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I wanted to sign up my new puppy with their wellness plan. I had them perviously but both of my dogs had to put to sleep.

I had the pervious dogs in 2008 and they were put down 2009, I wasn’t aware that they were still charging me after I didn’t have the dogs and they had to be put down. Now fast forward to 2018 I wanted to sign my puppy up for the wellness playbook and there saying I owe them $700 dollars for services I didn’t receive also they won’t let me enroll my new puppy. I tried customer service and the billing department and they are saying I have to contact the manger to dispute chargers from 12 yrs ago in a city that I haven’t resided in the last 10yrs. The woman at the newburgh location “Rita” wasn’t very nasty and not helpful and all!

Also I was informed by Rita that even if someone else in my household signs him up I cannot bring him in to get services provided.

She was very rude and nasty and the PC manger decided it was best that he/she would have the message delivered through “Rita” which was super unprofessional! I’m disgusted

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It sounds like you are in collections. They aren't going to sign you up on a plan if you're in collections for another one.

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