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Do not use Banfield Pet Hospital, they could care less about you!

It took many phone calls to get the company Banfield uses for their "life-wellness plan." On the phone we were told by a PR flack that they would close the account and we would not be charged for our aged and beloved Winston's death. Months later we are still being charged, despite that promise. We are also being charged for our other dog, whom we cancelled at the same time.

Winston passed away July 24 and we are still paying for his "health care" six months later!

When a bill comes for the health of a loved one who has passed away and keeps coming, and corporate double speak keeps billing you, then to stop you from publicly complaining a PR flack promises a pay off and stop of payments that no matter how much you call is not followed through on...

That is a company NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

See also our obituary, click here.

And Do Not Use Banfield Pet Hospital.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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It was not made clear in the slightest to us that this was a "financing" of our pets care. We are still paying for a dog that has passed.

It was not an "Option" for us to pay monthly. It was the way they sold us the service. If it had been a yearly rate, we would have paid the yearly rate. But that was not a choice we were given.

They probably don't offer that because they want the pet program to seem cheap. We were offered no remorse for the death of our dog and Banfield will no longer receive money for the other two dogs that are still alive.


Banfield has actually been very good to me and my Chi. They always called before and after a visit. They called and made sure I gave him the proper dosage the amount of times prescribed. And when my beloved Chi died, they sent a card with the signatures of the employees of the clinic, expressing their sorrow.

Unfortunately I'm still paying for the years worth of the Annual Plan I SIGNED UP FOR. It was a huge risk, but I read it plain and clear that I was financing a years worth of service, that should have been paid for up front. AND my dog got a bunch of treatments and tests that I would haven't been able to afford without the plan.

Whenever I called, they were nice, kind and professional with me.

I am grateful for them.

Just make sure you read the contract thoroughly... If you don't like something you read, don't sign it.


You need to pay for services provided. Everything in the plan is deeply discounted.

Someone could come in, sign up, get all the stuff done and claim the pet died a week later.

I am sorry that your baby died but if the hospital lost money like that, no one would get a pay check, the vet isn't a volunteer.

And yes, they do call about the status of your pet's vaccines, and send a letter if not able to reach you by phone. But you can take some personal responsibility and keep track of the appointments they set for you for the services that are on a biannual basis.

Banfield P

We are very sorry to hear about the loss of Winston. At Banfield we consider your Pet to be a part of our family, too.

Regarding your Optimum Wellness Plan payments, unlike insurance, our Wellness Plans are preventative services Pets need throughout the year, packaged together at a highly discounted price and with the convenience of a 12-month financing option.

We hope you understand that you will only be paying for veterinary services your Pet has already received. For cancellation options please call us at 1-866-649-2716.


"Also, prior to their newly implemented rule... it states in the contract you signed that you will be responsible for the full annual payment whether the pet has passed or not."

Thats a slimy horrible thing to put in a "contract"

I too have been billed beyond my cancelation for my dogs "wellness" plan. Just talked to Elario (sp?) and he promised i would not be billed. well see.

The main issue here is that they never check in. Theres no communication from them after you sign the contract. No "Hey this is xx, We noticed your lab hasn't been in for his xx shots. we would like to schedule an appointment. "

Banfield is supposed to be the professionals, they arn't!

Please young new pet owners, don't fall for banfield


Banfield has recently stated they will no longer continue to charge for wellness plans once the pet has passed away.

Also, prior to their newly implemented rule... it states in the contract you signed that you will be responsible for the full annual payment whether the pet has passed or not.

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