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I paid extra for the plan that included a once a year teeth cleaning. When I took her in they said her labs where too bad and they could not safely sedate her and she needed meds and Rx food for her failing kidneys.

I took labs to another vet that said her labs where border line and they would gladly clean her teeth and it would not be a problem. They also said the meds and RX food where a waste of $ at this time. Maybe later if they where worse they might recommend the medication and food change.

I requested that Banfield refund me the difference between the plans and they refused. I think its pretty *** to talk me into a plan that I cannot use 100% and not let me drop it back down to the cheaper plan.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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The medication and the RX food SHOULD be given even if the pet is borderline. You shouldn't wait until it gets worse.

It's called being proactive with the dogs care.

If you feed the food and do the medication, they may be able to do the dental in a couple months because it will improve her levels.

If they did the dental now, and something happened to the pet because of it, you'd be mad and complaining about that. Calling them negligent.

You can downgrade now.

You just have to pay the difference because you've already used services and the higher discount on the active plan.

Or you could actually listen to the vet, feed the Rx food and give the medication, and if the levels improve then you can do the dental cleaning.

If the plan is going to renew in the next couple months, just call them now and set it to renew to the lower plan.

I don't work for Banfield, but I used to. So don't think I'm sticking up for them.

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