Greenville, North Carolina

In all the years that I have had cats I have never been charged for a follow up appointment. I only took my cat to Bansfield because my regular vet was closed and I wanted to get him checked out.

The initial visit went fine but I took him back 2 weeks later for the vet to check his paw and was charged $25.00.

I will never ever take him back. I also took him there because they accept care credit but apparently you have to spend a min of $250 to be able to use it so that is another negative.

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I have worked at 4 Veterinary clinics in the past several years. They ALL charged for follow up exams.

Why wouldn't they?

FYI Most clinics that carry Care Credit require a minimum of $250.

Care Credit charges each business a ridiculous amount of money a month to even work with them. Most clinics have dropped Care Credit because it isn't worth the hassle you go through.


Does your doctor charge YOU for a recheck visit when you are ill?? ..... Umh yea!

Why would you not want the same thorough care for your pet??


I have never been to a vet that doesn't charge for a recheck.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Banfield Pet Hospital does charge an office visit fee for each time a pet comes in for an exam, including follow-ups. However, we would like to hear more about your thoughts on our policy. Please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 so we can get more information on your experience.


It's standard practice to be charged for a recheck. It's a full exam.

Do you expect the techs and vets to work for free? If you went to a vet that didn't charge, that's highly unusual and generous.


Most places charge for a recheck. The vet still has to spend time to look at your pet.

Plus they are spending their time to check on the pet.

Even doctors charge for a recheck. Heck, you get charged for just going in for the doctor to tell you blood test results.