Garfield, New Jersey

my son purchased a hamster in august of 2011 in pet smart. took very good care of it. suddenly it got

sick and i called petsmart hospital which is banfield hospital. they told me to come in with it and the vet will look at it. intial visit is problem! the vet said it has wet tail a disease which with antibiotics and eye ointment should be good! okay i said looking at my son so upset. well after paying

$136.00 with all that it died on the way home..never used the medicine! i contacted them they said we

can't do anything about refund!! the vet should of told us that the hamster was to far gone and

that it was going to die. trying to get reimbursed for the medicine! i will never go there again....see it is not even fit for a HAMSTER!!!

Monetary Loss: $138.

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Feel bad for you.


We value your feedback, and we understand how this could be a frustrating experience for you. We urge you to call our Client Advocate Team if you are unhappy with your experience at one of our hospitals.

As for your request to return medication, we cannot accept already prescribed medication. Once medication leaves a veterinary or human hospital, clinic or facility it cannot be returned and prescribed to another pet or person. These measures are in place for safety reasons, to assure that potentially altered or tainted medications, or those that have not been stored properly, are not prescribed to other patients.

On medication receipts and/or prescription bottles, it states that medications cannot be returned for a refund. Again, please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 if you would like to further discuss your concerns.

John N

You are joking, right?? No with any common sense would take a hamster to a vet and pay well over $100 for veterinary care.

That is just plain ***. I mean, really ***.

By the way, I have a bridge I am selling, located in Brooklyn. Interested, brightlight??

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