagious, aggressive etc) They also don't just sit there all day. They are taken out multiple times.

First a tech takes them out, does his/her exam and takes the temp, heart rate and resp. They notate any findings so the doctor can check. Then between surgeries and appointments, the doctor takes them out and does his/her exam. Then depending on what they are there for, the tech takes them out again to do the treatment.

Often times, when it wasn't extremely busy, we'd have one dog out at a time just hanging out with us. The small dogs were carried around, in our laps, pockets etc lol. I always made sure to take pics for the owners and show them when they picked up. The kitties, who were fine being there (let's face it, most cats are terrified of their own shadow lol ) got snuggled in between appts and surgeries.

I was the cat lady haha One time a coworker and I walked one of our favorite pittie patients outside to use the potty. On the way back in, she picked up a toy and didn't want to leave it, so my coworker and I bought it for her and sent it home with her and her owner when he picked up. She held that toy in her mouth throughout the entire exam. The pictures I have are the cutest ever.

Probably about 98% of the dogs who dropped off, were SO excited to be there they totally didn't even look back at their owners haha One of my fav patients always sat on the scale and looked at the side of the desk I usually worked on. She would ignore everyone until she saw me. Then she'd try and leap over the scale. Apparently one morning the owner dropped off and I wasn't there.

When she saw me at pick up she told me her dog sat there and would NOT walk, no matter what they tried, to the back with another person because she was waiting for me. I had known her since she was 8wks old and she's now almost 6yrs old. I miss her like crazy. So dropping your pet off isn't a bad thing, I promise.

However, I think people who love their vet/vet staff and trust them, are more likely to be less afraid of dropping off. I tried to make sure every owner was comfortable with us and trusted us. I loved a majority of my clients and patients. I knew pretty much every pet and owner who came in by name.

The patients and the owners were my top priority. I never wanted anyone to feel uncomfortable leaving their pets with us. I always urged people to call anytime they wanted to check on their pet I know my comment is long, but I hope it helped you so if you do have to drop your pet off, you know what's happening.

If you have to drop off in the future, you can tell them you have to pick up by a certain time. Just be a little reasonable since they likely have only 1 doctor working and have multiple surgeries (which are done 1st), sick/hospitalized patients, and appts.


Oh sorry, one more thing.

If you aren't comfortable with the vets there, try a different location if there's another one near you

If you want to make a formal complaint about anything, call the hospital and ask for the client advocate team phone number.

Call them and they will forward to the office manager and/or the chief of staff at that location.

Good luck! Hope you get your problems resolved and if not, I hope you find a vet that you love(:

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